Best VR Headsets for Unity (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

During Unity development, you’ll definitely come across the realm of virtual reality.

Unity is in fact one of the best development tools for VR.


To view your Unity projects in VR, you have got to use the best VR headsets for Unity that you can get your hands on.


You can jump to our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!


Unity is traditionally used to develop 2D and 3D games worldwide.

Of course, Unity’s use cases don’t end here.

It’s also used to develop 2D and 3D models, experiences, designs, animations, and many other art forms.


Professionals from all over the world also make use of this tool to develop real-time projects including VR games, animations, designs, etc.


The platform has gained international fame and popularity mostly due to its ease of use and extensive features.

Overall, it has a wider scope as compared to other rivals such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Unreal Engine, etc.


When working on Unity, users will come across a point where they will need to test their projects.

This can be done very easily with 2D and 3D projects.

However, things can be a little different when it comes to unity VR development.


While building a VR application, of course, you’ll have to test it like any other project.

But this time you’ll need a Unity VR headset.

And of course, it’s always advised to go for the best tools to get the job done.


That’s exactly why we brought you a list of the best VR headsets for Unity in this article.

This article is written as clearly and detailed as possible.

So even if you don’t know much about VR headsets, you don’t have to worry.


First, we’ll see all the candidate VR headsets for unity VR development.

Then we’ll talk about every one of them in depth.


In short, this article will be your one-stop shop when it comes to learning, choosing, and finalizing a purchase for a Unity VR headset.


Read everything thoroughly and don’t leave anything behind.

Best Budget Headset


Oculus Quest 2

View on Amazon

Developers and enterprises with a tight budget that want a Unity VR headset can always opt for this model.

Since not all people have a huge budget, this model fits perfectly in these kinds of situations.

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the latest models offered by the manufacturer, best suited for Unity VR development.

Developers can test their projects for hours without any issues.

Thanks to Oculus, this one of the best VR headsets for Unity that can survive extreme workloads.

Still, be cautious and make sure to handle it with utmost care.

It might have good technical specifications, but the design is still relatively fragile.
As the title suggests, it’s an all-in-one VR headset.

Although it doesn’t feature high hardware, it’s still perfect for people who are low on budget.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Large Projects


Pimax Vision 8K X

View on Amazon

When talking about Pimax Vision 8K X VR headset, it’s safe to say that you can’t really get anything better than this one.

If budget is not a problem, and you have a huge Unity VR development project in-hand, then just go for it.

With its high hardware and futuristic technology and features, your project will be a huge success.

That is, as long as you are a good developer of course!

Don’t expect magic from this device.

Or do, maybe just a little bit!

This beast can handle all kinds of VR projects without breaking a sweat.

No matter how extreme your workload is, this Unity VR headset can handle it.

Keep in mind that to use such a powerful device, you also need an equally powerful system.

That’s why it’s recommended for professionals and huge companies that have the necessary equipment for it.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Small Applications


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon

Small developers, startups, and small companies looking to get into Unity VR development should opt for this model.

It’s got average hardware with the least possible complexity.

What this model provides the small devs with, is simplicity.

That makes it very suitable for devs who are new to Unity VR development.

Don’t worry, despite being on the lower end, it’s still one of the best VR headsets for Unity.

With Samsung HMD Odyssey+ you can carry out your VR project testing easily for hours without any issues.

With this headset, you keep things simple and cut down the unnecessary costs of a higher-end Unity VR headset.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Most Comfortable Headset



View on Amazon

If you’re looking for a Unity VR headset that’s very comfortable, then HTC VIVE Pro Eye is here for you.

It’s compatible with glasses, but you’d have to wear it without one to understand the difference between this headset and the other ones.

It’s an office system, and the manufacturers have built it for especially professionals and studios.

For such people, this headset can answer all your Unity VR development needs.

Testing and running your high-end games and applications on this headset is very simple and easy.

This is one of the best VR headsets for Unity that features capable hardware that still doesn’t demand too many complex requirements.

The less complex a headset is, the more comfortable it becomes.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Let’s look at things from your point of view:

You’re into Unity VR development, you’re tasked with creating VR applications and you want to test those applications in VR yourself.

To test whether your project works perfectly or not, you’ll require a VR headset.

All the above-mentioned best VR headsets for Unity will take care of your VR requirements and VR compatibility.

Unity has several versions, each with complex system requirements.

We’ll talk about the most common ones.



Here are the system requirements for all 3 supported operating systems:



OS version: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10 64-bit

CPUX64 architecture / SSE2 instruction set support

GPU: DirectX 10, DirectX 11, and DirectX 12 capable GPU

Additional Requirements: Official drivers for hardware




OS version: Sierra 10.12.6

CPUX64 architecture / SSE2 instruction set support

GPU: Metal-capable Intel or AMD GPU

Additional Requirements: Official drivers for hardware




OS version: Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, or CentOS 7

CPUX64 architecture / SSE2 instruction set support

GPU: OpenGL 3.2+ or Nvidia, Vulkan-capable, and AMD GPU

Additional Requirements:

  • Gnome desktop environment that is running on top of the X11 windowing system
  • AMD Mesa graphics driver or Nvidia official graphics driver
  • User environment as provided stock with supported distribution (Compositor, Kernel, etc.)

With the increase in your Unity projects’ complexity, rendering time will increase as well.

Still, don’t forget Unity’s system requirements are still way lower than its competitors.

Speaking of competitors, you might want to also look into other software solutions in case Unity doesn’t cut it for you.

The most prominent competitors are Unreal engine, OpenVR, CryEngine, CopperCube, 3ds Max Design, and Amazon Lumberyard.



Back to the subject of Unity, a desktop computer is always preferred to a laptop computer due to the hardware on the desktop being more powerful.

Also, many VR headsets cause issues with certain laptop models.

If you’re working on a VR project, Unity will require an XR plugin, and for that, you’ll have to use its XR platform.

The XR platform may have different system requirements based on your VR headset.

For instance, Unity demands a certain set of hardware and features from Oculus VR headsets.

These requirements might vary from headset to headset.



Now that you know a little more about the Unity VR development, we’ll get to the main subject of choosing the best Unity VR Headset.

All the headsets on this list are perfectly capable of Unity VR development.

In fact, any VR headset with powerful enough hardware is perfect for Unity as well.

In the world of game development, the best approach to test your game is to actually run it on the target machine.

This machine or platform is where you’re going to release your game.

Say, you’re making a game for PS5.

You should also test it on a PS5 to see how it performs.

This also holds true in the world of Unity VR development.

Meaning that if you’re targeting to make a VR application for, say Oculus Quest 2, it’s best to test your application on that headset as well.

That’s the best way to ensure complete compatibility.


Also, one of the most suited and widely used testing models is the V-model, which requires testing at each phase of the development lifecycle.

In other words, the game must be tested throughout the entirety of the development process and not just the end.

What're the Best VR Headsets for Unity in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the VR Headsets for Unity VR Development (2021)

Headset View on Amazon Resolution (per eye) Refresh Rate Field of View Weight (in grams) Screen / Display Glasses Compatibility
Oculus Quest 2 1832 x 1920 Up to 90 Hz 110 degrees 498 Fast-Switch LCD Fully compatible
Pimax Vision 8K X 3840 x 2160 Up to 90 Hz 200 degrees 1270 Customized Low Persistence Liquid (CLPL) Semi-Compatible
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 x 1600 Up to 90 Hz 110 degrees 590 AMOLED Display Incompatible
HTC VIVE Pro Eye 1440 x 1600 90 Hz 110 degrees 555 OLED Display Semi-Compatible

Best VR Headsets for Unity VR Development [2021]

1. Oculus Quest 2 | Best Unity VR Headset on a Budget

best vr headsets for unity Oculus Quest 2

With a display size of 5.46 inches, Oculus Quest 2 makes perfect use of the Oculus Operating System.


It’s really easy to set up and use; just like a plug-and-play configuration.

One of the best parts is that it doesn’t necessarily require a PC.


Instead, you’ll need to download the mobile application to get started.

It uses 6dof to maximize the precision of your inputs.

The 6dof tracking system can convert your head and body’s movements individually.


In the controller’s department, it comes with wireless touch-based controllers, which have a thumb rest to enhance comfort.


The soft strap on the headset is designed to deliver more comfort.

It’s adjustable, soft, and ultra-lightweight.


Coming to the audio part, it houses an in-built 3D positional audio system.

The 3.5mm audio jack will allow you to plug in your own headphones for an enhanced audio experience.


There are 2 variants for this model that come with 64 and 256 GB internal storage.

With the exception of internal storage capacity, both have the same features and configuration.


As the “all-in-one” title suggests, it’s safe to say that the Oculus Quest 2 is a one-stop solution to all your VR gaming needs.


This makes it suitable for Unity VR development and one of the better Unity VR headsets.



  • 60Hz, 70Hz, and 90Hz refresh rates
  • 3D cinematic sound
  • Oculus Operating System
  • Basic VR mods; volume control and power buttons



2. Pimax Vision 8K X | Best Unity VR Headset for Large Projects

best unity vr headsets Pimax Vision 8K X

This is without a doubt the best VR headset for Unity if you’re a pro.

The Pimax Vision 8K X VR Headset offers futuristic high-end hardware, best suited to test the most demanding VR games.


You’ll get dual native 4K displays with a 200 degrees field of view.

This is the widest field of view you can find on a VR headset these days.

Just by touching this beauty, you can feel its power!


No matter what the games’ requirements are, you can always run it on this headset.

This makes the process of testing your projects in Unity, a breeze.


The dual-engine mode will let you switch between native 4K resolution mode and upscale mode.


This feature along with other VR mods is accessible through Pimax’s software.

It uses the Fresnel lens and VR controls on the headset include volume control and power buttons.


This VR headset ships as a complete bundle, so you don’t have to make additional purchases to get started.


According to the manufacturers, they produce this product using some sort of secret material, which ensures the durability of the gadget.


They also make use of another secret special damage-resistant coating to aid the durability further.


The overall design of the Pimax VR headset ensures utmost comfort, and users can put these on for hours.


For instance, it uses face foam, nose guard, etc to secure your facial muscles.

Believe it or not, but it’s one of the best Unity VR headsets.





3. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Best Unity VR Headset for Small Applications

best unity vr headsets Samsung HMD Odyssey+

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is well-known for its extraordinary durability and is one of the best VR headsets for Unity.

Think of long-lasting products, and Samsung has got your back!


It works on a Bluetooth connection and has over-ear headphones form factor.

The real 3K anti-SDE display can deliver 110 degrees field of view.


Direct Full Array Backlight automatically adjusts the contrast between pure whites and ultra-deep blacks, which aids the overall display quality.


The 360 degrees spatial surround sound delivers a realistic audio experience.

You’ll get a feeling as if you’re hearing voices in the real world.


It’s an unbelievable experience, which can’t be described in words properly.

Designed for longer sessions, you can go on and on for hours without taking breaks.

This is all thanks to the comfortable design of the headset.


There are built-in array microphones for precise audio input.

This gadget makes use of Inside-out position tracking.

It’s super easy to set up and get started with this Unity VR headset.



  • Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality Operating System
  • 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rate options
  • 5 inches display size



4. HTC VIVE Pro Eye | Most Comfortable Headset for Unity VR Development

best vr headsets for unity HTC VIVE Pro Eye

The HTC VIVE Pro Eye houses average hardware but ships as a complete package.

So you don’t have to make additional purchases for your Unity VR development.


You can track and analyze eye movement and the direction of focus.

Those are some uncommon features in this market, making this a very special and unique Unity VR headset.


One strong reason why it’s best for Unity is its Expanded User Analytics feature.

This will prove very important to most devs down the road.


It has gaze-oriented menu navigation.

You can point, select, and zoom faster than other VR headsets.


These are its special VR mods and VR controls.

The gesture controls further increase the intuition of this product.


There are actually a ton of more unique and strange features on this headset that are beyond the focus of this article.

So let’s skip to the main content.


The official website clearly defines that SDK engines supported by this headset are Unity and Unreal only.


So this backs the fact that it’s one of the best VR headsets for Unity.

It makes use of high-resolution removable headphones.

The dual integrated microphones are will let you work on voice-based input.





Best VR Headsets for Unity (2021) — Buyers Guide

So that was all you needed to know about the best Unity VR headsets.

Now that you’ve gone through the filtered results, it’s almost time for you to make a decision.

If you’re still confused, please go through this section.


Let’s have a look at the most important things you should keep in mind when picking a VR headset for Unity VR development.


There are some features that you ALWAYS want to look for when making the purchase.

These include:

  • Display output, FOV, resolution, screen size, and refresh rates.
  • Audio output and audio input system.
  • Sensors (gadget must be sensor-rich)
  • Whether or not suited for long sessions (if you plan to test your games and applications for a longer period)
  • Overall comfort

Then there are some features that are considered unnecessary when buying a Unity VR headset.

These are:

  • Battery life and batteries required
  • Design, color, and physical appearance
  • Operating system (in most cases, it’s senseless to waste time on that)
  • Connection type (wired/wireless)
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Physical durability (simply ensure to handle with care and don’t bother about the physical endurance of the gadget)

If you’re part of a new startup or an individual, and you work on small to medium Unity VR projects only, then your main choices are Samsung HMD Odyssey+HTC VIVE Pro Eye, and Oculus Quest 2.


All of them are the best VR headsets for Unity.


Large enterprises and those who work on huge projects must go for Pimax Vision 8K X headset.


If you’re low on money, or you don’t want to spend too much on a VR headset for your Unity VR development, then Oculus Quest 2 isn’t a bad choice at all.


HTC VIVE Pro Eye is the best VR headset for Unity and suited for people who are:

  • New in the unity VR development program
  • Low on a budget or don’t want to spend too much
  • Work on small and medium VR projects
  • Just want an additional VR headset for side projects and as a spare

Next up we will have a quick look at the most frequently asked questions to clear up any left confusion.

Is 64 GB Oculus Quest 2 enough for the Unity VR development?

Oculus Quest 2 (64 GB variant) is more than enough for small and medium-sized Unity VR projects.

This model is considered to be one of the best VR headsets for Unity.


Unity even lists this model on its official website.

The Unity team also has a plugin dedicated to Unity projects targeted for Oculus Quest 2.

Is Pimax Vision 8K worth the purchase for the Unity VR development?

That depends.

The Pimax Vision 8K X headset isn’t for everyone.

It’s very expensive, demands a high-end system configuration, and will surely prove to be troublesome for newbies and small enterprises.


Only professionals, large enterprises, and individuals working on huge projects should go for it.

Pimax Vision 8K along with all the high-end features is without a doubt, the best VR headset for Unity money can buy.

Can VR, in general, damage your eyes?

There isn’t any scientific proof that proves that VR can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

However, it’s a screen after all could potentially cause the same issues a computer or TV screen would.


Common issues can be itching, vision impairment, redness in the eyes, headache, eye pain, etc.

For the sake of your own safety, don’t use them for more than 30 minutes continuously, and 2 hours a day.

What are the different requirements of each Unity VR Headset?

If developing for Oculus VR headsets, you’ll require the Oculus XR Plugin.

For Android projects, you’ll need the Android version and the same goes for Windows projects.


If developing projects in Unity for Windows MR VR headset, install and load the Windows XR Plugin for the Universal Windows Platform.

You’ll also have to use Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit.

Is Windows Mixed Reality dead?

There isn’t any official confirmation that can prove that Windows Mixed Reality is officially dead.

Microsoft doesn’t think so.

In fact, the company wants even more developers on the platform than before.

Microsoft wants to bring in developers from all over the world, but that’s going to take some time.

A Windows Mixed Reality VR headset such as Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is considered to be one of the best VR headsets for Unity VR development.

So the answer is a resounding no, it’s not dead!

Best VR Headsets for Unity (2021) — Conclusion

Depending on where you decide to shop, you can get different price tags for the same product.

It’s best to always check for the updated prices on the official manufacturer’s website.


Now that you’ve learned about the best VR headsets for Unity, you can finally make your choice.


All the VR headsets are available online through e-commerce websites and official online storefronts.


If you’re still unsure of some things, we recommend you go back and read through the article one more time.

We’ll guarantee everything you need to know is there!


Unity is a very complex platform, yet easier than other rivals.

Also, it’s not too hard on the PC.


Choosing Unity as your development engine was a great choice.

But be sure to pick the right product to make the most out of your Unity VR development.


Good luck!

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