Best Boneworks VR Headset (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you want the best Boneworks VR Headset, you’ve come to the right place. And why wouldn’t you want the best gear when it comes to a game like Boneworks?

Boneworks is an incredibly realistic and advanced VR game when it comes to physics and playability.

If you want a truly remarkable VR experience, you cannot go wrong with Boneworks.

So, of course, you need the best possible VR Headset for the full experience. But how do you define what the “best” is?

In this article, I’ll review and compare some of the greatest options in the market for 2021.

See our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!



That’s a question we will explore together as there isn’t necessarily one answer that fits all the specifications and desires of everyone.

We will review and compare several VR Headsets that are excellent for Boneworks VR in their own ways.

We’ll figure out what it is that ‘best’ means to you.

Rest assured, no matter what ‘best’ is for you, the answer is on this list. We have several phenomenal answers on this list that will please everyone in their own ways.



So, you’ve been hearing all about Boneworks and how impeccable the VR gameplay is.

Maybe you’ve seen some videos online or played at a friend’s place. It only takes a slight glimpse into the world of Boneworks to know that you want to play it and you want the best headset for it.

As eluded to before, Boneworks is an advanced VR game. It’s OK if you don’t own a VR Headset yet, but it would be good to have at least tried VR out in some capacity before.

You will need a bit of experience with VR in general to prep you for the advanced Boneworks.

But you’ll also learn as you play this game. It’s a game in which you’ll learn as you go. And reviews of this game from many state that it is really smooth. The VR experience is top-notch.

You’ll be able to slide right into this game and perform well with some practice. The similarities to real life will be uncanny.

With a few minor exceptions. You probably don’t tend to be someone who is gun-toting, hammer-wielding and locked in combat.

Of course, we don’t necessarily know the hobbies of everyone reading this article.

And yes, if you were wondering, there are lots of weapons in this game. Find anything and use it as a weapon.

Grab objects and push them at your enemies. Pull them or slide them around at will to block or barricade.

If you can see it, you can interact with it. For those of you out there who fancy yourself a marksman, yeah there are plenty of guns. There are knives and hammers and axes and clubs as well. Engage in melee if you so wish.

There are even experimental energy weapons and physics weapons for when you feel like getting really advanced.

Oh yes, this game pushes the boundaries of life in a realistic sense. Keeping it real enough to maintain your immersion but pushing science to new levels.

Your physics teacher would be filled with glee. As will you once you get to playing. But don’t forget why you’re here.


First… we need to get you the best possible Boneworks VR Headset for this experience.

Best for Marathon gaming & Your Budget


Oculus Rift S

View on Amazon

This budget option has the longest-lasting batteries for the controllers, more than double all the competition.

Bonus: It’s the least expensive option with a killer audio setup.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for a Cinematic Experience


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon

This windows mixed reality headset is the only option with an OLED display for a cinematic feel.

Better than the other OLED headsets, it combats screen door effect very well and is still on the fairly inexpensive side.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Overall for Image Quality



View on Amazon

It has the best resolution, a bright LCD display and a nice bonus… it’s the lightest and most comfortable headset on the list.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Real-Life-Replicating Option


Valve Index

View on Amazon

The Valve Index replicates real life the best with its superb audio, extra low latency mimicking real life, and authentic knuckles controllers really giving you the feeling you are in the game.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Boneworks is one of the most realistic, if not the most realistic VR game to date.

As mentioned before, you can interact with any object you see. And your interaction with it will be realistic.

The heavier the object is, the harder it is to move it. The heavier a melee weapon is, the more force you must exert to swing it.

Considering all of this, you’re going to want the best VR Headset for Boneworks.

When you play VR, you’ll have certain likes and dislikes. Things that bother you, that take you out of the game.

We want to pinpoint those dislikes and avoid them. We want to find those likes and highlight them.

And then set you up with the best Boneworks VR Headset.



In the game of Boneworks, you’ll be playing as Arthur Ford who is the head of security at the company Monogon.

At Monogon, they have created a digital city called MythOS. A lockdown has been triggered of the digital city and it is your objective to traverse the city and reset the city clock.

There are many AI enemies and holographic soldiers you have to fight along the way in order to complete your mission.

Some of these enemies look like a spooky blend of the robots from iRobot and the zombies in I Am Legend.

Other enemies appear to be robotic arachnids which have a fun tendency to leap and lunge at your face.

Again, the game is so authentic to real life in that you can attack enemies and defend yourself in any way you normally would if lunging robotic arachnids were flying at your face.

Shoot them in mid-air, swipe at them, swing an axe at them, you can even catch them in mid-air and do what you will as you hold them.

Smash them into walls, plug them with shots from a pistol, or pop them on top of the heads of other enemies!

Whatever you have to do to stay alive and continue to traverse MythOS and make it to that city clock. And there will be puzzles along the way and rooms you need to escape from that may require a bit of thinking.

One fun part about this game is that there isn’t necessarily one way to complete puzzles or escape rooms.

However, it is you figure out how to get out… that works. You may be stacking boxes on top of each other in order to reach higher grounds. You might climb around on ceiling pipes or even use suction cups to move across the ceilings.

Keep all of this in mind when shopping for the best Boneworks VR Headset. Certain facts of this game may stand out to you as indicators for what is important in a headset.

Perhaps the fact that this sounds like an intense Sci-Fi Action movie intrigues you and you want to highlight that in your gameplay.

Maybe you’re more worried about latency in the game creeping up and affecting your experience. Maybe it’s realistic controller gameplay that is most important.

Whatever it is you truly want, we have it for you here.

So, let’s compare some headsets and then dive into some reviews and find you the absolute best VR headset for Boneworks VR!

What is the Best Boneworks VR Headset in 2020?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best VR Headsets for Boneworks in 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Resolution (Per Eye) Refresh Rate Display Weight (grams) FOV (degrees)
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 × 1600 60/90 Hz OLED 590 g 110
Oculus Rift S 1280 x 1440 80 Hz LCD 500 g 110
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440 x 1700 90 Hz LCD 470 g 110
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120Hz (Experimental Mode: 144Hz) LCD 809 g 130

Best Boneworks VR Headset in 2021

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Best Boneworks VR Headset for Cinematic Experience

best vr headsets for boneworks Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Let’s first start with a windows mixed reality headset that has a lot about that you’ll surely love.

A few unique features and details lie with the Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

We’ll be sure to cover them all. The first detail worth mentioning is that this is one of the least expensive headsets on this list.

Running at around $500, you’ll really be saving yourself quite a bit of money with this choice. Ranking as the second most inexpensive on this particular list.

As far as VR Headsets go, that’s definitely on the cheaper side for tethered options.




The resolution on the Odyssey is an excellent 1440 x 1600. This will provide you with great detail in all the images you see as you navigate through this surreal yet all too real MythOS City.

Now, if you want the best Boneworks VR Headset in terms of lending you a cinematic-like experience, then it may be the Odyssey. In addition to the great resolution, you’ll also have an OLED display.

Now, the OLED display gives you more of a movie-like feel in the game. Deep blacks that feel real and true and vivid colors that are authentic to your real world. This will lend itself to immersing you into the world of Boneworks.

The downside with OLED usually is that it experiences the screen-door effect much more than its LCD counterparts.

Fantastic news… Samsung incorporated Anti-Screen Door Effect technology into the Odyssey so this headset combats that issue just as well as your typical LCD.

The weight of the Odyssey is 590 grams so it’s a bit on the heavier side in terms of headsets.

It’s a comfortable enough headset, so as long as the weight doesn’t bother you too much, you should still be fine wearing this. And a field of view of 110 degrees is great for gameplay.

One area that could potentially be a bit of a downside is in the area of refresh rate.

Depending on the power of your PC you will either be granted a 60Hz refresh rate, which is just barely at the threshold of preventing motion sickness and keeping latency in check… or you’ll get 90Hz, which is much better.

So, that will be something you’ll need to check in on, determine the power of the PC you’ll be using and what refresh rate it will give you with the Odyssey.

Now, the Odyssey doesn’t have flip-up goggles like some other headsets do… but it does have Flashlight Mode.

Need to check your real-life surroundings for a second just to make sure you aren’t about to crash into the couch?

Flashlight Mode allows you to briefly view your surroundings if need be. And then jump right back into swinging hammers at leaping robotic arachnids.




With the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, you’ll be getting premium AKG headphones built right in… providing you with fantastic 360-degree surrounding audio.

There is no headphone jack so you can’t choose a separate method. As long as you enjoy these included headphones, you’ll be fine.

And the surrounding audio will not disappoint as you hear footsteps from behind you and shots ringing out from all directions.

And the battery life is quite good on the Odyssey. The controllers tend to last around 10 hours on a single charge, which is better than most headsets can offer you. You’ll be able to fit in a large amount of gaming on one charge.

As you make your way to the city clock to reset it… don’t be hindered by a need to stop in the middle of the game and charge your controllers.



2. Oculus Rift S | Best Boneworks VR Headset for Marathon gaming & Your Budget

best vr headsets for boneworks Oculus Rift S

The next headset we will review is definitely a fan-favorite in many circles you’ll find on the internet.

The Oculus Rift S has plenty to love.

Oculus is a trusted and loved brand that does VR quite well. The Rift S is no exception.

The Rift S used to have a bit of a higher price tag but as of the writing of this article, the cost is much less.

Running you around $400, it is the most inexpensive option on this list by far and definitely an inexpensive option in general.

You’ll get quite a lot of bang for your buck with this one!




The resolution of 1280 x 1440 may stand out to you as the lowest resolution on this list. This is true, so if that doesn’t meet your resolution standards it’s understandable.

But the Oculus Rift S is still delivering a quality experience with excellent quality images.

It may not be on the exact same par as the others in that respect, but it’s still great, and you will see the other areas it excels in.

This headset has an LCD display. So, it doesn’t have that cinematic type feel… but it does reduce screen door effect greatly and it will give you crisp and bright whites.

This can be very important if you want to make sure your viewing experience is easy to see. The LCD will assist in that.

And weighing 500 grams this is one of the lighter options on the list. Light on your head, an ergonomic and extremely comfortable feel with the halo headband, the Oculus Rift S does what VR sets out to do first and foremost.

Immerse you into another reality and do everything it can to not remind you that you’ve plopped something on your head.

This is a headset that is easy to forget that you’re even wearing it!

The refresh rate is a great 80Hz. You’ll notice you can achieve better refresh rates with other headsets but unlike the Odyssey that we just reviewed, this is a consistent refresh rate.

You don’t have to worry about the power of your PC, it is 80Hz no matter what. And that is well above the threshold to prevent motion sickness.

And this is another headset with a 110-degree field of view. That’s enough for you to be able to view your surroundings easily. Scope out the rooms you’re trying to escape, locate boxes and other objects in your peripherals, and use them at your will.




The Oculus Rift S delivers a unique and realistic audio experience to you while you’re navigating MythOS.

Don’t be hindered at all while you navigate rooms while listening to make sure that no enemies are approaching from out of your sight.

The built-in audio for the Rift is not an on-ear headphone type situation, rather, it has small speakers which mimic real life sound coming from all around you. More realistic.

If you’re alone in a room and hear a slight clanging off in the distance… more horrifying.

And the battery life is incredible for the Oculus Rift S! The best battery life on the controllers of any of these headsets… by far.

The controllers can last 30 hours on a single charge if you are using no haptic feedback. Even with haptic feedback on you still get 20 hours on a single charge!

That’s more than twice the playing time of the next closest rival headset.

The best Boneworks VR Headset for marathon playing?

That would be the Oculus Rift S.



3. HTC VIVE Cosmos | Best Overall Image Quality for Boneworks VR

best boneworks vr headset HTC VIVE Cosmos

Moving on to our next headset… this is another special and unique headset in several ways. The HTC VIVE Cosmos is sure to attract many for its qualities.

It is a bit more expensive than the last two headsets. The Cosmos will run you around $700.

Though, with a higher price tag, you’re bound to get better quality in many areas. Let’s take a look at those areas.




For starters, the HTC VIVE Cosmos has the best resolution of all the headsets here. A resolution of 1440 x 1700 is going to afford you impressive quality in the images you see during gameplay.

With the Cosmos, Boneworks is going to feel like such a real experience, mimicking real life in an impeccable manner.

The Cosmos has an LCD display which means little to no screen door effect so you aren’t taken out of the game or feeling like there is a barrier between you and the world you are trying to immerse yourself into.

And you won’t necessarily get that cinematic feel from the Odyssey but you will have bright and clean whites on your screen making everything to easy to see.

Let’s talk about weight and comfort. The Cosmos weighs a light 470 grams, the lightest headset on this list.

And the crown fit is a revelation in comfort. Easy to adjust to fit all sorts of head shapes and sizes… and fits them all with comfortable materials.

If you prefer to wear glasses during gameplay, the Cosmos even fits over glasses with no problem.

In addition to the Cosmos being so light and comfortable, it also has the ultra-convenient flip-up goggles.

If you need to take a quick break from Boneworks… or check your surroundings to make sure you aren’t about to trip over pesky real life furniture… the goggles can flip up in an instant and then flip right back on when you’re ready to start firing energy weapons again.

A consistent 90Hz refresh rate is well above that threshold of 60Hz to prevent motion sickness.

No problems with latency here, you’ll feel fine navigating the mazes and rooms in this new city. The experience will feel real and smooth and will cause no issues for the vast majority of gamers.

Like the last two headsets, the Cosmos has a 110-degree field of view so you’re able to view the city as you move from room to room in a realistic fashion.




This headset has built-in form fitting headphones that deliver fantastic sound with great accuracy.

They have a comfortable fit right over your ears, and though they aren’t off-ear as some may prefer with headsets such as the Rift S, they’re hardly noticeable. And the sound quality is top-notch.

The battery life for the controllers is, however, the lowest of all the VR Headsets on this list.

On a single charge the controllers should last somewhere between 2-3 hours.

Now, that’s obviously much less than the competitors, but you also may not view this as a downside. Say you are someone who only plans on playing in 2-3 hour spurts… then the Cosmos works just fine for you.

Not necessarily the Boneworks VR Headset for the marathon-player… but definitely an excellent choice for the each-and-every-night-player.



4. Valve Index | Best Real-Life-Replicating Boneworks VR Headset

best boneworks vr headset Valve Index

Now, we move on to Grandmaster of Boneworks VR Headsets!

The Valve Index is an impressive specimen when it comes to VR Headsets.

Don’t let the price tag scare you off. Yes, this headset will cost you $1,000, and yes, a grand may seem like a fair amount to spend on a headset.

But oh, does the Index do so much! It makes up for every penny you’ll spend on it.

It’s the most expensive headset on this list, but if you’re looking for some specific qualities to be phenomenal, then this may be where you want to turn to.




The Valve Index has an excellent resolution of 1440 x 1600. Falling just shy of the Cosmos but on par with the Odyssey.

This is a great resolution for a headset that you absolutely will not be disappointed with. The image quality it provides will lead to a detailed and fantastic experience.

And the Index is another headset with an LCD display. This means, no screen door effect and clean and bright whites giving you an experience that would be described as anything but ‘dim and difficult to see.’ Don’t be left in the dark! It’s scary in the dark…

Of course, the downside to the LCD is that it doesn’t quite have the cinematic feel some may be looking for.

Another possible downside is the fact that the Index weighs 809 grams making it the heaviest VR Headset on this list by a good amount.

It’s still a comfortable headset that many enjoy the feel of. So, as long as you can get past the extra weight you should be just fine with the Index.

Now, let’s talk about a clear-cut advantage the Valve Index possesses.

The refresh rate is light years ahead of the competition here. The minimum is 120Hz and it can even run on an experimental mode with 144Hz refresh rate!

What does that mean? That means you won’t even remember what latency is! Those sensitive to VR gaming and that may even still experience some motion sickness with other headsets such as the 90Hz Cosmos… try on an Index.

For even the most sensitive of users, the Index will alleviate you of any possible motion sickness.

The best Boneworks VR Headset for sensitive users… easily the Index.

And talking about the best choice for certain users… how about those that think the 110-degree field of view isn’t quite enough.

Those users that feel like there’s a bit more in their peripherals that they’re missing.

Welcome to the 130-degree field of view Valve Index. Believe me, the extra 20 degrees makes a world of difference!

And it could be the detail that saves your life as an enemy comes sneaking up from your right side.

With the Index, you’ll notice him sooner and be able to spin around and attack him with your choice of weapon!

Thanks for the assist Index!




Another great plus that comes with the Valve Index is the impeccable audio experience. This is another off-ear choice with speakers inside the headset that deliver amazing 360-degree surrounding sound.

Pinpoint accuracy related to direction and distance of the sounds you hear. This will be helpful when one of those zombie-esque robots is coming for you.

“I can hear him coming… four o’clock… approximately 100 feet and closing… now 90 feet… I have just enough time to eat another potato chip before I need to turn and attack him!”

Just like the pros.

And the battery life is great on these controllers. They aren’t quite as long-lasting as the Odyssey and of course not near the level of the Rift S… but they should last 7-8 hours on a single charge which should provide you with more than enough playing time.

And one more note on the controllers for the Valve Index… also known as “Knuckles”.

The knuckles are designed in a way to make you feel like you’re really existing in the VR world and not playing a game and holding controllers.

Unlike other controllers that you hold, the knuckles slide onto your arms and stay there.

So, you aren’t constantly gripping something and can use your hands and fingers and fists as you normally would in real life. It is a fantastic experience!

The only downside is that some users say it is difficult to get used to if you have used regular controllers often since they are so different.

You have to teach yourself to use these special controllers. But if you can… the reward is authentic excellence.



Best Boneworks VR Headset (2021) — Buyers Guide

Alright, there you have it! Four wonderful Boneworks VR Headsets.

You’ve read what each one has to offer. You’ve seen which one excels in different areas, their strengths and weaknesses.

So, you can see that each one can claim it is the best Boneworks VR Headset in its own right. But we still need to make sure we find the best one for you.

What is it that you specifically want and need from your VR Headset when you pop into the Boneworks world and get started?

Some of this may rely on your level of VR Gaming. Have you played a lot of games?

Logged a lot of VR hours?

Are you relatively new?

Are you worried about motion sickness?

For instance, is it tough to get on a boat and go whale watching?

Are you more concerned with being able to see as much of your surroundings as possible?

Or are you more concerned with the brightness of what you can see?

Prefer a movie-like experience?

Looking for some combination of these… perhaps at a discounted price?

Plenty to consider.

We’ll go over some frequently asked questions about VR Headsets for Boneworks and for Boneworks itself.

This way you’ll be prepared to make your purchase by the end of this article.

What’s the best Boneworks VR Headset at an inexpensive cost?

This one’s easy… the Oculus Rift S is the cheapest one here and still delivers an amazing experience!

What’s the best Headset for a movie-like experience playing Boneworks in VR?

Yes, some people want it to feel like a movie when they play Boneworks. Especially for those who are streaming.

If you want that cinematic feel to present to your audience, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is the best option with its OLED display. No screen door effect with this OLED so no worries there.

With the Sci-Fi movie feel as you navigate through MythOS fighting off unnervingly cold beings that are relentless in trying to stop you…

with the James Bond-esque spy-like agility and cunning you must use to sneak around objects, climb along pipes on the ceiling, push crates and pallets around as use them for cover…

with the super-hero-like energy weapons you will blast into crowds of enemies to blast them apart…

yeah, this is going to feel like a movie!

What’s the best Boneworks VR Headset if I want the absolute best brightness, and easiest to see picture?

For this one, we’re going to pick the HTC VIVE Cosmos.

It has a fantastic LCD display giving you bright whites and picture and the resolution is the best available here.

You won’t be disappointed with the image quality.

What’s the greatest VR headset in terms of field of view for playing Boneworks in VR?

The Valve Index wins this contest by a whopping 200 degrees.

The field of view being 200 degrees helps to simulate a real-life experience where you have much more of your peripheral vision.

How involved will the controllers be in Boneworks?

The controllers are very involved. There are items you have to pick up, push, pull, sometimes there are even items that are quite heavy and would be difficult to move on your own.

You could jack them up if they’re on a pallet and roll them around. Or maybe you want to use a gravity plate, attach it to another physics object and pull the triggers on both handles in order to lessen the effect of gravity on it, and then move it around.

The involvement with the controllers is one reason the Valve Index is a great option to consider with its authentic and fantastic knuckles controllers.

Is Boneworks VR a game in which I want to be wary of latency?

With any VR game you want less latency, but there are definitely some in which it isn’t as impactful.

Any game with a lot of movement, especially racing games, you want as little as possible.

You’ll be moving around a lot in Boneworks as you run and climb and swing and traverse and fight with many different creepy enemies that may even swarm you from different directions.

You should know a little bit about yourself in VR or if you haven’t tried much VR, think about how you deal with being on a boat or a roller coaster.

Motion sickness not a big deal for you?

You could handle something with 60Hz – 90Hz just fine. Do you get motion sickness occasionally?

Try the Valve Index out. The refresh rate is impeccable on that headset.

What’s the best VR Headset for Boneworks VR marathon-playing?

You’re in luck! The Oculus Rift S not only is the least expensive headset on this list, but it is the one in which the battery life for the controllers in the longest by far!

Wanting to play with a bunch of friends on and off or are you playing yourself trying to navigate the mazes and locate all those mystery boxes (you know, the ones wrapped up like Christmas presents)?

The Oculus Rift S can last 20 hours on a single charge, 30 hours if you don’t use haptic feedback.

I think that’s longer than most people can stay awake.

What’s the most comfortable headset for Boneworks VR?

My vote would the HTC VIVE Cosmos. It’s the lightest one and also has a very well-reviewed design for your comfort!

What’s the best Boneworks VR Headset in terms of an audio experience?

Your best bet is the Valve Index with its off-ear 360-degree surrounding audio.

However, the Oculus Rift S provides nearly the same amazing experience at less than half the price.

Your choice!

Best Boneworks VR Headset (2021) — Conclusion

You’ve seen what all four of these VR headsets can do.

You’re fairly aware of what you will encounter in the game of Boneworks.

Creepy zombie-like beings. Crab spiders of the robot variety. The need to complete puzzles, traverse all types of rooms and terrains.

You aren’t limited to just walking and running. Climbing and suction cup action exist as well.

So, what’s most important to you?

The fantastic experience via the controllers with the Valve Index?

The movie-like quality with the Samsung HMD Odyssey+?

The great value in the Oculus Rift S with its construction ready for any marathon?

The extremely comfortable and highly detailed HTC VIVE Cosmos?

All phenomenal choices in their own right. Consider your budget. Consider your experience with VR.

Consider the image you prefer to experience. Hey, even consider whether you want to wear glasses or not.

You can’t go wrong. Pick a headset. Pick a weapon. And swing… shoot… or energy blast away!

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