Best Subnautica VR Headset: Reviews & Buyers Guide

As you float along in your Seaglide playing Subnautica, you may be wondering, what’s the best Subnautica VR Headset?

See our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!


Whether you’re an avid Subnautica gamer or haven’t played the game in any medium, VR or not, to want to play the game in VR makes all the sense in the world.

It even makes all the sense in the alien world of Planet 4546B that you would be traveling to.

That’s how much sense it makes! Because this game has such a detailed and immersive alien planet that you can explore forever and ever.

So, to play it in VR… this would be the ultimate immersion into another world.


And if you want to play it in VR, you want to know what the best Subnautica VR Headset is.

That makes sense. What is “best” going to mean for you though?


The “Best” will depend on your personal preferences. But in the case of Subnautica, it also will depend on a lot of details of the game.

Taking the game into consideration is just as important as some other factors.

We will make sure to go over details of the headsets reviewed on this list, including resolution, displays, refresh rate, etc. and what that all means for you.

But we’re also going to talk about Subnautica as well. We want to give you a good idea of what you’re getting into, just in case you don’t have the full details.

Let’s get to it then!

Ultimate Cinema-Like VR Playing Experience


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon

This windows mixed reality headset is the only option with an OLED display, giving you the cinema-like quality, possesses Anti-Screen Door Technology and a fantastic resolution for the feel of floating around in a sci-fi movie!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Marathon Playing


Oculus Rift S

View on Amazon

The Oculus Rift S has, by far, the longest battery life in the controllers meaning you can play for hours and hours on a single charge!

With excellent qualities at a relatively inexpensive price, this is a steal for lovers of continuous play!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Most Comfortable Subnautica VR Headset



View on Amazon

This is the lightest and most comfortably designed headset, which fits all face sizes and shapes very well!

It also provides you with the best resolution and great LCD screen among other things!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Overall option


Valve Index

View on Amazon

This gives you realism in every facet, from excellent resolution, high refresh rate, impeccably real audio and real-life-imitating controllers!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

You’ve crash landed on Planet 4546B. At least, that’s what we call it. Who knows what the locals call it!

Is there any evidence of locals who can speak any semblance of a language close to any of our languages?

Who knows?

When you’re playing Subnautica, you have crash landed into an alien ocean.

All the living beings you come across live in the water and seem less about ‘the talking’ and more about ‘the roaring and attacking.’

This planet, this ocean, and the areas of this ocean, are highly detailed and well thought out. You can easily get lost, so try to bring an extra O2 tank if you can.

You need to do some deep dives and try to find resources that you’ll need.

There are plenty of rocks under the surface that you can mine through for useful minerals. Titanium is a great find that’s available on this planet, for instance.

So, the planet may be alien, but it has many similarities to ours. More similarities, that perhaps you won’t so much enjoy, are the predators that lurk beneath the surface.

Yes, they have sharks, just like we do. They may not be the Great Whites and the Hammerheads we are used to… but the Bonesharks and Sandsharks are carnivores and can be aggressive and are not anything you want to play around with.

There are animals on this planet, known as fauna, and there are a mix of aggressive fauna, passive fauna. They range from small to large… to very large.

Yes, the Leviathans are something out of a movie. Gigantic beasts that lurk about and will scare your fins right off.

From the Ghost Leviathan that can be found near the Lost River among other areas… to the Sea Dragon Leviathan that may be dwelling near the Lava Lakes… these massive beasts will frighten you.

Which does bring up an interesting point. This all sounds very much like a scary science fiction movie.

When you drop yourself into this environment, are you looking to create a movie-like feel that you are a part of?

Do you want a headset that will make you feel like you’re living in the scary science fiction movie?

Perhaps this already sounds too frightening and you’re more worried about not seeing these scary fauna and Leviathans coming.

Yes, the Leviathans are gigantic and hard to miss, but what about a Lava Lizard or an Ampeel that might sneak up on you?

Do you want your headset to create the brightest possible experience so there is as little a possibility of fauna popping up on you at the last minute?

There are headsets that specialize in both areas.

Some headset cut down on latency more than others. Maybe you already feel yourself getting a little motion sick as you spin around under water, searching for where that eerie distant roar came from.

The fear experienced playing Subnautica in VR may make you swim faster than ever before and urge you to flee the Blood Kelp Caves, forget about the minerals, and get back to safety!

Sometimes quick movements in VR can be a bit harsh, but some headsets help to mellow that harsh.

We’ll talk more about all of these and discuss which headsets may complement your personal experience the best.

Right now, let’s get into the headsets themselves and talk about their specs, details, and what makes them unique.

You’re going to be embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

Let’s make sure we get you the absolute best Subnautica VR Headset that we can get you. You’re going to need it…

What is the Best Subnautica VR Headset in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best Subnautica VR Headsets in 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Resolution (Per Eye) Refresh Rate Display Weight (grams) FOV (degrees)
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 × 1600 60/90 Hz OLED 590 g 110
Oculus Rift S 1280 x 1440 80 Hz LCD 500 g 110
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440 x 1700 90 Hz LCD 470 g 110
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120Hz (Experimental Mode: 144Hz) LCD 809 g 130

Best VR Headsets for Subnautica in 2021

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Ultimate Cinema-Like VR experience

best subnautica vr headset Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Let’s take a look at our first option on this list.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is a wonderful windows mixed reality option for a headset and has plenty of advantages while playing Subnautica VR.

This headset is very affordable, running around $500. For those of you looking for an OLED Subnautica VR Headset on a budget, this might be your best bet.

The Odyssey has plenty to offer and plenty to love, even at its inexpensive price.

It features some distinctions from the other headsets that may make you favor it, especially for the alien planet you’ll explore in Subnautica.

Let’s dive into the details.




The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ has a fantastic 1440 x 1600 resolution.

This resolution will provide crisp images on your headset, making your underwater world easy to see and to feel very lifelike.

The field of view is great, 110 degrees. It’s tied with most headsets on this list, with the exception of one.

110 degrees is a fairly normal standard in the world of VR. It will provide you with a nice view of all that surrounds you.

In a world where you’re submerged under water and can see new life in every direction, that’s something you’ll want.

One thing to watch out for with the Odyssey is the refresh rate that you may get.

Depending on the strength of your compatible PC that you’ll have to use along with this headset, you’ll either be afforded a 60 Hz refresh rate or a 90 Hz refresh rate.

60 Hz is good enough on VR Headsets. It borders right at the line of what is acceptable and good enough to avoid motion sickness. For those not susceptible to motion sickness, this should be fine.

Anyone who is more worried about motion sickness, especially since you’ll be under water on an alien planet, you may want to shoot for that 90 Hz refresh rate.

Make sure your PC is powerful enough to provide you with that.

90 Hz falls somewhere in the medium to high range of the usual refresh rates of good VR Headsets. 60 Hz unfortunately is near the bottom.

An area where the Odyssey is unique on this list of headsets is that it has an OLED display. This is the only headset with an OLED display. OLED won’t necessarily provide the brightest experience to you.

But if you want a movie-like feel as you submerge yourself into the depths of the oceans of Planet 4546B, OLED is your key to amazingly vivid colors and deep blacks.

You will experience this alien planet in a terrifyingly realistic fashion, it will feel so real, be ready to jump out of your skin as you sneak around each turn, awaiting a new creature to POP OUT.

One disadvantage of OLED’s is that they often times can give you more of a screen door effect than LCD due to having less sub pixels.

However, Samsung smartly created some Anti-Screen Door Technology to combat that issue, so this display gives you the best of both worlds. It’s good to have the best of both worlds when you crash land on another world.

This headset does weigh around 590 grams, so it’s a bit on the heavy side. But its still a comfortable headset, so you should feel quite good popping it on your head and jumping into the cool waters.




The Odyssey+ has premium AKG headphones that are built into the headset. They pop right on and give you excellent quality 360-degree surrounding audio for an intense and realistic experience.

However, this headset doesn’t include a headphone jack, so you’ll have to love the provided audio source because it is your only option.

But you’re sure to love it… or perhaps you’ll hate how real it sounds when you hear a Leviathan roaring from somewhere… behind you…

And the battery life for the controllers is quite good. They last around 10 hours before needing a recharge which is more than most headsets out here.

10 hours should give you a nice large chunk of gaming and pales in comparison only to… our next headset…



2. Oculus Rift S | Best Subnautica VR Headset for Marathon Playing

best vr headsets for subnautica vr Oculus Rift S

And the next headset we’ll review is the Oculus Rift S.

This is quite a favorite among fans of VR. An easy to use and easy-to-get-used-to type of headset.

It costs about $400 so it’s the cheapest option on the list.

Let’s take a look at what else people love about this headset.




To start with, we will look at the 1280 x 1440 resolution you’ll get with the Oculus Rift S.

Yes, it is the least impressive resolution of all on this list, but rest assured, it still provides crisp and impressive images for you.

If resolution isn’t the most important factor in your eyes, then the Rift could be an excellent choice for you, as it has plenty more to impress you with.

The refresh rate on the Rift is 80 Hz, which is a good deal over the 60 Hz threshold of avoiding motion sickness.

This is a consistent refresh rate, unlike the Odyssey we just reviewed, so no matter the strength of your PC, as long as it can handle the Rift, it will afford you that pleasant 80 Hz.

And the Oculus Rift S is another headset that has a great 110-degree field of view. This will be a fantastic field of view afforded to you as you swim through murky waters to clear waters.

Your peripheral vision will allow you to see some impending danger closing in on you. As you know, there are some scary creatures out there in the ocean!

And now with the Rift S, you’ll have an LCD display. This does mean not quite as vivid colors in the ocean and on the fauna swimming around as you would see with the Odyssey, however, you will have a much brighter experience.

Perhaps this is much more important to you, as the experience is going to look good regardless. Making sure everything is bright enough to see clearly is important.

Ask anyone who has played Subnautica on a VR Headset… you want to be able to see well. You don’t want anything sneaking up on you.

And the LCD display will eradicate any screen door effect.

As you know, one of the most useless things is a screen door on a submarine. So, you don’t want a screen door on your Seaglide… and you don’t want it to look like you have one either. Won’t happen with the Oculus Rift S!

This is one of the lighter headsets at just 500 grams, so it will feel so light on your head.

And the halo headband used with this headset is ergonomically designed for extreme comfort, so you can wear it for hours and hours with no problems!




The Oculus Rift S has audio built into the headset and it delivers an incredible experience surrounding you with precise and realistic audio.

Instead of on-ear headphones it uses small speakers to deliver the sounds so your experience is difficult to discern from real life and will immerse you into the game.

And here is a feature that might make this the best Subnautica VR Headset in your eyes. The battery life on the controllers is the best of all these headsets.

Lasting 30 hours without haptic feedback and even still 20 hours with haptic feedback, you can marathon-play this game for as long as you wish on a single charge.

Great for anyone who needs to take their time exploring the oceans of this alien planet. You won’t feel hurried in your experience with the Rift.



3. HTC VIVE Cosmos | Best Subnautica VR Headset for Comfort

best subnautica vr headset HTC VIVE Cosmos

And now from HTC, we are going to look at one of their excellent headsets. The HTC VIVE Cosmos.

This VR headset has a lot to love. It costs about $700, which is more than the other two previous headsets, but not by all that much.

It’s the second most expensive headset on the list, but it touts some great features.




The resolution on the Cosmos is actually the best of all four headsets on this list.

With a 1440 x 1700 resolution, the high pixel density will provide incredible images… crystal clear like the blue waters you’ll swim in as you hop out of your pod.

The 90 Hz refresh rate matches the high-end refresh rate you can get with the Odyssey, but in this case, it’s consistent.

Low latency in this case will provide you with next-to-no worries in the motion sickness department.

This will give you a very fluid and realistic flow to the game.

The Cosmos also has a 110-degree field of view. As you’ll notice, this is a standard field of view for many headsets.

And it’s a good field of view. Definitely providing you with some nice peripheral vision to view your new surroundings.

And the LCD display on the Cosmos is going to complement the high resolution and provide you with a bright and clear experience.

It will be easy to see even as you dive into the murky depths of the ocean.

You won’t get the cinema-like experience from an OLED display, but the screen door effect also won’t be a worry of yours with the Cosmos.

And at 470 grams this is the lightest headset on the list. Also, one of the lightest headsets you can really find.

Pair that with the very comfortable crown fit on the Cosmos and you’re working with a model of extreme comfort. You are able to easily and comfortably fit this headset on all shapes and sizes of heads.

If you wear glasses and prefer to keep them during your deep dives, the Cosmos makes that all too easy for you.

And if you need to take a quick breather from your under-water experience, get a breath of real Earth-air, flip-up goggles are an excellent feature that the Cosmos has incorporated into the design.




The Cosmos has built-in form-fitting headphones which deliver a phenomenal audio experience that will swim all around you. 

It may not quite be the same deal as the Oculus Rift S with its off-ear speakers, as this is a situation with headphones right on your ears, but it’s going to get the job done.

And another area in which this headset differs is the battery life.

You’ll be looking at almost the complete opposite.

The battery life is decent on the controllers for the Cosmos, and the controllers themselves are rated quite well, but it tends to only be about 2-3 hours before needing a recharge.

This is by far, the lowest amount of time among all these options.

But perhaps you aren’t quite the marathon player and 2-3 hours a day is perfect for you.

Then, if that’s all you need in a headset, then don’t view this as a disadvantage and instead look at the plethora of advantages that come from other areas with the Cosmos.



4. Valve Index | Best Overall Realistic Experience for Subnatuica VR

best vr headsets for subnautica vr Valve Index

And now we come to the grandpappy of the headsets on this list. The Valve Index sits at the next level up of VR Headset.

It is a fantastic Subnatuica VR Headset, but it will run you around $1,000. This is a headset you got to be ready to open your wallet wide for.

But if you have the cash, this option is worth it. Subnautica in VR… it has a lot to love. And the Index enhances a lot of that. And you’ll see why.




Let’s start with the resolution of 1440 x 1600. A smidge under what the Cosmos gave you and tied with the Odyssey, this is a great resolution to provide crystal clear images as you swim through a world that deserves to be seen in the clearest of fashions.

Speaking of viewing this world in a clear fashion, the LCD display complements the clearness with some brightness.

As an aggressive Blighter dwells in the Blood Kelp Caves, ready to attack, you have an advantage of being able to see it before it sees you.

As mentioned already, yes LCD won’t give you quite the same movie-like feel as OLED.

But some people want it to look like a movie when it’s a movie. And when it’s VR… maybe you want an LCD for extra brightness and assurance that you won’t have that pesky screen door effect bothering you.

Nothing can take you out of the game quicker. You won’t be taken out of this experience.

Now, speaking of not wanting to be taken out of the experience… the refresh rate can always play a part in that.

Latency and lag can give you a strange feeling as you search around in an unknown world.

You’re already trying to find minerals to bring back to your ship all while dodging new creatures that don’t like you… you don’t need to also worry about motion sickness.

And of course, motion sickness can happen out at sea, right?

Wrong… that is if you come with the Valve Index. It starts with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is already way higher than any refresh rate we’ve seen on this list. You’ll say ‘motion sickness, what?

And it also runs an experimental mode with a 144 Hz refresh rate. You’ll forget how to spell motion sickness.

This is the Subnautica VR Headset for the VR Newcomer who worries about feeling ill while wearing the headset. Not here. Not with the Index.

And just as you got used to reading in each headset… 110-degree field of view… the Index comes with a 130-degree field of view!

That makes a big difference. You’ll have increased peripheral vision and will be more closely replicating a real-life type of vision.

It will feel more lifelike… and when you go searching along the Lost River… you will want every extra degree of sight you can get so that you can spot that Ghost Leviathan before it spots you.




Just what you want… or don’t want… in a scary extra-terrestrial ocean… realistic sound! It might scare your radiation suit right off, but don’t try telling anyone it didn’t seem real!

The Index went above and beyond with the audio set up. The Index believes you should experience sound as naturally as possible.

The speakers in the headset don’t touch your ears, so that the sound won’t appear to be coming from inside your head, but rather, from all around you.

Every stream of bubbles, every rock tumbling down a cavern, every distant angered roar… they will surround you. You will be fully immersed with this excellent Subnautica VR Headset.

And how long will you be immersed?

Well, the battery life on the controllers… or knuckles… is about 7-8 hours.

This will provide you will some quality playing time. Technically the second lowest battery life on this list, but still quite a lot of time to play on one charge.



Best Subnautica VR Headset (2021) — Buyers Guide

Alright, as you can see, we have four different headsets here. All incredible in their own ways, all with distinctions from the others.

Any choice you make from the list above is a great choice.

But each great choice can tailor to specific wants and needs better than the others.

So, let’s not just find you a great headset, let’s find you the best Subnautica VR Headset!

You probably started off reading this article with some questions needing to be answered. There’s a good chance you still have some questions needing answers at this point.

And that’s perfectly fine. I’m going to try to break everything down for you as best as I can.

There are lots of common questions asked about Subnautica VR Headsets and also just about Subnautica VR in general.

Let’s go over some of them and paint a clearer picture of this entire landscape for you.

What’s the best Subnautica VR Headset on a budget?

You may be someone who is infatuated with Subnautica VR but just wants to play it with the best budget option on this list.

The Oculus Rift S is the most inexpensive option on this list and will deliver a high-quality experience for you.

And the next would be the Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

Subnautica sounds like an intense sci-fi movie! How do I experience it like I’m in a movie?

Of course, you can’t go wrong because Subnautica has already done an incredible job creating this vast world with so much precise detail.

From the biome of the Underwater Islands rich in quarts and silver, inhabited by Ancient Floaters and Bonesharks… to the Jellyshroom Cave where you can find diamond and gold, and of course some Crabsnakes… to plenty of other biomes.

The Subnautica world is rich in alien plant life, fauna, minerals, and plenty more.

But… if you want the experience to be stepped up even another level, the OLED display on the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is going to be your best bet for that extremely movie-quality feel.

How dark is Subnautica? Would I be better off with the brightest, clearest experience in VR?

The game can get somewhat dark, as they do a great job mimicking what it would be like to submerge yourself deeper and deeper under water. However, it would be no fun if you couldn’t see anything.

They also incorporate the ability to use lights when you’re in darker waters. Some biomes are darker than others and when you are in more shallow waters you tend to have much better visibility.

All that being said, perhaps your vision isn’t the greatest or you’re just someone who wants to be able to see things in the clearest fashion that you can.

Any of the headsets with an LCD display will work great for this, I would suggest the HTC VIVE Cosmos with its combination of LCD display and best overall resolution.

That will make it much easier to see danger lurking in every corner.

How much movement is involved in Subnautica? Will I get motion sick? Which headset would be best to avoid motion sickness?

There can be quite a lot of movement in Subnautica. You’re constantly underwater so you’re basically in a constant state of movement.

And of course, with VR, you are turning your head from one direction to another all the time. Especially when you hear the roar of a Leviathan. Or if some other creature is attacking you from behind, you may need to spin around.

I’d suggest the Valve Index for those of you worried most about motion sickness. It has the highest refresh rate by far and will prevent you from feeling any sea sickness on Planet 4546B.

Is Subnautica a good game to play with friends? Is it worth doing marathons of this game and having a headset that can handle that?

You’ll have to decide yourself how you feel about that. There is no multiplayer mode, only single player mode.

Many people tend to switch on and off with friends while playing this game, it’s kind of like the ‘I got scared, now it’s your turn to get scared’ game.

Watching your friend’s reaction morph from pleasantness while watching the beautiful Peepers pass by to sheer terror when a Stalker pops up out of nowhere is fun in and of itself.

Many feel that Subnautica is a fun game to take turns with friends, taking turns getting scared, taking turns watching each other get scared, maybe someone films it or streams it and uploads it online for more laughs, etc. (And you can find plenty of reaction videos of people playing Subnautica getting the O2 scared out of them.)

Now, the very best Subnautica VR Headset for marathon playing is the budget friendly Oculus Rift S.

It has the longest battery life on the controllers, 30 hours without haptic feedback and even 20 hours with haptic feedback, which is twice as long as the next best bet.

With the Oculus Rift S, you can literally go all day.

Is Subnautica VR a game more for expert gamers or good for all skill-levels?

As any VR game, there is a learning curve.

VR itself can be difficult to get used to if you’re untested in it.

But once you’ve mastered basic VR and mastered your watery surroundings, most of the playing in this game should be fairly straightforward for a lot of people.

You navigate the biomes looking for resources, scanning fauna, trying not to get killed by the big, scary ones, and try to make it out alive.

Many skill-leveled players can enjoy Subnautica.

What’s the most comfortable Subnautica VR Headset?

If something that takes you out of the experience of VR faster than anything is feeling the actual headset on your head, then you might want to choose the HTC VIVE Cosmos.

It’s the lightest option and quite possibly the most comfortable. You won’t be hindered by it and while you get immersed in Subnautica, you’ll likely forget it’s there.

Which Subnautica VR Headset offers the most realistic experience through the controllers?

The Valve Index may be your best bet, especially if you aren’t too used to standard VR controllers.

If you are used to the norm for VR controllers, the ‘knuckles’ for the Index may be difficult to get used to, as you’ll have to sort of ‘forget what you learned’ on old controllers and ‘learn anew’ on the knuckles.

But they are very intuitive and are made in a way to mimic your real-life motions and movements with your hands and arms.

How big is the Subnautica world? Is this something I will tire of or can I play this endlessly?

People may have varying opinions on this topic. I feel very confident to say a common opinion, including my own, is that you could play this endlessly.

The Subnautica world is said to be measured about 2.5 km x 2.5 km. For some reference, that’s a little over 1.5 miles x 1.5 miles. That’s also a little over 2,700 yards by 2,700 yards. Or 27 football fields by 27 football fields.

How long do you think it would take you to swim across 27 football fields?

And by the way, that’s not including the depth of the Subnautica world. And it isn’t all the same.

As you load yourself up with extra O2 tanks, pop on your radiation suit and plunge beneath the surface to explore you’ll come across different biomes like the Lost River, the Crash Zone Mesas, the Dunes, the Grand Reef, the Safe Shallows, the Kelp Forest, the Lava Lakes, Jellyshroom Cave and much more.

Not to mention all the fauna and plant life you’ll come across.

It’s an expansive world you can enjoy for a long, long time.

Get the best Subnautica VR Headset for yourself as you’ll be using it for many, many days.

Best VR Headsets for Subnautica (2021) — Conclusion

So, what are the conclusions?

This is a fantastic game with a lot to offer. A robust world that is truly best experienced in VR.

And there are plenty of VR Headsets that will make the experience extremely enjoyable.

The top 4 choices listed above will be the best options for one reason or another.

After reading this article, and knowing yourself, you likely have a good idea which one will be best for you.

Prioritize your wants and needs and see which headset fits you best.

For the marathon player, the visionary, the motion sick, or the gamer who needs to be at ease and in complete comfort… this list has you covered.

Get ready for a whole new world with Subnautica in VR. It’s waiting for you… beneath the surface.

Equip yourself with your radiation suit and your O2 tanks and the best Subnautica VR Headset, and you’ll be ready to dive into the experience you’ve been waiting for!

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