Best VR Headset for DCS World VR (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

To be immersed in digital virtual reality (VR) combat… it’s a tantalizing idea. And the question is what the best VR Headset for DCS World would be?


It’s a question that comes with many possible answers.

In this review article, I’ll review and compare some of the greatest options for you in 2021!


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DCS World VR is Digital Combat Simulator World, which is a popular VR game that plunges you into the fight.


You may first be sitting on your couch but as soon as you slide the VR Headset on, you could be sitting right inside a lifelike cockpit ready to go to war.


The game is incredible and totally immersive. It provides the most realistic experience of being in combat next to the real thing.


And if you want the full-on best experience, of course, you need the best VR Headset that you can get.


But you also have to figure out what the “best” means for you.

There are many facets to VR Headsets and many details the distinguish them from one another.


Depending on your tastes, the best could mean something different to you than to someone else.


But when you’re talking about DCS World in VR, you definitely will want some things.


You’re going to be in a world where you have to keep your eyes and ears open for impending danger.


You’ll want clarity, you’ll want details to be easy to notice. You’ll want to be able to keep your head on a swivel.


To hear the sounds of enemy aircraft approaching you, and from what direction, could be key within this game.


Premium audio is a big deal in DCS World VR.

How well can you access your keyboard with a VR Headset on?


Would you prefer controllers that will aid you in all you need to do with your hands?


Are you going to be spending a lot of time playing DCS World in VR?


Are you more of a marathon player or someone who plays a little bit each day?


There are a lot of questions to ask and a lot of answers to find. In this article, I’m going to help you to get all the details you need in order to make an informed decision.


I’m going to help you find the best VR headset for DCS World VR so that you can have the best time once you make that decision to hop in a cockpit and strap that helmet on!

Best Cinema-Quality VR Headset for DCS World VR


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon


Having an OLED display, this windows mixed reality VR headset might make you think you’re the star of The Aviator with its amazing deep blacks and vivid colors!


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Budget & Marathon Option


Oculus Rift S

View on Amazon


The Oculus Rift S by far has the best battery life with 20 hours with haptic feedback and even 30 hours without it!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Most Comfortable Option



View on Amazon


The HTC VIVE Cosmos is one of the lightest headsets and constructed in the most comfortable and ergonomic way, so you won’t even remember you’re wearing it!


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Audio Quality


Valve Index

View on Amazon


The Valve Index delivers audio, not from headphones in your ears, but with speakers just next to your ears, providing lifelike 360-degree incredible sound!


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for FOV and Refresh Rate


Pimax 5K plus

View on Amazon


The Pimax 5K Plus has an astounding 200-degree field of view and a 144 Hz refresh rate, replicating realistic peripheral vision and giving you a very real feeling in-game and avoiding motion sickness at all costs.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for FOV and Resolution Rate


Pimax 8K plus

View on Amazon


The Pimax 8K Plus has an astounding 200-degree field of view and a 3840 x 2160 resolution that provides the most supreme clarity that people who wear corrective lenses can literally see better with this headset!


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Now, there’s a lot to consider before you make this purchase. You want to make sure you’re getting the right VR Headset for yourself.

All the headsets on this list are excellent for one reason or another. Only you can decide which is the best DCS World VR headset in your eyes. So, let’s make sure to answer this from your point of view.

What’s your budget? Budget will be important.

If you have one, pay attention to the prices of headsets, whether the headsets come with everything you need, and how much extra hardware you’re going to desire.

Do you want to create your own cockpit?

Do you want to replicate something you’ve seen someone else create?

You have to sit somewhere… and your couch and a foldable table in front of you may not be good enough.

You want easy access to all the controls you need. And you’ll want to be able to swivel your head around to check out incoming bogeys from all directions.


Are you someone who experiences motion sickness?

This is a big factor in VR gaming in general. Not to mention with a game where you’re flying thousands of feet in the air with realistic depictions of the ground and the cities beneath you.

Quick and sudden turns, changes of altitude, barrel rolls… this will affect everyone differently. Some headsets are made for those who get motion sickness easily. Others adhere to the needs of the average person.


Are you a stickler for clarity?

Do you want everything crystal clear and perfect?

Or are you someone who is so impressed with what VR can do in general that any headset gets it done for you?

What about the colors?

Do you want vivid colors or are you more concerned with brightness?


The maps you can fly over are so realistic. If you want the actual feel of truly flying over a city, that can be accomplished with this game.

If you know a city and know the landscape and the buildings, you can literally visit that city and see a perfect representation of it.

If you are a well-traveled person, or someone who has actually flown in real life, you can have a leg up in your missions.

An area that turns into a battlefield, if one person knows the area better than the other, then that’s an advantage.


Are you someone who actually has experience in this domain or are you an entry-level flyer?

There are options for those that are just starting out, perhaps an F-15C or an SU-27. These options and others may be “low-fidelity” which means they are simpler to fly and don’t have a cockpit that is fully clickable. You needn’t worry yourself with every little button.

If you’re a history buff and war enthusiast, you don’t have to stick with modern aircraft. There are options from WWI and on! Maybe you have an affinity for one time period over another.

No matter what your interest is, DCS World VR has made it available to you.

Now, we just want to make sure we help you to experience as perfectly as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options you have to accompany you on your missions.

What is the Best VR Headset for DCS World VR in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the TOP DCS World VR Headsets in 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Resolution (Per Eye) Refresh Rate Display Weight (grams) FOV (degrees)
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 × 1600 60/90 Hz OLED 590 g 110
Oculus Rift S 1280 x 1440 80 Hz LCD 500 g 110
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440 x 1700 90 Hz LCD 470 g 110
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120Hz (Experimental Mode: 144Hz) LCD 809 g 130
Pimax 5K Plus 2560 x 1440 144 Hz CLPL 470 g 200
Pimax 8K Plus 3840 x 2160 90Hz (Experimental Mode: 110Hz) CLPL 500 g 200

Best VR Headsets for DCS World VR in 2021

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Best Cinema-Quality VR Headset for DCS World VR

best vr headset for dcs world vr Samsung HMD Odyssey+

The first headset we will look at is the Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

This windows mixed reality is an excellent VR headset with a lot to offer. Great attention to details when it was made, and distinct features to separate it from the rest of the pack.

And one detail many of you are sure to love, the price tag reads just below $600. That makes the Odyssey one of the cheapest options on this whole list.

If you’re looking to get into some digital combat on a budget, this may be the best VR Headset for DCS World in VR (just don’t skimp on the guns.)

Let’s take a look at the other details this headset has to offer.




I’ll start by pointing out the great resolution that the Odyssey has. 1440 x 1600 you will likely notice is a popular resolution. There are several headsets that have a similar resolution, another one being on this list.

It isn’t the best resolution but definitely will provide much clarity on your screen.

Among the Non-Pimax headsets, which will be the last two headsets we will dive into, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ finds itself in the middle of the pack in terms of resolution.

Among Non-Pimax options, it also finds itself with a fair 110-degree Field of View. 110 degrees is typically the standard for headset and definitely affords you some nice perspective. (Keep reading and you’ll see how your perspective can get better and better with other options!)

Now, when it comes to refresh rate with the Odyssey, it’s going to depend on the power of your PC. If your PC is just powerful enough to handle the Odyssey, there is a good chance it will only give you a 60 Hz refresh rate. 60 Hz is right at the threshold of ‘good enough to not give you motion sickness’ and ‘whoa, this game is making me a tad queasy.’

60 Hz is touted as good enough to avoid motion sickness for most, but others may feel the need for a higher refresh rate. Luckily, as long as your PC is powerful enough, the Odyssey can also be operated under a 90 Hz refresh rate, which is much better.

The Odyssey weighs 590 grams which makes it one of the heavier headsets here. It’s reviewed as being a fairly comfortable headset to wear, so as long as some extra weight doesn’t bother you, this should be just fine.

This headset doesn’t have the luxury of flip-up goggles like some headsets do. What it lacks in the ‘flip-up department’ it makes up for with ‘Flashlight mode’ in which you can take a quick break from your game in order to take a glimpse of your real-life surroundings. Switch it back quickly so you don’t crash into any nearby buildings!

One area where the Odyssey is quite unique, is its display. For one, it is the only headset on this list with an OLED display.

Right away that must call to some of you who get disappointed with the sometimes-washed-out colors with LCD and the lack of deep, true blacks. OLED will give you vivid colors and a cinema-like experience while you soar over the Vegas strip on one of your ‘missions.’

The downside with OLED is usually that it suffers from the screen-door effect more so than its LCD counterparts. Samsung quite intelligently incorporated their own Anti-Screen Door Effect Technology into the display, so your experience stays feeling real and less like you’re standing in the doorway looking out your back door.




The Odyssey has premium AKG headphones that are built right into the headset. They provide you with 360-degree surrounding audio.

Hear the roar of the other aircraft as they soar past you, giving you the ultimate realistic feel of truly flying that JF-17 Thunder!

However, this headset doesn’t include a headphone jack, so you’ll have to love the provided audio source because it is your only option.

And the battery life for the controllers is quite good. They tend to last around 10 hours before needing a recharge which is definitely a lengthy amount of time vs. some other options here.

10 hours should give you a nice large chunk of gaming, flying, and taking down your enemies. No one wants to stop in the middle of a war to charge their batteries.



User Experience:

Let’s take a look at some of the user reviews for this headset on Amazon.


1) I only paid $300 for this back in 2017.

Now in 2021, they’re trying to sell a Windows Mixed Reality device for $950?

This is a good entry to VR, but not at this price point.


2) For the positives, a headset is light and the setup is easy.

But the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Games keep crashing and you’re required to restart Windows Mixed Reality, a lot!


3) The only real letdown is the price tag.

Overall, it’s not a bad device.


4) Bought it for my nephew.

They were so excited about this.


5) The headset is great but don’t buy it!

I personally paid $200 for this before, but the current price is sitting around $800.

It’s good, but not that good.


6) I did a lot of research and finally bought this one.

Played Half-Life: Alyx with it and there were no issues.

Expert Opinion:

2. Oculus Rift S | Best Budget & Marathon VR Headset for DCS World VR

best dcs world vr headset Oculus Rift S

Here’s a trusted brand quite the loveable product from said brand. The Oculus Rift S is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Many people love this VR Headset for a lot of games, and DCS World VR is no exception.

The Rift S will cost around $399, which is great as it is the cheapest option on this list. Let’s take a look at all the Oculus Rift S has to offer.




The resolution of 1280 x 1440 is definitely a good resolution that should give most users all they need from a VR Headset. I will note, however, that is the lowest resolution on this list.

So, if picture quality and resolution are of utmost importance to you, you may want to continue to read on. However, if they aren’t the make or break qualities, then don’t worry with the still-impressive Rift S.

This is another headset with the more than good enough 110-degree field of view. You’ll be happy with all you can view with this headset as you soar above the clouds.

And the refresh rate is a solid 80 Hz. This is consistent no matter the power of your PC, unlike the Odyssey reviewed before, which could be better or worse depending on PC power.

This is well above the threshold to avoid motion sickness.

You have one of the lighter headset options with the Rift S, weighing about 500 grams. This puts this headset somewhere between the middle to the bottom of the list in terms of weight.

This is a great lightweight option if you don’t want to be inconvenienced by what’s on your head.

Keep your head in the game, and keep your head not feeling itchy or weighed down so you don’t fall back into reality before you’re ready.

The halo headband used with this headset is ergonomically designed for extreme comfort so you’re able to remain in your game and lose yourself in the cockpit.

With the Oculus Rift S you’ll have a bright and impressive LCD display.

You won’t necessarily get the most vivid colors that you would get from an OLED display, but you won’t have to worry about screen door effect and the whites and other colors will be bright and clean and easy to see.




The Oculus Rift S has the audio built right into the headset and delivers an extremely realistic experience.

Instead of on-ear headphones it uses small speakers to deliver incredible and lifelike surrounding audio to further immerse you into this virtual reality.

And how about that battery life?

Well, if you want your controllers to last as long as possible, then the Oculus Rift S is the way to go.

The battery life can last 30 hours without haptic feedback and even 20 hours with haptic feedback, which makes the Rift S the headset with controllers that last longer than all the rest on a single charge.

If you’re interested in some marathon-playing, then the Oculus Rift S is the best VR Headset for DCS World in VR.



User Experience:

Now we get to some of the user reviews for this DCS World VR headset on Amazon.


1) I can’t get it to work.

1 star till I figure out why it’s not working.


2) It crashes and goes into the black screen so much.



3) When it works, it’s a good VR headset.

Problem is, half the time it just doesn’t.


4) I am a programmer myself.

Coming from a programming background, I must say this headset is just terrible.

The connection from this headset to the Facebook account is unstable and causes too many issues.


5) It’s probably a good VR headset, but I won’t know because nobody told me I needed a DisplayPort on my system to use it.

Now it basically works as a decorative item on my shelf.


6) Very cool but very buggy.

It had a lot of connection issues.

Died in a month.

Expert Opinion:

3. HTC VIVE Cosmos | Most Comfortable VR Headset for DCS World VR

best vr headset for dcs world vr HTC VIVE Cosmos

Now, we move on to another favorite among many fans. The HTC VIVE Cosmos!

This is another relatively inexpensive option. More expensive than the last two headsets, but cheaper than the rest on this list, the Cosmos runs around $700.

And with a little added cost, you may like what you see that’s added into the specs and details on this headset.




To note first, the resolution of 1440 x 1700 is the best resolution among the Non-Pimax Headsets. (I know you keep wondering about these Pimax Headsets, but we’ve saved them for last on this list.)

This resolution is going to create excellent picture quality for you and really make it feel like you are truly flying over the cities and the countries in your missions.

This is another headset with the 110-degree field of view, so you can see enough all around you from inside your cockpit.

The refresh rate is a consistent 90 Hz with the Cosmos which is tied for the best refresh rate we have seen so far.

It ranks somewhere between the middle and high-end refresh rates on this entire list and will do a great job keeping motion sickness at bay. Nobody likes a nauseous pilot!

One incredible plus for the Cosmos is its extremely lightweight design. Weighing only 470 grams it is tied as one of the lightest headsets on this entire list!

And with the crown fit on the Cosmos, you are able to easily and comfortably fit it on your head and all your friends’ heads, no matter the variance of shapes and sizes.

If you wear glasses and prefer to keep them on during your fly-over missions, this headset makes that a breeze for you!

And if you need a minute to take a breather from combat, flip-up goggles are an all-too-easy option that the Cosmos incorporates. Just be prepared to dive back in as your enemies may not be taking all that long of a break!

For extreme comfort and ease while gaming, the HTC VIVE Cosmos may be the best VR Headset for DCS World in VR.

And this is another headset with an LCD screen which won’t necessarily give you ‘movie-quality’ colors in your experience. But you will have bright whites and no problems with anything being too dark to see, and screen door effect is all but eliminated with LCD on the Cosmos.




The Cosmos has built-in form-fitting headphones which deliver amazing and realistic sound during your experience.

It may not quite be the same deal as the Oculus Rift S with its off-ear speakers, as this is a situation with headphones right on your ears, but it will definitely get the job done.

And though the battery life is decent on the controllers for the Cosmos, and the controllers themselves are rated quite well, the battery life tends to only be about 2-3 hours before needing a recharge.

This is by far, the lowest amount of time among all these options. But if you only see yourself playing a couple hours at a time, then this is no problem for you at all!



User Experience:

Let’s see what some of the users who bought this VR headset for DCS World VR have to say about it.


1) It’s only good for slow games.

The tracking is bad in faster games.


2) It doesn’t satisfy me at all.

There’s a lot of room for improvement.

I regret my purchase.


3) This is listed as new but came with a plethora of technical issues.

It’s already broken!


4) Bought it with a discount on Black Friday.

This headset is pretty much portable if you can pair it with a powerful gaming laptop.


5) It has potential, but it falls short on many occasions.

The tracking is just bad.

Get a Vive instead.


6) I bought this because I was under the impression that it was a good deal.

It has some nice features and pros, but there are just too many cons for it to be 5 stars.

Expert Opinion:

4. Valve Index | Best Audio Quality for DCS World VR

best dcs world vr headset Valve Index

We will take our next step on this list. It will be towards the last Non-Pimax Headset… so prepare for some Pimax goodness.

But before the Pimax goodness… how about some Valve Index goodness? And good details do this headset have, indeed.

The Valve Index is going to cost you around $1,000. But as you can probably take a guess, this is going to be a direct result of some amazing quality.

So, let’s take a look at what the Valve Index is all about!




The resolution of the Valve Index is 1440 x 1600 which is equal to what the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ had and just a smidge under the HTC VIVE Cosmos.

This is an excellent resolution which will deliver you crisp and clear images during your missions, providing realistic details as you fly over cities and whirl around other aircraft.

Here’s a step up from the others. The field of view for the Valve Index is actually up to 130 degrees! That’s 20 degrees better than the last three headsets and it makes this the best field of view among Non-Pimax Headsets.

The expanded field of view will give you more peripheral vision and will do a better job replicating your natural vision.

As many have reviewed, it will feel less like you’re looking through binoculars.

The fear of expanding field of view too much is that it may cause distortion or compromise optical sharpness, but with the Index, they were very careful and made sure none of those negative factors played in here!

Now, when talking about the game of refresh rate this headset is one of the league champions. Its normal 120 Hz refresh rate is going to give you very low latency and not too much to worry about in the motion sickness department.

If you are someone who worries about sea sickness even in the bath tub, you may not want to leave any potential motion sickness to chance and might be looking for the absolute highest refresh rate.

Well, the Valve Index even has an experimental mode which operates with 144 Hz refresh rate, which is tied for the very highest on this list. If you are someone who is very prone to motion sickness, then the Valve Index may be the best DCS World VR headset in your case.

One potential downside for this headset is that it weighs about 809 grams making it, by far, the heaviest headset on this list. As long as you have some strong neck muscles, this may not bother you at all.

And it is quite the comfortable fit so you likely won’t have problems wearing it.

And this is another LCD option with this headset. Perhaps not affording you that near-movie quality look with extra vivid colors, but it will still look incredible. And it will be bright with clean whites and easy to see with your amazing LCD display.



Hello, audio fans. Can you hear me?

Would you like to hear about the headset that may be the most pleasing to you of all the choices?

The Valve Index did an incredible job with the audio set up. The makers believe you should experience sound as naturally as possible while you use this headset.

The speakers in the headset don’t touch your ears, so that the sound won’t appear to be coming from inside your head, but rather, from all around you.

This will really give you the illusion of jets soaring past you, gun fire, bombs exploding, everything… realistic with pinpoint accuracy. You will be immersed in the DCS World VR in all aspects.

And how long will you be immersed?

Well, the battery life on the controllers… or knuckles… is about 7-8 hours. This will provide you will some quality playing time, though admittedly, this isn’t necessarily the best option on this list in terms of battery life.



User Experience:

Now let’s take a look at some user reviews for Valve Index on Amazon.


1) Headset completely died and support told me there’s nothing they can do for me.

Wasted around $900 for nothing.


2) This was a good purchase despite the increased price.

Maybe wait a little while and you could save a couple of hundred bucks.


3) It has great resolution and a high refresh rate, but the contrast isn’t the best.

Also, I just don’t like Valve’s customer support.


4) Maybe buy it from Steam for around $500.

They have free returns as well.


5) The headset and controllers feel very very comfortable.

It’s the best VR headset money can buy.


6) Really nice quality vision but it has issues.

The controls can mess up your accurate shots a lot.

Expert Opinion:

5. Pimax 5K Plus | Best for combination of FOV and Refresh Rate

best vr headset for dcs world vr Pimax 5K Plus

Alright, the moment that some of you have been waiting for!

Not a Non-Pimax Headset… a Pimax Headset!

Meet the Pimax 5K Plus. This is a very unique headset for several reasons we will get into shortly.

With the 5K Plus, you would have to pay about $700 for the headset only… and around $1,200 in order to get everything you need.

So, this is one of the most expensive options here but for good reasons. Let’s see why.




Do you like incredible resolution? Is that what you came here for?

How about 2560 x 1440 resolution on the Pimax 5K Plus?

The second-best resolution on this list, and as you’ll notice, quite higher than the first four headsets we reviewed. This is going to give you impeccable images as your soar along completing lifelike missions.

Now, this Pimax headset is going to give you a stunning 200-degree field of view! That is a whopping increase from the last few headsets.

This is extremely close to replicating what is the usual human vision.

This is also something you would definitely view as an advantage when flying around trying to get a good view of all that is around you.

Though you do have these two incredible details and advantages in the Pimax 5K Plus, there is some distortion and slight object shimmering that occurs with this headset.

This can sometimes happen with these extreme increases; however, it is not always the biggest disadvantage to everyone.

Some don’t notice the distortion as much and love the increased resolution and field of view.

Another fantastic advantage of the 5K Plus is the 144 Hz refresh rate. Matching the highest capability of the Valve Index which was last reviewed, that is the best refresh rate you can be afforded.

This means no motion sickness at all. This headset will keep you feeling fine, no matter how fast you fly or how many barrel rolls you do!

The Pimax 5K Plus is a very lightweight headset. Weighing only 470 grams, it is tied for the lightest headset on this list.

Some have reviewed the material may be a bit on the cheap side, but it’s a fairly comfortable headset and you will hardly even notice it’s on your head with its ultra-lightweight material.

And Pimax has created its very own CLPL display for some of their headsets. This stands for Customized Low Persistence Liquid.

It seems to live in a happy ‘medium land’ somewhere between LCD and OLED.

They say their display has eliminated ghosting and has also improved brightness like an LCD would. It also has a higher pixel density than OLED, having some vivid colors, though perhaps not quite to the same level as the OLED displays.




The audio for the Pimax 5K Plus is quite good but doesn’t seem to have people raving over it as you would see with other headsets.

It includes a 3.5mm audio jack and an integrated microphone, so you get just about everything you need on that front.

And with battery life, there had been a decent amount of complaints that the controllers needed to be charged too often.

However, Pimax has the Sword and Sword Sense controllers coming to save the day which are supposed to hold a longer charge.

It’s difficult to get a reading on how long the charge is supposed to be, but better is better. The approximation would be that they should amount to a decent amount of battery life amongst competitors.



There are also reviews for this headset here:

See also: Best VR Headsets for X-Plane 11

See alsoBest VR Headsets for Elite Dangerous 

See alsoBest Flight Sim VR Headsets



User Experience:

Here are some of the Amazon reviews users have left on this DCS World VR headset.


1) The bad thing about it is that you need loads of cash and hardware power to enjoy it.

The good thing is that if you got those, you can say goodbye to real life.


2) It’s the ultimate headset.

Nothing else even comes close in terms of immersion.


3) You can’t even compare this to other toy headsets.

Even tho mine came with a dead pixel, it is too much of an improvement for me to go back to older headsets.


4) It has the widest FOV on the VR headset market.

In terms of sound quality and comfort, Valve Index is the king.

Everything else? Pimax 5K Plus!


5) It’s all fun and games will you see the colors.

The colors look soooooo washed out.

It’s just disgusting.


6) I’m worried the build quality isn’t the best.

The shell of the headset seems so thing.

Looks like it can break at any moment.

Expert Opinion:

6. Pimax 8K Plus | Best for combination of FOV and Resolution

best dcs world vr headset Pimax 8K Plus

And we have now arrived at the big boy on the list! The Pimax 8K Plus!


This is another incredible headset from Pimax and as the 8K suggests, it has got some more oomph to it!


You can get the Pimax 8K Plus headset for $900, but all you get for that amount is the headset.


In order to get all the other accessories, you’ll have to spend some more money and it will eventually make this the priciest option on the list.


But let’s take a look at why this is such an expensive option.



Let’s start with what is maybe the most impressive part of this headset. The resolution of 3840 x 2160 is phenomenal and by far the best resolution available of all these headsets.


This is going to provide sharp images for you as you game creating an ultra-real environment.


Users who wear corrective lenses have reviewed that wearing this headset without their glasses have not only been able to see things as good as with their glasses on, but even better than with their glasses on.


The clarity is so incredibly unmatched, it will correct your vision… and then some… giving you eagle-eye vision.


And of course, you get the 200-degree field of view mimicking your real-life ability to see all around you and use peripheral vision.


There can be a bit of distortion and object shimmering accompanied with this, however, the resolution and field of view combine do the best job imitating your everyday vision capabilities.


If you want the most realistic replication of your everyday vision then the Pimax 8K Plus is the best DCS World VR headset you can buy.


Now, the refresh rate isn’t quite as good as the last Pimax reviewed, but it still runs a solid and respectable 90 Hz refresh rate, which is well above the threshold for preventing motion sickness for the average person.


There is even supposed to be an experimental model providing you with a 110 Hz refresh rate, which again, isn’t quite at the standard of the last Pimax, but is quite good, and higher than most headsets on this list.


The Pimax 8K Plus weighs about 500 grams. It’s a tad heavier than the last Pimax and the HTC VIVE Cosmos, but it weighs about the same as the Oculus Rift S and stays nice and light on your head with balanced weight distribution.


It’s also fairly comfortable and is easy to play with it on your head.


The 8K Plus, like the 5K Plus, has a CLPL display which is a happy median between OLED and LCD.


Providing you with bright colors much like an LCD, eradicating many screen door effects and ghosting that could occur, not quite matching the vivid colors of an OLED but definitely approaching that level of vivid color better than your average LCD display.



The audio for the Pimax 8K Plus is similar to the 5K Plus in that it’s great but isn’t necessarily the best option on this list.


It includes a 3.5mm audio jack and an integrated microphone, so you get everything you’ll need.


And the situation with the battery life is similar as well. There were some complaints that the controllers needed to be charged too often.


Now, Pimax has the Sword and Sword Sense controllers which will extend the battery life and make things much easier.


Once again, it’s hard to get a read on the amount of time that these batteries should last, but it figures to be a decent amount of time and is most certainly an improvement from before.



Expert Opinion:

Best VR Headset for DCS World VR (2021) — Buyers Guide

Six incredible VR Headsets for an incredible game.


They all bring their unique excellence to the table. And you get to choose whichever one you like best.


So, you have plenty of details laid out there to browse through. But you may have some more questions.


We’re going to go through some frequently asked questions that pertain to the VR Headsets and DCS World VR. Knowing the answers to a large variety of questions is going to assist you in perfecting your choice that you have to make.


After all is said and done, you will comfortably be able to pick the DCS World VR headset that suits your needs best.

What's my best option if I'm new to both DCS World VR and to Virtual Reality?

Luckily, DCS World VR is friendly to beginners.

There are “low-fidelity” options of planes to fly meaning they are simpler to fly and require less for you to do. And as you play you may get more comfortable and want to upgrade to more complicated play.

But if you are a beginner to VR and aren’t totally sure you want to drop too much money on your headset, perhaps you won’t be gaming too much, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ and Oculus Rift S might be the best two options as they are inexpensive and fairly friendly to newcomers.

I’d break it down this way. If you’re new to VR and want a bright experience where everything is incredibly easy to see, go with the Oculus Rift S and its LCD display.

If you’re new to VR but want a cinema-like experience, choose the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ and its OLED display.

What's my best option if I want the most realistic experience playing DCS World VR?

Perhaps the most important factor to a realistic experience in this case would be the field of view.

You will likely be wanting a lot of your usual peripheral vision and if that is the case, the best field of view belongs to both Pimax options on this list.

They both have a 200-degree field of view and have a few differences among them.

The Pimax 8K Plus has a better resolution and the 5K Plus has a better refresh rate.

So, that would probably be your next most important detail to look at.

Which one is the best DCS World VR Headset for those that suffer from motion sickness?

Yes, while you’re flying your advanced A-10C Warthog, the motion could get to be a lot for you. If you are especially prone to getting motion sickness, then choose a headset with a high refresh rate.

The Valve Index and the Pimax 5K Plus can both give you the highest refresh rate with 144 Hz. The Pimax offers a better field of view and better resolution.

Though the slight distortion and object shimmering has been mentioned, the Valve Index doesn’t seem to ever have those problems and it has an incredible audio situation.

Is getting a VR Headset based off of its audio quality worth it with DCS World VR?

Yes, if that is something you are interested in, the DCS World does not disappoint with audio.

And if you want something that delivers incredible audio, the Valve Index may be your best option.

You won’t feel like the audio comes from inside your head and since you are dealing with a lot of outside elements in this game, the Index will lend itself to all the audio details in the game.

Which one is the best DCS World VR headset to eliminate the screen door effect?

Yes, DCS World VR has multi-player modes where you can play with friends and even fly with them.

Set it up however you want. Or if you have a party and you and your friends want to take turns playing, go for it.

The best VR Headset for marathon playing in DCS World VR would have to be the Oculus Rift S with its leading battery life. It will outlast the rest of them on one single charge.

What is Tacview and will that help me in VR?

Tacview is a flight analysis tool that is actually used by militaries to analyze flight patterns and movements.

It works very well with DCS World if you download it and it should work just fine with any VR Headset you choose.

You can use it to see what you did wrong and what you did right and improve your game. It’s quite a useful tool, especially for beginners looking to get better.

What if I want to record and stream my DCS World VR games and want the most ‘cinema-like’ looks?

Both the Pimax headsets are good choices for this with their CLPL displays being somewhere between LCD and OLED, but the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ actually would be the best choice as it is the only OLED on the list and should likely give you the most vivid colors and deepest blacks.

Which one is the best DCS World VR headset to eliminate the screen door effect?

Yes, the screen door effect could absolutely affect you when playing DCS World in VR.

Not only is it a nuisance, but with all the small details in your cockpit you don’t want anything hindering your ability to see minor details.

Also, is that a plane in the distance to my left, or is that some screen door pattern confusing me?

Not a question you’ll want to waste time answering while you’re flying high above a canyon.

Luckily all these headsets combat screen door effect quite well.

The Samsung Odyssey with its Anti-Screen Door Technology is great, which was worked in to work with the OLED display which tends to have problems with that.

The Pimax headsets (5K 8K) do a good job combatting it with their CLPL displays which have advantages of both LCD and OLED.

But the three headsets that are strictly LCD would likely be the very best at combating this.

Of those three, the Oculus Rift S allows for the longest battery life in your controllers.

The Valve Index has the highest refresh rate, best field of view and best audio.

And the HTC VIVE Cosmos has the best resolution and perhaps the most comfortable fit along with being the lightest. The Cosmos may be the one to provide the best clarity along with eradicating any, and all, Screen Door Effect.

What hardware is the best to accompany my VR Headset for DCS World VR?

You can go about choosing whatever you would like, but often times people go the route of getting a similar cockpit setup to play from, often referred to as a HOTAS.

Some people even go the route of building their own unique HOTAS, so if you’re passionate about making this experience as perfect as possible, you’ll want some setup that you can buy or build.

Best VR Headset for DCS World VR (2021) — Conclusion

As you can see, this game has a lot to offer, and the many VR Headset choices also have a lot to offer you.

This game is so immersive and these headsets all will help to immerse you in their own ways.

With advanced audio.

With amazing video clarity.

With realistic field of view.

With light and comfortable headsets that you may forget you are wearing.

They’re all excellent options. You really can’t go wrong. But the point is to go so right, that you went perfect.


And if you consider all the details above you can pick your perfect headset. You can choose your very best VR Headset for DCS World VR.

There’s nothing in your way to stop you from saving the world and thwarting your enemies.

Except perhaps, learning the strategies of combat.

But remember, there are beginner modes and beginner aircrafts for newbies.

And you can always add on more packs and acquire more advanced aircrafts when you’re ready.

Whenever you are ready, DCS World VR is always ready for you.

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