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Welcome to our website!

My name is Mike, the Founder and Editor of


I have a PhD in Engineering with expertise and interest in the interaction of light with solid materials such as semiconductors.

Application of my research includes but not limited to solid state lighting, white-light emitting diodes (LED)photodetectors and optoelectronic devices.

Currently, I am holding a Scientist position in an international research institute. I am also the Editor of a scientific journal in the field of Materials Science.


One of my hobbies has long been researching about the science and technologies behind some advanced products on the market (such as LEDs, Camera gears, Wearable devices and Drones).

So I came up with the idea of building Futureguests, which is a website devoted to reviewing and analyzing the top tech products and technologies in some selected high-tech niches.


But what`s the idea behind the website`s name, “Futureguests”?


It is very simple! let`s consider every product we plan to buy as our Future Guests; indeed, they won`t stay with us permanently and during their presence in our environment, they can all be treated as our “guests”.

So, why not choose our future guests with deeper knowledge and insight no matter what/who they are; high tech products or human beings!


At, I and my team of researchers and writers will do our best to create helpful and comprehensive informational content to assist our readers to find the best products they need with deep insights around them.

I value your thoughts and opinions about our contents. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT US!

I greatly appreciate your time and feedback.

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