Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR Reviewed (2021) | Buyers Guide

For those ready to engage in medieval combat… you’re likely on a search to find the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.

See our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!


Blade and Sorcery is a made-for-VR game in a medieval setting.

The possibilities are endless… left only to be as limited as your creativity can be.

So, if you fancy yourself someone who could coordinate an awesome action-fight-sequence in a movie… well get ready to test yourself out in Blade and Sorcery.


You’ll be the main character in this medieval melee you wish to concoct.

You can fight as a warrior, using an abundance of weapons at your disposals such as swords, daggers, axes, etc.

Engage in realistic and brutal combat up-close with your enemies. And really… it is brutal. Not suitable for youngins.

Maybe you prefer to hand defeat and damage to your enemies from afar. You can use ranged weapons such as a bow and arrow.

Use your marksman abilities and take your enemy down from yards and yards away.

Or you can even play as a sorcerer using spells and magic to defeat anyone who dares cross paths with you.

As you can see, there is a lot of variety with even just the style of fighting you engage in. Let alone the different settings, maps, weapons, and the ways you choose to use the weapons.

It’s no wonder so many want the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery. Not just any headset will do. You want to be gifted the best experience you can fathom.

And that’s why I’m here. To find you the very best VR headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.

You have some great options to choose from.

What you’ll need to do is figure out what you specifically want.



I will review several VR Headsets that are all amazing with Blade and Sorcery in their own ways. Then depending on what specific qualifications you’re looking for we’ll find the headset that fits you best.

Think up any questions you may have or any qualities you’re looking for.

Don’t have anything specific off the top of your head?

No worries. We will explore many qualities that many are looking for and go over them in detail.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different headsets so you get a good picture of how each operates. You may even create questions for yourself along the way. And we will answer them.

Perhaps a question burning in your mind is, ‘Just how real is this game?’.

Oh, Blade and Sorcery is very real.

Taking real physics into mind when it was designed, it mimics real life to an extent unlike any other game.

The energy you must exert to do something, the speed at which things move, the mechanics of the bodies as you swing and strike them… so authentic.

And again… so brutal. Really.

So, make sure the kiddos aren’t able to watch the violence and let’s dive into the details of the battle headfirst!

Best for Marathon Players


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon

This Windows mixed reality VR headset has the longest lasting battery life for its controllers.

Along with a unique OLED display that also prevents screen door effect unlike most OLED’s, this is a fantastic choice for long marathons!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Image Quality



View on Amazon

With the best resolution of all the headsets and super bright LCD, you get the best image quality with the HTC VIVE Cosmos!

Bonus: it’s the lightest and most comfortable VR option!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best for Cinematic Experience



View on Amazon

It has an impeccable OLED with consistent refresh rate and excellent resolution giving you the feeling of being right in a brutal movie!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Most Authentic Blade and Sorcery Experience in VR


Valve Index

View on Amazon

The Valve Index will give you the most lifelike experience with authentic audio, lifelike ‘knuckles’ controllers, impeccable refresh rate and the best field of view giving you realistic peripheral vision!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

You may know quite a bit about this game. Perhaps your knowledge is limited. What most should know, if you want this game which touts its authenticity, then you’re going to want the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.

And of course, we have to figure out what that means for you.

We have to figure out what it means for how you view this game and what you want to get out of this game.

There’s a lot to consider with Blade and Sorcery. It is so very real and so very authentic.

Your actions are not just limited to ‘using a sword’ for instance. You can swing your sword, left, right, up, down. You can swing it at any angle imaginable. You can thrust with it, stab, whack, swipe, you name it.

Whatever you could do with a weapon in real life (of course you’re advised to not do anything with a weapon in real life) you can do it in this game. Use your free hand to grab someone before using your weapon in your other hand to do some real damage.

These are important factors because the controllers for the headsets could play a big part in your decision for what is the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.

Maybe you’re looking for the closest thing to using your hands in real life.

Maybe you are used to certain types of controllers and want to keep some consistency, so your brain doesn’t have to adjust to too much.



Now, let’s not stop with just your arms. There are options for full body tracking.

Yes, in Blade and Sorcery, your legs can come into play. Punch and throw with your hands, swing weapons around… but don’t forget if need be… you can kick an enemy.

Is it too much to also incorporate controllers for your legs to actually kick?

Or is it the next step to total immersion. Your choice. Just know that the option does exist.

Now, as Blade and Sorcery gives you a real medieval feel, the settings play a huge part in that.

So, how do you want to view this game?

Do you want to feel like you’re in a movie, you’re the hero, and along with the help of your behind-the-scenes stunt coordinator, you’re going to defeat all the enemies and save the day?

There are headsets that help to deliver a movie-quality experience.

There are also headsets that will help to deliver a bright and easy-to-view experience. This may be important to you as certain parts of the game can be a tad dark.

Yes, there are caves and other dark hallways and what not that you may need to navigate. Enemies may be lurking in the shadows. But there are also flaming swords and crackling electricity omitted from weapons that you may want to see in their full glory.

The landscape of Blade and Sorcery is tremendous.

Castles looming, desert rocks walling you into gigantic valleys. Bridges teetering high above ravines and rivers for you to fight atop and throw enemies off of.

Oh, and if you’re scared of heights, don’t look down. Unless you’re prepared for the fright of a lifetime.

There are structures for you to climb on top of and edge across narrow walkways. For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, you may be able to get your fill without leaving your living room.


With all this said, you probably are gaining a good idea of what qualities you’d like in your Blade and Sorcery VR Headset.

If you still need to formulate some more questions and have them answered… no worries. The next few sections should help you with that.

Let’s dive into some excellent options for you to choose from and figure out just which one is the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR… in your eyes that is.

Also make sure to read the Buyers Guide section.

Comparison Table for the Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR in 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Resolution (Per Eye) Refresh Rate (Hz) Display Weight (grams) FOV (degrees)
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 × 1600 60/90Hz OLED 590 g 110
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440 x 1700 90Hz LCD 470 g 110
HTC VIVE Pro 1440 x 1600 90Hz OLED 550 g 110
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120Hz (Experimental Mode: 144Hz) LCD 809 g 130

Best Blade and Sorcery VR Headsets in 2021

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Best Blade and Sorcery VR Headset for Marathon Players

Blade and Sorcery VR headset Samsung HMD Odyssey+

We’re going to start off with a solid and fantastic choice for a Blade and Sorcery VR Headset.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is on the inexpensive side when it comes to these headsets.

This Windows Mixed Reality Headset delivers an overall excellent experience and only costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $650.

This is not too expensive compared to some other options out there. In fact, this is the least expensive headset on this list.

And there is still a lot to love for this bargain buy.

Let’s explore some unique features that the Odyssey has and what sets it apart from the pack.




As you’ll notice, there are three options on this list with an impressive 1440 x 1600 resolution.

The Odyssey is one of those three headsets. This isn’t quite the best resolution offered here, it’s very close. And it affords you excellent image quality to give you a lifelike experience.

Be careful, swords and other weapons coming your way will look more real than you expect!

Move the lamps and the tables so your cat-like reflexes and well-timed dodges don’t break any furniture.

The refresh rate with the Odyssey is an interesting one.

You will need a PC that is powerful enough to be compatible with the Odyssey for starters.

If it is just powerful enough, but just meeting the minimum requirements, the PC will probably only be able to afford you a 60Hz refresh rate.

If your PC is more powerful it can, however, give you a nice 90Hz refresh rate.

60Hz refresh rate is right at the threshold for what is acceptable in preventing most from having motion sickness. But depending on how sensitive you are that may not be enough.

Depending on how important this factor is for you, you may want to check what PC you are working with first to see which refresh rate you’ll be getting.

You wouldn’t want the latency to cause lag and impede upon your ability to strike down all those who challenge you in Blade and Sorcery VR.

Luckily, the 90Hz refresh rate is fantastic.



What is also fantastic about the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is the OLED display it has. And this is for a couple reasons.

This is one of the more unique features of the Odyssey.

First off, the OLED is a top choice for those wanting their gaming experience to have a cinema-like feel.

You get true blacks and vivid colors with OLED that feel real and authentic.

The downside of OLED is that you can sometimes get some screen-door effect or perhaps the display isn’t quite so bright.

Well, don’t worry about that pesky screen door effect as Samsung uses their own Anti-Screen-Door Effect Technology so that is not a worry for you.

It gives you advantages of an OLED display along with one of the advantages you see with most LCD’s. A true hybrid.


A substantial 110-degree field of view will give you quite nice viewing abilities as you survey your surroundings, looking for enemies closing in on you from all directions.

And the Odyssey weighs about 590 grams which is a heavier option on this particular list but isn’t all that heavy.

For this comfortable headset, you likely won’t mind the little bit of extra weight.




How do premium AKG headphones built right into the headset sound? Oh, they sound amazing!

They’ll provide you with accurate 360-degree surrounding audio for full immersion into your VR experience.

There is no headphone jack to use an alternate audio source, so be sure you like the one provided audio option with the Odyssey.

And the battery life on the controllers is actually going to be the best option on this entire list.

The batteries will last you up to 10 hours on one single charge.

Play for long periods of time without having to recharge and interrupt your experience.



2. HTC VIVE Cosmos | Best Blade and Sorcery VR Headset for Image Quality

Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR HTC VIVE Cosmos

Moving on down the list, we take a look at our next option. An option that has quite a few differences in its details.

To start off with, you’re staying in the same price range for the HTC VIVE Cosmos here.

It’s a bit more expensive than the Odyssey, as it generally costs around $700.

As you can see though, that is generally in the same ballpark.

So, let’s see what you get for this price from HTC VIVE.



The Cosmos from HTC VIVE has one notable difference that you likely can see in comparing all four options on this list.

It has the best resolution at 1440 x 1700. It isn’t necessarily worlds apart from the others, but hey, better is better.

Crystal-clear images are what you’ll get as you embark on your quest, weapon drawn, searching the landscape for enemies.

Details will be extremely easy to pick out.

Use that to your advantage as minor details in your surroundings can prove to be helpful to notice… and helpful to notice quickly as you’ll have many sword-wielding people converging on you.

The refresh rate on the Cosmos is a consistent 90Hz.

So, this matches the best you can get from the Odyssey, but no matter what, you’re getting that refresh rate when you pop the Cosmos on your head.

This means lower latency and less chance for any kind of motion sickness feelings.

You likely won’t be feeling like you just got off a trampoline and a rollercoaster back-to-back as some people have complained with lesser VR experiences.



Different from the Odyssey, the Cosmos has an LCD display.

So, if you’re looking to get something from this list that’s more of a budget but has an LCD, then the HTC VIVE Cosmos may be your best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.

And the LCD will provide you with excellent bright colors, clean whites and an overall easy to view experience.

Pairing that with the excellent resolution means great visuals for your experience through and through.


Sure, you won’t quite be getting that movie-like experience as you would with an OLED, but you won’t have issues with darkness nor will you have to worry about the screen door effect.

The Cosmos is yet another headset providing you with a 110-degree field of view in order to allow you to view your surroundings as you play.

The Cosmos is also an incredible choice for those that are looking for the most comfortable experience.

Not only is this headset the lightest option here at just 470 grams, but it is constructed in a very comfortable manner.

Lightweight, cushy feel on your head, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Easy to adjust for anybody, fits well on all head sizes and shapes and you can even pop it on over your glasses if you don’t want to take them off during gameplay.


Did I mention the Cosmos has flip-up goggles in case you need to take a quick break from virtual reality and pop back into reality?

Check to make sure you aren’t about to trip over the ottoman, then dive back into a land of bows and arrows and maces and swords and limitless weapon options!



The HTC VIVE Cosmos has built-in form fitting headphones that have precise and realistic surrounding audio.

They have a comfortable fit right over your ears, and though they aren’t off-ear as some may prefer with some headsets, they’re hardly noticeable.

And the sound quality is top-notch.

In terms of battery life for the controllers, this is an area where the Cosmos pales in comparison to the other headsets.

There have to be some down sides. Though the controllers can last 2-3 hours on a single charge which isn’t bad, just less than the rest of the competition. 2-3 hours may be just fine for you.

And speaking of the controllers, here is a fun addition you can add to the equation if you like.

You can experience full-body tracking and equip extra controllers to your leg-feet. This means, oh yes you probably guessed it… kicking power!


In Blade and Sorcery VR there is the ability to kick, which would’ve just been executed with the press of a button.

That is prior to the remarkable leg-controllers.

If you get yourself some extra pieces… your real-life kicks can be translated to on-screen kicks.

Enemies approaching you fast? Give a quick kick of the leg and send them flying back from where they came!



3. HTC VIVE Pro | Top Blade and Sorcery VR Headset for Cinematic Experience

Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR HTC VIVE Pro

Here’s another option from HTC VIVE… but this time we’re looking at the HTC VIVE Pro.

There are plenty of similarities between these two headsets and a few differences. To start with, one major difference is the price tag.

We have moved into a separate level of cost with this headset and the next we will review.

The HTC VIVE Pro will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200, making it the most expensive headset on this list.

Let’s take a look at why.



The resolution of the VIVE Pro does take a bit of a back seat to the Cosmos. Though, 1440 x 1600 is a great resolution to have and matches the rest of the headsets on the list.

Clear and detailed images, no problems here.

Along with impressive images, you also get that excellent 90Hz refresh rate.

No worries about motion sickness for your average users, latency is kept at bay here.


No matter how much you spin around to face a new attacker, no matter how much you run and turn and jump dart in one way or another… your surroundings will be presented in a clear and real way.

You’ll always be able to envision everything just as intended.

With a lot of clarity… which is important when you face several enemies at once!

Speaking of the clarity and the authenticity you want when playing Blade and Sorcery… the display on the HTC VIVE Pro is an OLED display.

So, that means extremely realistic and cinematic type quality being presented to you.

This is one of the big differences between the Cosmos and the Pro and one of the reasons for the price hike.

You’ll get spectacular images with true colors and deep, deep blacks.

Sure, there may be a chance of some screen door effect… but the OLED on the Pro is going to give you that gritty, action-movie-type feel as you fight.

For the true warrior in you that wants the horrific and brutal reality… the HTC VIVE Pro is the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR.


The Pro also has a 110-degree field of view for your viewing and scoping-out-the-bad-guys pleasure.

The Pro weighs a bit more than the Cosmos at 550 grams but is still kept on the lighter side.

Pair this with the comfortable design that HTC VIVE has incorporated into its headsets and the flip-up goggles for quick breaks from virtual reality and you have yourself a headset that’s so easy to wear for long periods of time… for anyone.

Yes, even those with glasses!





With the Pro you’ll get 3D Spatial Audio.

This audio is an incredible feature that will further immerse you into the game.

Pop to Pro on and you’ll feel like you have 5.1 surround sound floating around your head.


And the battery life for the controllers is an improvement from the Cosmos.

These should last you 6-7 hours on a single charge, which will provide you with much more playing time.

And again, interested in full-body tracking?

Interested in your real kicks being translated to Blade and Sorcery kicks?

Equip your legs with extra controllers and bring your kicks to life!

The kicking option in Blade and Sorcery is quite effective.

Playing normally, you may forget that there’s a specific button for it and forget to use it in many cases.

But you’ll never forget your legs are there! A quick swing of the leg proves very effective on incoming attackers or any attackers that are already in your space.

A well-timed kick can easily send your enemies flying 10 feet or more.

We don’t need to tell you what that means if you’re fighting on a fairly narrow bridge.

All we can say is… I hope that guy brought a flotation device with him.

There are also reviews for this headset here:

Read also:Best VR Headsets for Skyrim VR

Read also:Best VR Headsets for Watching Movies

Read also:Best VR Headsets for VRChat

Read also:Best Flight Sim VR Headsets



4. Valve Index | Most Authentic VR Experience for Blade and Sorcery VR

Blade and Sorcery VR headset Valve Index

Now, we move on to the fourth option on this list. And boy is it an extraordinary option.

This is the Valve Index, a unique headset in many ways.

It costs just about $1,000, so it is in the same arena as the HTC VIVE Pro.

For this price, you get quite a lot with this headset.

It is jam packed with greatness. Now, let’s unwrap all that greatness.





The resolution of the Valve Index is the 1440 x 1600 you’ve likely grown accustom to seeing at this point.

An excellent resolution like many other headsets have, providing you with such a great viewing experience, crystal-clear images, etc.

The refresh rate is one area where the Index definitely stands out.

A base refresh rate of 120Hz which is a 33% increase from the next best competitor for all you math majors.

But you don’t need to be well-versed in math to know that 120Hz is going to be much better than the 90Hz competition.

And if that wasn’t good enough… there is also an experimental mode which grants you 144Hz refresh rate!

This is by far the best situation you can have in terms of keeping latency low.

Even for those who so easily get motion sickness and especially pertaining to VR, the Valve Index delivers a ‘No-Motion-Sickness’ plan for you.

And with its LCD screen you are gifted a beautiful and bright experience.

Clean white colors across the board and every detail popping and so easy to see.

There isn’t the next-level-cinematic feel like you may have gotten with the Pro from HTC VIVE, but the Index is also a master at eliminating screen door effect.

Don’t let yourself feel like you’re trapped behind a door while playing your game. Be in the game!


Though the Index is a quite comfortable headset to wear, it is the heaviest headset on this list.

Clocking in at about 809 grams, it is a good deal heavier than the rest of the options on the list.

But hopefully this doesn’t weigh you down too much as that is still a fairly light option to wear on your head.


And maybe you won’t mind as much when you hear about the impeccable 130-degree field of view that the Valve Index has!

That’s right, 20 degrees more than the rest of the headsets… and boy will that make a difference.

That’s another 10 degrees on both your left and right sides, making your peripheral vision so much more precise.


Looking for the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR when it comes to mimicking how you actually view things in real life, the Valve Index wears that badge.

And no longer will someone sneak up from your left and attack you without you noticing their presence.

The Valve Index… helps you detect the presence of enemies quite well.



Speaking of detecting the presence of incoming enemies, know what else plays a big part in that?

That’s right, audio! And the audio on the Index is so incredible.

This is an outstanding off-ear choice with speakers inside the headset that deliver amazing 360-degree surrounding sound.

Pinpoint accuracy and authenticity, not only will it sound like someone is truly approaching you from your left, but you will also be able to tell where exactly on your left they are approaching from.


And the battery life on the controllers is not going to let you down.

On a single charge these controllers can last up to 8 hours which is enough for some long play times.


Now, in talking about the controllers, the Index is backwards compatible with the controllers that HTC VIVE uses.

So, you can play with those and even enjoy the full-body tracking and have a kicking-good time translating your real-life kicks to in-game kicks.


Also, the controllers that come with the Valve Index are revolutionary.

Also referred to as ‘knuckles’ they simulate the motions you would do in your normal life.

Rather than having to hold onto the controllers the whole time, your hands slide into the controllers.

This way you can pick up and drop items as you would normally… and of course do all other sorts of hand motions in order to deliver a very real experience to you.



Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery (2021) — Buyers Guide

There it is. The run down on four different headsets, all which can claim they are the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR for their own reasons.

Now, that you have a good read on what each headset is all about, it’s going to be much easier to pick the right one for you.

But of course, you still need to figure out which one is the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR in terms of your standards… in terms of your desires.

And of course, … I’m still going to help you navigate through all of that.

Let’s figure out exactly what you’re thinking about in your quest for the best Blade and Sorcery experience.

If you have a checklist for what you want in a Blade and Sorcery VR Headset, have it handy! And let’s explore some other things you may want to think about.

Does the full-body tracking appeal to you?

Do you have a budget in mind for your headset?

Do you prefer inside-out tracking over base stations?


How important is refresh rate, resolution, field of view?

Certain headsets excel in certain areas like those mentioned… so those questions may make your decision easier.

And if you still need some more specific questions to be answered… perfect.

Because right now we are going to get into some frequently asked questions and provide answers so you can have an easier time deciding which headset is going to be your ultimate choice as you pick up a weapon and get ready to slay the competition!

What’s the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR for long marathon-gamers?

Out of the four options on this list, The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ has the longest lasting battery life in the controllers.

10 hours on a single charge means you can take a day off and play almost all day without having to recharge.

You’ll probably stop for food before you have to stop for a recharge.

What’s the best Blade and Sorcery VR headset in terms of clearest images?

That would have to be the HTC VIVE Cosmos.

It has the best resolution and with its bright and impressive LCD screen you will get crisp details and impeccable images during your gaming.

What’s the best headset for a movie-like feel while playing Blade and Sorcery?

The best option of them all would be the HTC VIVE Pro with it’s OLED display and incredible all-around construction and attention to detail.

If you still want a cinematic feel at less of a cost… the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ also delivers a great movie-like feel to your experience.

What’s the best Blade and Sorcery VR headset if I want to avoid motion sickness?

This one is easy. Hands down it is the Valve Index with its superior refresh rate.

What’s the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR for mimicking every day vision?

Once again, the Valve Index would be the answer here.

Not only does it have a great resolution and bright LCD display, but it also has the most expansive field of view on this list, giving you more realistic peripheral vision.

What’s the top headset in terms of audio quality for playing Blade and Sorcery in VR?

Getting tired of hearing about the Valve Index? Sorry!

Once again, the Index excels, giving you the best most authentic sound experience, off-ear headphones that don’t make it seem like the sound is coming from in your head.

And in a game where attackers can come from all angle, pinpoint accuracy as to where sound is coming from is all to important.

And the Index knows that.

What’s the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR in terms of full-body tracking and is the kicking really worth it?

To address the kicking first, oh yes, it is worth it.

Not only is it more intuitive than pressing a button, but it is effective!

The quads on these characters you play as must be overdeveloped because one kick can send an enemy flying onto their back traveling multiple feet.

It’s a great technique if you have a crowd of enemies around you and need to clear out some space really quick.


And the HTC VIVE Pro and HTC VIVE Cosmos would likely be the best options as their controllers are made for that.

From there you might just want to decide on your budget and if you prefer LCD or OLED.

What’s the best possible VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR if I’m undecided between display types (OLED or LCD)?

The best option would be the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ as it gives you the best of both worlds.

A fantastic OLED that also has Anti Screen Door Effect technology.

Are the Valve Index’s ‘knuckles’ controllers really good to use for Blade and Sorcery VR?

Let’s put it this way, do you want your experience to feel like you’re holding a controller that mimics what it’s like to hold a sword… or do you want to feel like you’re holding a sword?

That’s the difference between ‘knuckles’ and regular controllers.

And to be honest, they aren’t for everyone.

If you aren’t well-versed in regular VR controllers you might want to give ‘knuckles’ a try because you won’t have any pre-conceived notions as to what controllers are normally like.

If you are used to the usual controllers then it could possibly be difficult to get used to ‘knuckles’ but then again if you put in the time and do get used to them, they are well worth it.

Best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR (2021) — Conclusion

There you have it. Four incredible VR headsets in their own rights and all affording you some unique excellence when it comes to Blade and Sorcery VR.

Any one of them would be a great choice.

What makes it easiest to decide is to make a checklist for yourself.

What is it that you need and want most?

It’s not as simple as just one specific detail that everyone is looking for. Sometimes it is multiple details.

But within those multiple details you can easily find the headset that is your best fit for Blade and Sorcery VR.

Are you more budget-minded?

Are you more of an LCD or OLED type person?

Is resolution a more important detail to you?

Or refresh rate?

Or battery life on the controllers?


Or maybe you’re just in it for the kicks!

No matter what your preference, the best VR Headset for Blade and Sorcery VR is on this list.

The best one for you. The best one for your friend. The best one for your friend’s friend.

And though they may not all end up being the same headset, they’re all great, and they’ll all serve the right user well.

So, get out there and pick your headset. Pick your weapon. And get to battle!

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