Best VR Headset for X-Plane 11 (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

In this Review-Guide article, I’ll review and compare the 5 best VR headset for X-Plane 11 in 2021, and provide a Table to compare their important stats, and a useful Buyers Guide / FAQ section.

If you’re an X-Plane 11 player, you know that it is the most realistic and immersive flight simulator on the market.

If you want to maximize your immersion, you need to invest in Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for X-Plane 11.

After reading this, you should be ready for the world’s most realistic virtual flight experience.

So, let’s see our Editor’s Picks first!

Best for Graphics & Field of View


PiMax 5K Plus

View on Amazon

If you want to make the most out of X-Plane 11’s amazing graphics, the PiMax 5K Plus is for you.

With an outstanding 5120 x 1440 total resolution backed by OLED technology, and a 200-degree field of view, this amazing headset has the best visuals on the market.

If graphics are a priority to you, the PiMax 5K Plus is your best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Per-Eye Resolution


HP Reverb

View on Amazon

When you want the best resolution on the market, the HP Reverb delivers.

With an unprecedented 2160×2160 per-eye resolution, you won’t miss a single detail while you soar through the clouds.

If you want to soak in every detail, the HP reverb is a great headset for playing X-Plane 11 in VR.

Read the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Framerate


Valve Index

View on Amazon

When it comes to framerate, no VR headset comes close to the Valve Index.

With this VR, you could choose your refresh rate to be anywhere from a minimum 80Hz to an amazing maximum of 144Hz.

Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Mods and Upgrades


HTC Vive Cosmos

View on Amazon

If you seek to upgrade your VR headset, look no further than the HTC Vive Cosmos.

It offers a removable and customizable visor, removable face cushioning, and upgradeable modular faceplate that you can tinker with easily.

If you want to mod and upgrade your way to the top, this is definitely the best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best on a Budget


Oculus Rift S

View on Amazon

With improved optics design, ergonomic controllers, and headset, along with impeccable Oculus Insight tracking, it’s surprising that this headset comes at such a low price.

If you need to save some money on a high-quality product, the Oculus Rift S is the great choice to play X-Plane 11 in VR!

Read the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

X-Plane 11 is a groundbreaking flight simulator that blurs the line between a virtual cockpit experience and the real thing.

Experiencing this engrossing game through VR will no doubt be the best flight sim experience ever had.

See also: Best Flight Sim VR Headsets in 2020

Virtual reality in its modern form has been around for a decade, so the technology is truly amazing.

However, if you wish to use VR with your gaming setup, you need to make sure you have the required specs to support the hardware.

The basics are a computer running Windows 10, at least 1 USB 3.0 port, a quad core CPU, and a minimum of 8GB of RAM.

You’ll also need an advanced graphics card, such as an NVIDIA GTX 1070 equivalent or greater.

Once your PC is ready, you can go ahead and choose the right X-Plane 11 compatible VR headset.

To make your buying decision well-informed and even easier, take a look at the comparison table, where you can easily compare the stats of each headset.

What's the Best VR Headset for X-Plane 11 in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best X-Plane 11 VR Headsets in 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Per-Eye Resolution Field of View Refresh Rate (Hz) Audio Setup Tracking System Min. CPU RAM
HP Reverb 2160 x 2160 115° 90 Hz Integrated Over-Ear Dual External/Internal Cameras 16 GB
PiMax 5K Plus 2560 x 1440 200° 88 Hz Integrated Over-Ear Steam VR Base Stations 8 GB
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120° 80 - 144 Hz Integrated Off-Ear Adjustable Steam VR Base Stations 8 GB
HTC Vive Cosmos 1440 x 1700 110° 90 Hz Integrated 3D Spatial Stereo 6 Camera Sensors 8 GB
Oculus Rift S 2560 x 1440 115° 80 Hz Integrated Over-Ear Oculus Insight 8 GB

Best VR Headset for X-Plane 11 in 2021

1. HP Reverb | Best X-Plane 11 VR Headset for Per-Eye Resolution

best vr headset for x-plane 11 HP Reverb for Per-Eye Resolution

When it comes to per-eye resolution, no VR headset can match the detail of the HP Reverb.

In addition to having the most detailed display, the HP Reverb is equipped with amazing comfort features and a sound system all contained in a cool, compact design.

The per-eye resolution of this headset is truly amazing.

With a 2160 x 2160-pixel display per-eye, you won’t miss a single detail through this headset. This amazing technology allows you to experience your plane’s cockpit through an unprecedented level of detail.

If you’re looking for the most detailed experience, the HP Reverb is without a doubt the best X-Plane 11 compatible VR headset for you.


No other headset on this list, or even the market, can provide as much detail as this one.


The compressed LCD display shows more vivid and clearer color. This displays even more detail for you as contrast is richer and the colors are more vibrant per pixel.

As for comfort, the HP Reverb has you covered.

The first great comfort feature are the head straps. These straps are fully adjustable, so they can accommodate any head shape or size.

There’s also an easily removable faceplate.

This faceplate is made of a comfortable and breathable leather. It’s also very easy to clean as it’s fixed to the head-mounted display by Velcro straps.

Removing and cleaning sweat and debris off this faceplate is very easy.


But, however, you won’t need to worry about sweat too much. Thanks to its built-in ventilation system, your head will stay cool while you play.

A VR headset with a ventilation system is very rare, and it’s impressive considering how compact the headset is.

There’s also an integrated dual microphone system.

This feature makes recording or communicating with friends very easy, as you won’t need any external microphone to accomplish this.


Lastly, the canted asymmetrical display expands the field of view by approximately 5 degrees.

This is a nice bonus feature because field of view is the only weakness of this headset, at a humble 110 degrees.


Overall, the HP Reverb is an impressive headset with an amazing per-eye resolution and some incredible comfort features.

If you want to glide through the clouds in unbelievable detail, the HP Reverb is surely the best VR headset for X-Plane 11.



Important Features

  • Outstanding 2160 x 2160 resolution
  • Asymmetrical canted lenses improve FOV
  • Built-in ventilation reduces facial heat
  • Soft, adjustable, and weightless head straps
  • Integrated dual microphone system
  • Comfortable and easily removable faceplate
  • Compressed LCD display allows compact design
  • High-quality integrated headphones



There are also reviews for this headset here:

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2. PiMax 5K Plus | Best for Graphics & Field of View (FOV)

best x-plane 11 vr headset PiMax 5K Plus for Graphics & Field of View (FOV)

If you want to experience the most beautiful graphics that X-Plane 11 can offer, the PiMax 5K Plus is a safe pick for you.

With an amazing resolution, field of view, and intuitive user interface, this VR allows you to be fully immersed.


What makes this headset special is its 200-degree field of view.

This is an unprecedented stat that you won’t find in any other headset.


Human eyes, for instance, have an average field of view of 180°, so this headset allows you to see beyond your physical limits.

This feature is amazing because you could use it to your advantage in the cockpit.

Less head movement is required as you navigate between control panels and yokes to keep your plane on the right course.

With its amazing AMOLED light technology, the PiMax 5k Plus is capable of displaying the most vivid and flawless colors in the industry today.

Blacks are deeper, whites are brighter, and every color is at maximum vibrancy.

AMOLED lights combined with its incredible 2560 x 1440 resolution allow you to fully experience every last intricate detail that X-Plane 11 has to offer.

Every cloud, control panel, and ray of sunlight will look as lifelike as possible.


Additionally, this headset has both manual hardware and software-based IPD adjustment options.

You have two convenient ways of optimizing the 3D depth of field specifically for your eyes.

This significantly reduces the risk of eye strain and motion sickness.


This headset’s ergonomic face pad and head strap make it very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. This makes it ideal for long flights during which your immersion is at maximum.


Lastly, the convenient PiTool user interface make it very easy to map controls to any gamepad or joystick you may want to use to play X-Plane 11.

Action mapping this easy is a rare feature, so keep this in mind if you plan on using something other than mouse and keyboard.


If stunning graphics and an amazing field of view are important to you, the PiMax 5K Plus is the best X-Plane 11 VR headset for you.

It’s an overall amazing headset that puts graphics and immersion first.



Important Features

  • Unbelievable 200-degree field of view
  • AMOLED color system
  • 2560 x 1440 per-eye resolution
  • Ergonomic face pad and strap
  • Dual inter-pupillary distance adjustment methods
  • Convenient PiTool User Interface



There are also reviews for this headset here:

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3. Valve Index | Best X-Plane 11 VR Headset for Framerate

best vr headset for x-plane 11 Valve Index for Framerate

When it comes to amazing framerates, nothing beats the Valve Index.

With an adjustable refresh rate ranging from 80 to 144 Hz, you can be fully immersed while minimizing optical discomfort.

This experimental framerate has truly never been seen before.


With this headset, you can expect to enjoy a smooth framerate whether your idling through a clear sky, taking off from the runway, or performing a tricky landing.

With an extremely low persistence, the Valve Index features a reduced illumination period ranging between 0.330 ms to 0.530 ms.

This allows images to remain sharp even while the user’s head is in motion.

This is a very useful feature during the most intense moments of gameplay. Navigating through control panels during chaotic moments can be difficult and nauseating in VR.

With the Valve Index, you won’t have to worry about getting disoriented.


The inter-pupillary distance is manually adjustable.

This very convenient mechanic makes it easy for you to comfortably experience VR without depth issues.

Additionally, this VR headset features canted optics.

Instead of being perpendicular to the user’s eyes, the display screens are canted out by 5 degrees.

This makes the FOV feel more natural and balances the inner FOV.


Another interesting feature of this headset is its off-ear audio speakers.

These unique honeycomb-panel speakers are designed to make audio feel more natural, as if it’s coming from your surroundings rather than from headphones.

There’s no physical contact between you and the speakers. This is great because we all know how uncomfortable over-ear headphones can get when worn for long periods of time. With these contactless speakers, this isn’t an issue.

The speakers allow users with all different ear and head shapes to be comfortable during gameplay without sacrificing sound quality.

These speakers are also fully adjustable, making it impossible to be uncomfortable while experiencing incredible audio.


Another great feature you get with this headset is how comfortable it is to wear.

You can adjust any aspect of the headset from the face pad to the straps and the speakers to maximize comfort.

The padding is ergonomically designed and made with a woven antimicrobial fabric that’s very soft and easy to clean.

You can even replace the face pad with ease because it’s fitted with a magnetic connection.


If you want to experience seamless gameplay, the Valve Index is your best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

With an amazing variable refresh rate reaching up to 144 Hz, you’ll never experience gameplay issues.



Important Features

  • Impressive variable framerate ranging within 80-144Hz
  • Sharp 1440 x 1600 per-eye resolution
  • Impressive low persistence
  • Manually adjustable IPD
  • 120-degree FOV
  • Canted optics improve FOV and FOV balancing
  • Innovative honeycomb-design off-ear audio
  • Fully adjustable face pad and straps
  • Soft and comfortable antimicrobial fabric



4. HTC Vive Cosmos | Best for Sound Quality & Mods

best x-plane 11 vr headset HTC Vive Cosmos for Sound Quality & Mods

X-Plane 11 has some amazing sound design.

The sounds that emit from your ship’s engine, amazing atmospheric ambiance, alert pings on your plane’s control panels, and the sounds of white noise at elevation add to the immersion you experience.

If you want to make the most out of this game’s incredible sound design, I highly recommend the HTC Vive Cosmos.

This VR headset without a doubt has the best sound design I’ve seen.


These headphones are made from a material that morphs around your ears. This increases the richness of audio you receive from the headphones.

Additionally, they’re compacted surround sound stereo headphones that provide 3D spatial sound.

Additionally, the Vive Cosmos runs at a smooth 90 Hz refresh rate. This smooth framerate is perfect for long playing sessions, and won’t cause eye fatigue, headaches, or motion sickness.

Adjusting the Inter-pupillary distance (IPD) is easy.

There’s an IPD dial with which you can manually adjust the IPD until you find the right setting for you.

Although X-Plane 11 is most commonly played with a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, this VR headset has an optional set of controllers that are very well designed with a tactile and ergonomic design.


Another unique feature of this VR is its customizable flip-up visor. You can easily remove the visors and add mods or custom visors.

Additionally, the integrated microphones make recording or comms with your friends easy.

This headset is well-equipped when it comes to accurate tracing. With a total of 6 cameras, a gyroscope, and a G-sensor, your head movement is tracked very accurately with this VR headset.


This is an overall great headset, but what makes it special is its amazing audio setup.

If you want to experience the full power of X-Plane 11’s amazing sound design, the HTC Vive Cosmos is the best VR headset for you.



Important Features

  • 3D spatial sound
  • Rich stereo audio
  • 90 Hz refresh rate
  • Integrated microphones
  • Adjustable Inter-pupillary distance
  • Flip-up visor
  • Ergonomic controllers
  • Six camera sensors for improved tracking
  • Removable faceplate



5. Oculus Rift S | Best Budget X-Plane 11 VR Headset

best vr headset for x-plane 11 Oculus Rift S Best Budget Headset

If you need to stretch a thin budget for your VR headset, the Oculus Rift S is an ideal pick.

It’s an impressive piece of hardware for only about $399, an incredibly low price in the VR market.

One of the features that really stands out is its improved optic design that minimizes the screen-door effect.

The screen-door effect (for those who aren’t familiar) is the illusion that you’re looking through an insect screen as you play or watch.

This effect can break immersion or be sickening if persistent enough. With the Oculus Rift S, this effect is vastly reduced to deliver more visual detail as you play.


It’s also equipped with the Oculus Insight tracking system. This system uses a total of 5 cameras placed inside and outside of the headset.

Using this information from the headset’s and controllers’ accelerometers, you will get accurate feedback on your controller and head position consistently.


Additionally, the Rift uses asynchronous reprojection to accurately map the player’s head motion even when the GPU can’t keep up.

This allows the game to maintain its detail even during the most chaotic moments of being a pilot. 

The Rift’s 2560 x 1440 per-eye resolution is very impressive resolution considering the low price point.

Its inter-pupillary distance can be adjusted via the software to optimize comfort while minimizing the possibility of motion sickness.

The rift’s Halo headband provides the most comfortable experience possible while playing, allowing you to play game for hours without discomfort.


What’s unique about this headset is its integrated audio speakers.


The speakers are placed two inches above the user’s ears, so there’s no headphones touching them.

This interesting design reduces ear discomfort while providing a surround-sound experience.


There have been complaints about this feature, however, claiming that the audio richness is lacking compared to traditional over-ear headphones.


With a field of view of 115 degrees, you can expect to feel decently immersed during your X-Plane 11 gameplay, however it will feel quite limiting at times.

One problem you may encounter while using this headset is its limited 80 Hz refresh rate.

Any headset that runs at less than the optimal 90 Hz could be problematic. If this framerate isn’t an issue for you, then don’t worry about it.

While it doesn’t have the best stats on the market, the Oculus Rift S is still a very impressive VR headset.

What’s really special about this product is its price. It’s the cheapest headset on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made.

If you need to make your budget stretch, the Oculus Rift S is your best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

Not only does it come at a great price, this headset has amazing features to back it up.



Important Features

  • Improved optics reduce screen-door effect
  • Low price
  • 2560 x 1440 Per-eye resolution
  • 115-degree Field of View
  • Oculus Insight tracking system
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Asynchronous Reprojection
  • Intuitive Oculus Touch Controllers
  • Inter-pupillary distance adjustment
  • Integrated audio speakers
  • Halo headband



Best VR Headset for X-Plane 11 — Buyers Guide

At this point, I’ve covered a lot of information about these amazing VR products.

Now we will go through some of your most frequently asked questions.

Let’s see what the community wants to know.

Can my PC handle a VR headset for playing X-Plane 11 in VR?

VR headsets are fairly complex devices, and you need a pretty powerful PC to support them.

On top of that, X-Plane is a highly-detailed game, so you need a very powerful PC to play this game in conjunction with a VR headset.

The recommended specs for running a VR headset include:

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater
  • CPU: Quad Core Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: Minimum 8GB RAM
  • USB Port: At least one USB 3.0 port
  • OS: Windows 10


If your PC matches or surpasses these specifications, you should have no problem playing X-Plane 11 and experiencing it through VR.

What’s the best budget VR headset for X-Plane 11?

If you’re on a tight budget and need a good deal for your VR headset, I recommend the Oculus Rift S.

At the surprisingly low price of about $399, you can enjoy an incredible VR headset that’s well equipped to enhance your X-Plane 11 experience.

Finding a VR headset that’s this high quality at such a low price is certainly a rare opportunity.

If you need to save some money on your setup, this is a no-brainer.

Beware of VR headsets that are priced too low. Remember that you pay for quality when shopping for VR headsets.

You don’t want to buy a low-quality headset only to find out that it’s not compatible with your PC or to support X-Plane 11.

You might also encounter an outdated headset that doesn’t even work.

I would advise you to avoid 3rd-party sellers you may find on eBay, Craigslist, or any other community marketplace.

It’s best to buy VR headsets new to ensure that they work properly.

Why should I care about comfort when playing X-Plane 11 in VR?

Comfort is very important, especially for flight sim players.

Those who play X-Plane 11 know how long their sessions can go on, racking up hundreds of play hours on Steam.

I find that there are two factors when it comes to comfort when using VR headsets.

The first I’ll cover is physical comfort. We also know how uncomfortable over-ear headphones can get for extended periods of time.

That feeling you get hours into play when your ears begin to get sore and hot because your headphones are squishing them and restricting airflow!

This discomfort can be quite an issue, especially while using a VR headset that encapsulates your whole head.

Without a doubt, the HP Reverb is your best bet when it comes to comfort.

This is thanks to its built-in ventilation to keep your head cool, and soft and removable leather faceplate, and fully adjustable and weightless head strap.

The second type of comfort is ocular comfort, or how much stress is put on your eyes while you play.

The key stats for this type are field of view and refresh rate. Low FOVs and FPS can cause excessive eye strain and motion sickness.

The best VR headset when it comes to field of view is the PiMax 5K Plus.

With a 200-degree field of view, you’ll never have an issue with tunnel-vision and excessive head movement.

The best VR headset for framerate is the Valve Index. With a truly unique 80-144Hz variable framerate, you’ll never suffer from motion sickness from a low framerate.

Price isn’t an issue. What VR headset offers the most immersion possible for X-Plane 11?

If you’re not worried about your budget, I highly recommend the PiMax 5K Plus.

This amazing headset is worth every penny. It has some unbelievable features that make flight simulators like X-Plane 11 infinitely more immersive.

With a 200-degree field of view, AMOLED pixels, and an amazing 2560 x 1440p resolution, this VR headset will blur the line between a virtual cockpit and a real one.

In short, when it comes to graphics, the PiMax 5K Plus is the best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

I’m new to X-Plane 11. Should I get a VR headset for this game?

If you’re new to X-Plane 11, there’s no better time to invest in a VR headset.

The first couple times you play a game are the most immersive experiences you’ll have, and you could exponentially increase your level of immersion through a Virtual Reality headset.

Starting off with a VR headset will make your X-Plane 11 experience truly unforgettable.

There’s never a bad time to start playing in VR, however starting early is the best.

If there’s any flight simulator to get a VR headset for, X-Plane 11 is probably the best pick.

Best VR Headset for X-Plane 11 — Conclusion

Well, if you’ve read this far, you should be ready to choose your best VR headset for X-Plane 11.

You’ve seen my top picks, comparison table, and read through the unbiased reviews before seeing the FAQ section.

You should now be well-equipped with the right info to make your best choice.

I hope this comprehensive article helped you find the best VR headset for X-Plane 11!

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your next VR flight on X-Plane 11!

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