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Best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020: Reviews & Buyers Guide

In this review article, I will be helping you decide on the best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020.


Everyone has a different scenario in terms of their budget, equipment they already have, and their preferences for Beat Saber and VR Gaming in general.


I will review the 7 best VR Headsets for Beat Saber in multiple different aspects, go over pros & cons, and give you an actionable Buyers Guide to make the best decision for your specific scenario.


Let’s get to it then…

Best Standalone VR Headset for Beat Saber


Oculus  Quest

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The Oculus Quest is the latest VR headset from the Oculus brand. This is the fourth VR headset released by Oculus.

It requires nothing more to get to slicing beats!

You will get a completely stand-alone experience as it has a built-in screen, graphics processor, and embedded storage.

Best Overall VR Headset for Beat Saber



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Valve Index“, The Boardwalk of VR Headset Monopoly!

As the most expensive product on my list, the Valve Index lives up to the price as it provides the ultimate VR experience.

Remarkably, the controllers themselves are even light years ahead of other competitors, with 87 sensors to pinpoint your hand and finger positions while accounting for the pressure at which each button is pressed.

Best Budget VR Headset for Beat Saber


Oculus  Go

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The Oculus Go is by far the cheapest option!

This is a lighter headset and doesn’t weigh you down.

The Oculus Go is also a Standalone VR Headset; no wires, no worries, and no need to have a robust PC.

Best Tethered VR Headset for Beat Saber



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Valve Index“, The Boardwalk of VR Headset Monopoly!

As the most expensive product on my list, the Valve Index lives up to the price as it provides the ultimate VR experience.

Remarkably, the controllers themselves are even light years ahead of other competitors, with 87 sensors to pinpoint your hand and finger positions while accounting for the pressure at which each button is pressed.

Best Value VR Headset for Beat Saber


Oculus  Quest

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The Oculus Quest delivers a great VR gaming experience, requires no extra hardware, and isn’t going to leave your wallet looking flat.

When VR headsets first started gaining popularity, it felt like the future had crash landed into the present.

To even own a VR headset made you feel like a time traveler who came back to present time with a great find.

Now, there are so many options and they’re so commonplace, we have to focus on which VR headsets are best for us.

You may have certain games that appeal to you and thus a quality experience with those particular games could be a driving force in what you will consider buying.

Chances are, you’ve seen commercials for Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is the virtual reality game that immerses you into a futuristic space; the music is pumping, and the beats are blocks that fly at you as you attempt to slice them with glowing sabers.

If you haven’t seen this game, you probably want to now.

Who wouldn’t want to swing and slice their sabers to energetic music? You get to be a dancing, warrior-swordsman.

And it can be a great workout! (see our article how to track your workout)


Here, I’ll cover all pertinent details you’ll need to know in order to choose the best VR Headset for Beat Saber for your situation.

I’ll go over each VR Headset and touch on their prices, tech specs, pros & cons, required additional materials, and overall recommendations.

Maybe this is a game you envision yourself playing often, or maybe this will be an occasional activity with family and friends.

No matter what your motivation is, you’ll have questions you need answered.

Do you already have a powerful enough PC?

Do you prefer to buy a VR Headset that comes with everything you need?

Is price or quality more important?

There are a lot to consider and everybody’s situation can differ.

So, let’s find you the VR Headset that’s best for you.


BTW, just to let you know, you may also want to read our related articles on the best VR headsets and requirements for VRChat, SteamVR, and watching movies!


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What are the Best VR Headsets for Beat Saber in 2020?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best VR Headset for Beat Saber

Swipe the table!
VR Headset On Amazon Resolution Refresh Rate (Hz) Motion Tracking Fitness Tracking Specifications
Oculus Quest 1440x1600 72 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible
Oculus Go 1280x1440 72 3 DOF YUR FIT compatible
Oculus Rift S 1280x1440 80 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible
Sony PlayStation VR 960x1080 120 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440x1700 90 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440x1600 90 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible
Valve Index 1440x1600 120 (144 in Experimental Mode) 6 DOF YUR FIT compatible

Best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020

1. Oculus Quest | Best Standalone Headset for Value

The first thing to note about the Oculus Quest is that it is a Standalone VR Headset, so you don’t need anything else.

You purchase an Oculus Quest and you are ready to start your VR experience!

In addition to that, it’s a simple setup whether it’s the first time you’re setting it up, or you are trying it out somewhere new.

You’re able to use it sitting or standing.

If simplicity and ease are at the top of your grocery list when shopping for the best VR Headset for Beat Saber, you may not have to look much further.

And you won’t break the bank when you purchase one of these.

An Oculus Quest starts at about $399 if you purchase the 64GB version and at about $499, you can get the 128GB version.

Where this isn’t the cheapest VR Headset, it’s far from the most expensive.

This standalone glass could certainly be your best VR headset for Beat Saber in 2020!


Tech Specs

You may be thinking, it isn’t the most expensive, it doesn’t require additional gear and sounds easy to use, it must be on the lower end for quality.

Actually, the Oculus Quest has surprisingly impressive specs for its cost.

The resolution is 1440 x 1600 pixels (per eye). That’s higher than the     Oculus Go,    Oculus Rift S    &    HTC Vive.

It has a 72Hz refresh rate, meaning it can handle up to 72 frames per second.

This is important to note as it is generally a rule that you want to have a 60Hz refresh rate or higher in order to avoid motion sickness.

There are plenty of VR Headsets that have a higher refresh rate than that, but the Oculus Quest at least clears the bare minimum.

The motion tracking has 6 DOF (6 degrees of freedom).

This means, as opposed to 3 DOF where you are limited to only one type of motion per each X axis, Y axis and Z axis, you have two types of motion for each axis.

You may know that 3DOF only has a Rotational Motion for each axis and that 6DOF adds on a Translational Motion for each axis.

Because of this, you can play the 360-degree version of Beat Saber and take the experience to a whole new level.

The downside to the Oculus Quest being less expensive is that it has reduced power.

So, as not to affect game play, they slightly modified some effects in the game, removing some flash and some details.

And you can occasionally notice a quality difference in the images.



2. Oculus Go | Best on a Budget

Oculus Go is another VR Headset from Oculus.

Oculus is owned by Facebook, and this is the cheapest model that they put out.

Starting at about $149.00 for a 32GB version, you’re really not lightening your pockets too much for this VR Headset.

There is also a 64GB version for about $199.

This is a lighter headset and doesn’t weigh you down.

The Oculus Go is also a Standalone VR Headset. No wires, no worries, and no need to have a robust PC.



Tech Specs

When comparing this to the Oculus Quest, we see an obvious price drop.

The Oculus Go also has a refresh rate of 72Hz. So, there is no compromise there.

However, the resolution is 1280 x 1440 (per eye) and the motion tracking is only 3DOF (3 Degrees of Freedom).

This means the quality of the image will drop slightly and also your range of motion is lessened.

There will be less you can do in terms of your movements on the Oculus Go.

No 360 degree version of Beat Saber, so that means no spin moves.

Although, the quality seems to be a bit of a downgrade here, the Oculus Go still claims to have “best-in-class lenses” and the ability to provide amazing clarity, showcasing their ability to still give you a lot in a little package.



3. Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S is another product from Oculus that is a Tethered VR Headset, meaning you need a PC for this one.

If you have a PC and want to know if it fits the requirements to be compatible, Check Here for the details like:

OS: Windows 10, Memory: 8GB+ RAM, Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti / AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater, etc.

Like the Oculus Quest, this VR Headset is about $399.



Tech Specs

Like the Oculus Go, the Resolution is 1280 x 1440 (per eye).

Like the Oculus Quest, the Oculus Rift S has 6 DOF.

So, what you may ask, would be the advantage of this VR Headset vs. the other options from Oculus?

It beats the other two in the area of refresh rate… 80Hz.

The number of frames per second that can be served to you will look better and lessen the possible “screen door effect.”

And instead of being on Android hardware, it works with the more advanced hardware of your PC.



4. Sony PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR Headset is Tethered, obviously, to the PlayStation 4.

If you already have a PlayStation 4, then this may be the best VR Headset for Beat Saber and the best VR Headset for you in general.

The price for this VR Headset is about $298, so again, if you already have the PlayStation 4, this is a good one to consider since it is less expensive than some other options.



Tech Specs

The Resolution on this headset is 960 x 1080, so that would be the lowest one we have discussed so far.

But brace yourself, the refresh rate is a whopping 120Hz.

Double the general minimum you would want and far higher than the three Oculus models.

It boasts the coveted 6DOF so not only can you do your “rolling” and “yawing” and “pitching” but you may also take part in “surging” and “strafing” and “elevating.”

If those words mean little to nothing to you, then say thank you to Virtual Speech.



5. HTC Vive Cosmos

For this Tethered HTC Vive Cosmos headset, you are looking at a cost of about $699.

Now, that’s the highest price we have seen so far, so let’s take a look at some of the details to see what we are spending our hard-earned money on.



Tech Specs

For this VR Headset, we are looking at a 1440 x 1700 Resolution, which is the highest resolution we have seen so far.

Additionally, per their site, that is “an 88% increase over the original VIVE”.

The refresh rate is 90Hz, that would be the second highest refresh rate we have seen.

It also has 6DOF, which clearly is becoming more commonplace with VR Headsets and starting to feel like a must-have if you want the best, most lifelike experience.

This headset has an LCD display to help alleviate that pesky “screen door effect.”

Though this headset is tethered, and you require a PC (specs included on web site, notably the Memory only needs to be 4GB RAM or more), there is a Wireless Adapter so that you can remove the cords from the experience.



6. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ - Windows Mixed Reality

The name may be a mouthful but at least the price isn’t quite a wallet-full.

This Samsung VR Headset goes for about $500.

Sure, it isn’t the cheapest VR Headset out there. It’s pretty much, right in the middle in terms of cost.



Tech Specs

If we take a look at the details on this VR Headset, there is a lot to like.

Resolution of 1440 x 1600 (per eye), which is right about on par with some of the other top of the line devices we have looked at.

Refresh rate of 90Hz which is also right on par with some top of the line headsets.

And quite importantly, and especially for Beat Saber and for now 360-degree version of gaming, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ has 6DOF.

It’s mentioned on their site that they use premium cooling fabric that is lightweight so you aren’t weighed down or feeling heated up and you won’t have to worry about every Beat Saberists worst nightmare… foggy lenses!

You are tethered to your PC when using this headset but you can control your PC with Cortana.

If you’re looking for the best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020, a year when voice controls are all the rage, the ability to not have to put your “sabers” down, may be a big benefit for you.



7. Valve Index | Best Overall

Now, we come to the Valve Index, The Boardwalk of VR Headset Monopoly!

As you can see, for this Tethered VR Headset, there is the option that runs you $749.00, which includes the Headset, Controllers, and Half-Life: Alyx but still requires Base Stations along with a PC.

And then, if you don’t already have Base Stations, the package that includes all of the aforementioned amenities along with the Base Stations, that costs about $999.



Tech Specs

Alright, why are we paying more for this headset?

Resolution: 1440 x 1600 (per eye). Basically, tied with the best.

How about the refresh rate? 120Hz which is tied with the best we have seen and it also has an experimental mode with 144Hz. Nothing else touts that high of a number.

Of course, it has also 6 DOF.

The Valve Index uses an LCD Display vs. the more common OLED display many others use.

Now, all the VR Headsets come with controllers, and they all are quite similar.

The Valve Index, however, stepped away from familiarity.

With other VR Headsets, you must always be holding your controllers. With the Valve Index controllers, also known as “knuckles”, you slide your hands into them and strap them on.

This alleviates the annoyance of having to constantly hold the controllers and allows you to naturally “pick up” and “drop” objects when playing your game.

This helps to deliver a more lifelike experience.



Best VR Headset for Beat Saber — Buyers Guide

Now that we have gone over multiple different options, it’s time to finally decide what’s the best VR Headset for Beat Saber… for you.

You have to ask questions that apply to your given situation.


Do you already have a PC that meets all the requirements for one of the Tethered options?

Do you already have a PS4?


If you want to get the best VR Headset for Beat Saber, and you can answer YES to either of those questions, you have likely already narrowed your search.


Do you not have a PC or PS4 and don’t want to have to buy one?

Do you want to buy one all-inclusive VR Headset and be ready to play?

This is important to decide beforehand.

Is the cost of no concern, or does that play a part in your decision-making process?


Also, you should decide how important the graphics, visual elements and overall experience are to you.


Obviously, the VR experience should be amazing.

But for Beat Saber, are you willing to compromise a bit in some of the effects in the game?


In addition to your questions, here are some commonly asked questions by others that may help guide you in your quest.

What are some popular Standalone VR Headsets for Beat Saber?

The     Oculus Go     and     Oculus Quest.

What are some popular PC Based VR Headsets for Beat Saber?

Oculus Rift S,       HTC VIVE Cosmos,       Samsung HMD Odyssey+        &       Valve Index.

What is the cheapest VR Headset I can get to play Beat Saber on?

The Oculus Go is the cheapest option.

If I want an Oculus for Beat Saber, which delivers the best experience?

This depends on your definition of “best experience.”

If picture quality is more important to you, the Oculus Quest has the better resolution.

If refresh rate and more advanced hardware is more important, then going the route of the Oculus Rift S would be a better choice.

But be aware, this does require a PC that meets all the requirements.

If I don’t care about the cost, what is the best VR Headset for Beat Saber?

The Valve Index is the most expensive VR Headset for a reason, it has all the best specs and latest innovations.

This is your best bet if you are most concerned with overall quality.

How hard is it to get used to the Knuckles that the Valve Index uses for controllers?

Many reviews state that these controllers allow us to act exactly as we would in normal life.

However, after using controllers that are paired with most VR Headsets, our tendencies change, and the difference between the “Knuckles” and other Controllers is quite big.

If you are new to VR, the “Knuckles” should be relatively easy to get the hang of.

If you have used other VR Headsets and Controllers, there may be a learning curve.

However, many state that once you have mastered the “Knuckles”, it enhances the experience vastly.

Do the controllers make a difference for Beat Saber?

Where the “Knuckles” emulate real life much more accurately, Beat Saber doesn’t seem to require too much of the advantages the “Knuckles” tout.

If you are already used to other controllers, there may be no need to get used to a different kind for Beat Saber.

What exactly does it mean to have 6 DOF vs. 3 DOF and how can it apply to Beat Saber?

To only have 3DOF, these are the movements you can do; Lean right or left (rolling), Twisting, turning the body to either side (yawing), To look up in the air or down at the ground (pitching).

To have 6DOF, you can do those movements and additionally some more movements; Move forwards and backward (surging), Move left or right (strafing), To jump up or crouch down (elevating).

If you think about the gameplay of Beat Saber, and how you would like to be able to move in your attacks on the flying “beat blocks”, the more movements, the better.

The take down of those pesky blocks requires you to be at the top of your game.

The Oculus Quest seems to deliver a visual experience for Beat Saber that is not quite up to par of its most more expensive counterparts. How big of a difference does that make?

This one depends on how you want to play the game.

There are, without doubt, added elements in other VR Headsets that offer more power.

No one would say that VR itself is “simple” but if you are looking at all the games in VR and all the complexities these games can offer, Beat Saber definitely ranks on the simpler side.

Does the slight aliasing make a difference to you?

This can be noticeable on freeze frames, but how often will you be recording your gaming experience and freezing it on individual frames?

Does the loss of effects and details on the walls that fly by you and the loss of effects when you slash a beat bother you?

If so, the Oculus Quest may not be for you.

If that is of minimal concern, the cheaper Oculus Quest may be your choice.

If I want to play Beat Saber and I already have a PlayStation 4, does it make sense to buy the PlayStation VR or does it make sense to buy a Standalone VR?

Comparing the PlayStation VR to the Oculus Go, it is more expensive, but it is superior in most of the tech specs, with the exception of Resolution.

If you already have a PS4 and want a leg up in overall quality, spending the extra money on the PlayStation VR might be the way to go.

Comparing the PlayStation VR to the Oculus Quest, it is actually cheaper.

The resolution is not as good, the refresh rate is better, the motion tracking seems equal and the hardware you’re working with is your actual PS4 vs. the Standalone Oculus Quest.

This one could be a toss up and would depend on your specific desires. Better picture quality, better refresh rate, cheaper, etc.

Best VR Headset for Beat Saber — Conclusions

VR has become so expansive in such a short period of time when you look at the overall lifespan of technology.

Advancements are being made all the time and living in the year 2020 we are in the thick of it.

There is so much we can do with VR Headsets.

Gaming continues to be one of the biggest appeals. And within gaming, the most exciting and addicting games call for the most attention.

After taking a look at so much information in this arena, if you want the best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020, you really have to figure out exactly what it is you are looking for.


Here are my suggestions:

  • If you want the absolute best VR Headset for Beat Saber, the absolute best experience, and cost is of no concern, get the Valve Index. Don’t forget you need a PC.

  • If you’re new to VR gaming and you have a PlayStation 4, get the Sony PlayStation VR. It is the easiest way to dip your toes into the VR world as you already have the gaming console to help you out.

  • If you’re new to VR gaming and you have a PC that has all the requirements, but you are unsure how often you will be playing Beat Saber or other games and don’t want to spend a whole bundle, get the Oculus Rift S or HTC VIVE Cosmos.

    There is a price difference, so decide whether you will play occasionally or perhaps more than occasionally.

  • If you’re new to VR, perhaps even new to gaming and technology, and don’t have a powerful enough PC, get the Oculus Quest.

    It’s the simplest way to get into VR, nothing else is required.

  • If you are interested in getting a good workout and utilizing a fitness tracker app, YUR FIT seems compatible with all options and seems to be a great app for that.

  • If you’re on a budget and aren’t totally concerned with overall quality and just want to “see what all this VR stuff is about” get the Oculus Go.

    It’s the cheapest option and it still delivers a solid experience!

  • If you haven’t tried VR yet or you don’t mind getting used to new controllers, the Knuckles paired with the Valve Index seem to be the most lifelike options available.

  • And to follow up on that last point, if lifelike is your biggest concern… then any VR Headset is a great option. Assuming you are a dancing, warrior-swordsman.
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