Best VR Headset for iRacing in 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

iRacing has been sweeping the nation! The most realistic way to approach it, is with a VR Headset. So, you might be wondering what’s the best VR Headset for iRacing in 2021?

In this Review-Guide article, we’ll navigate through and compare all the different headsets you could get for iRacing in 2021.

There’s plenty of options. Plenty of great options.

See our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!



The BEST VR Headset for iRacing will mainly depend on what exactly you’re looking for.

We know you want a realistic experience, but we need to also know which factors of a headset are most important to you.

They may not be exactly the same for you as they are for others.

If you don’t know off-hand what factors and what details you find most important, that’s alright.

The point of this article will be to not only show you all the best VR Headsets for iRacing, but to explain their advantages and disadvantages.

To go over a vast array of the details of each headset and relate that to you and your experience.

That way you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get to it by first looking at our Editor’s Picks!

Best for Value


Samsung HMD Odyssey+

View on Amazon

For OLED’s, I pick the Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

It’s the best budget option, and offers OLED cinema-like advantages, and Anti-Screen-Door Technology, which combat the cons of OLED’s.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!



Oculus Rift S

View on Amazon

For LCD’s, I pick the Oculus Rift S!

It’s the cheapest LCD option and offers great quality inside-out tracking, and is extremely comfortable.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best LCD Option


Valve Index

View on Amazon

With the Index, you will get the best field of view of LCD options, best refresh rate, great image quality, and fantastic audio experience!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best OLED Option


Pimax 5K XR

View on Amazon

With the 5K XR, you will get the best field of view among OLED’s, best resolution, great image quality, and great refresh rate.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Absolute Best VR Headset for iRacing 


Pimax 5K plus

View on Amazon

With 5K+, you will get the best possible field of view, best resolution, and the best refresh rate.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!



Valve Index

View on Amazon

With the Index, you can have a great field of view without sacrificing image quality nor creating distortion, and it offers the best refresh rate and fantastic audio experience!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

iRacing is not just a racing game. It’s so much more than that.

And the realism is so much more than your average arcade game.

There’s plenty that’s taken into account. Just like if you were really racing out on the road, it’s not as easy as… gas pedal… turn the wheel.

Now, if you’ve already experienced the amazing reality of iRacing or plan to do so soon, you’ll want a VR Headset to match the reality.



A VR Headset is going to further immerse you into this experience.

You will be living the experience. So much so, that it’s recommended you keep your driver’s license handy.


On top of wanting an iRacing compatible VR Headset, you probably have a checklist of other things you want. (If you don’t have one, you may have created one by the end of this list.)


Budget could factor into this list.

Perhaps you’re most concerned with the display.

Maybe you place audio high up on the top of your list.

Maybe as much as you fancy yourself the next Dale Earnhardt… you need to make sure to avoid motion sickness at all costs.


There’s a lot of aspects to focus on. There’s a lot that goes into picking your personal best VR Headset for iRacing.

And that’s okay. That’s what this article is for.

And we’re going to make it really easy for you.

What is the Best VR Headset For iRacing in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best iRacing VR Headsets 2021

VR Headset View on Amazon Resolution (Per Eye) Refresh Rate Display Weight (gram) FOV (degrees)
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ 1440 × 1600 60/90 Hz OLED 590 g 110
Oculus Rift S 1280 x 1440 80 Hz LCD 500 g 110
HTC VIVE Cosmos 1440 x 1700 90 Hz LCD 470 g 110
HTC VIVE Pro 1440 x 1600 90 Hz OLED 550 g 110
Valve Index 1440 x 1600 120Hz (Experimental Mode: 144Hz) LCD 809 g 130
Pimax 5K+ 2560 x 1440 144 Hz CLPL 470 g 200
Pimax 5K XR 2560 x 1440 90 Hz OLED 470 g 200

Best Headsets For Playing iRacing in VR (2021)

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ | Best Budget iRacing VR Headset

best iracing vr headset Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Starting with the most budget-friendly option on the list, the Samsung HMD Odyssey+. That’s a good deal cheaper than any headset here.

The Odyssey has an adjustable headband and is made from comfortable materials, so you’ll feel good wearing it.

It’s 10% lighter than its predecessor, however, its weight of 590 grams does make it the second heaviest headset on the list.

It’s more than 200 grams lighter than the heaviest headset, and only 120 grams separates the Odyssey from the lightest headsets. So, you can decide if ‘second heaviest’ is as bad as it sounds.


See alsoBest VR Headsets for Sim Racing




Among the ‘Non-Pimax’ headsets (which we’ll get into later on), the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ has a great resolution.

1440 x 1600 is great to provide you with detailed images.

And the OLED will make the colors pop and the blacks will look real and deep.

This is a fantastic movie-quality you are afforded, and while OLED can give off some screen door effect that LCD evades, Samsung has implemented Anti-Screen Door Technology so you get a bit of the best of both worlds.

If you decide on the Odyssey, you’ll have to make sure your PC is powerful enough to handle it.

And depending on how powerful, you could be afforded a 60Hz refresh rate or a 90Hz refresh rate.

90Hz is right on par with these great headsets. 60Hz would be the lowest available, and though it’s just at the threshold for preventing motion sickness, it would have the lowest latency.

The Odyssey doesn’t have flip-up goggles like some other headsets have. But if you need a quick break and need to see the real-world for a brief moment, there’s a flashlight mode that can give you a glimpse of your surroundings if need be.

That’s some smooth transitioning to complement the smooth inside-out motion tracking for an overall smooth Samsung.




Everything is looking good out on the racetrack. How’s it sounding?

Through the Odyssey’s premium AKG headphones that are built right in… it sounds phenomenal!

You’ll get 360-degree surrounding audio, so you’ll hear the cars zoom past you from all directions… or hopefully you’ll hear them fade away as you zip past them.

However, this headset doesn’t include a headphone jack. So, it’s the included-audio-source-way… or the highway.


And a field of view of 110 degrees is technically tied for the lowest with three others on this list… but it’s enough for you to see plenty of your surroundings!



2. Oculus Rift S | Best iRacing VR Headset for Value

best vr headset for iracing Oculus Rift S

The much-loved brand Oculus has the fantastic Rift S.

Taking a bit of a price jump from the Odyssey, the Oculus Rift S costs about $650.

This is still on the cheaper end, as this is the second cheapest option on this list.

The Oculus Rift S was designed with your comfort in mind.

The halo headband is ergonomically constructed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

It weighs in at just 500 grams. Lighter than the Odyssey and one of the lighter options available!

All of this adds up to one of the best VR Headsets for iRacing comfortably for hours and hours!


See alsoBest VR Headsets for Sim Racing




The resolution of 1280 x 1440 is definitely a fine resolution and will provide you with nice details as you race, though it is technically the lowest on the list.

So, the images won’t be the sharpest here.


And an 80Hz refresh rate is the lowest only next to the 60Hz refresh rate you may get with the Odyssey.

Though 80Hz is well above the 60Hz threshold that is said to be the bar for avoiding motion sickness.


Oculus included an LCD on the Rift S, meaning more subpixels, less screen door effect, and bright whites for an overall bright and lifelike experience.

Cinema-like colors and dark blacks won’t necessarily be part of this experience, but if you’re looking for a brighter picture, the Oculus and its LCD may be the way to go!


And top-notch motion tracking is afforded to you through the inside-out tracking that Oculus has implemented.

No clunky motions with the Oculus Rift S. Just smooth sailing all the way to the finish line!




So, how’s the Oculus Rift S sound?

The audio is built right into the headset and delivers a fantastic and realistic experience.

Instead of on-ear headphones, it uses small speakers to deliver crisp, surrounding audio.


And like the Samsung, the Oculus Rift S has a field of view of 110 degrees.

Again, good enough for you to see plenty of surroundings, and right on par for industry standards, but not the highest on this list by any means.



3. HTC Vive Cosmos

best vr headset for iracing HTC Vive Cosmos

In relatively the same price range, the HTC Vive Cosmos costs about $700. A little more expensive than the Oculus Rift S but has a lot of great features to offer.

This is a very comfortable headset.

The crown fit can slide onto many different face shapes and sizes with ease.

If you wear glasses, you don’t even have to take them off for the Cosmos!

And weighing just 470 grams, it’s tied with two headsets from Pimax as the lightest headset here.

You’ll have no problems with long-play sessions, the Cosmos won’t weigh you down!


See alsoBest VR Headsets for Sim Racing




Among the ‘Non-Pimax’ headsets, as yes, they are somewhat in a league of their own, the Cosmos has the best resolution.

At 1440 x 1700 this headset will offer great detail.

And with an LCD giving you added subpixels, this sharp headset may be one of the best, if not the best, at combating the screen door effect.

You won’t be racing, staring through a screen door, just staring through your spotless windshield!


A refresh rate of 90Hz is great to evade latency.

This falls right on par with many great headsets in this respect.

No lags to pull you out of the experience. And smooth inside-out tracking keeps things realistic.


Really interested in keeping the experience authentic?

You can get a wireless adapter and cut the cords, if you like! You won’t have to be tied up while driving.


Need a quick virtual reality break mid-session?

Cosmos has flip-up goggles that let you re-enter reality if need be.




The Cosmos boasts form-fitting headphones that are built right into the headset.

They fit comfortably over your ears, deliver excellent audio, and will have you checking the rearview mirror for that engine you hear humming behind you.


This is another headset with a field of view of 110 degrees.

Good enough for industry standard and you won’t be disappointed.

That is, unless you try another option with a higher field of vision and then come back to this option.



There are also reviews for this headset here:

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4. HTC Vive Pro

best iracing vr headset HTC Vive Pro

Also, from HTC, the Vive Pro. Here, we take a bit of a price jump from the last few headsets. Although, the HTC Vive Pro ranks right in the middle of these seven headsets in terms of price.

And the Pro has been designed in an ergonomic fashion to be even more comfortable. The weight of the Pro is evenly distributed so you feel centered while wearing it.

It also features an adjustable headstrap, soft, padded materials and they’ve increased the face gasket surface area!

Though it’s a bit on the heavier side at 550 grams, it’s far from the heaviest and definitely one of the comfiest!




The resolution is a bit of a step down from the Cosmos at 1440 x 1600.

Though, as I keep saying, among the ‘Non-Pimax’ headsets, this is still a great resolution!


And a 90Hz refresh rate matches the Cosmos and plenty of other headsets for a nice, standard attempt at minimizing any possible motion sickness.


Need a quick break from the game?

Flip-up goggles got your back. They allow you to return to reality in a flash, if need be.


The tracking for the Pro is incredible, though it’s not inside-out tracking.

It’s through the use of base stations.

The required base stations will come as part of a typical package, the only downside would be if you need to purchase more for a room that is large or a strange shape.


Here’s another spot where the Pro differs from the Cosmos and gives it that higher price tag.

It uses OLED vs. the Cosmos’ LCD.

Possible susceptibility to screen door effect here, but with movie-grade colors and blacks that aren’t muted and grayed… you’ll look out your window and expect to see Ricky Bobby racing alongside you!

If you’re thinking in his words “I wanna go fast!” then the HTC Vive Pro may be the best VR Headset for iRacing.




The HTC Vive Pro has 3D Spatial Audio which is an excellent feature that will further immerse you into the game.

You’ll be racing with surround sound floating around your head, creating that lifelike feel of really being out on the racetrack!


And this is yet another headset with a field of view of 110 degrees.

Definitely good enough for you to view plenty of your surroundings… but again… tied for the lowest on this list.



There are also reviews for this headset here:

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5. Valve Index | Best iRacing VR Headset among LCD options

best iracing vr headset Valve Index

Now, we have come to the Valve Index. Priced similarly to the HTC Vive Pro, though it is a bit more expensive!

Though, this headset is fairly comfortable in the way it was designed, weighing in at 809 grams, it is the heaviest headset by far.

Almost twice as heavy as some options on this list.

Perhaps, weight isn’t a major factor for you. But if you plan on playing for extended periods of time, that could possibly become a factor.


See alsoBest VR Headsets for Sim Racing




The Valve Index has a nice, sharp resolution of 1440 x 1600.

Probably the last time you’ll read it here in this article… for a ‘Non-Pimax’ headset, that’s quite good. You’ll enjoy the detailed images as you play.


Now, this is another headset with excellent motion tracking but which requires base stations.

Once again, general packages include base stations, but every once in awhile a room with a tricky-shape or layout could require additional base stations.


Along with smooth tracking, the LCD on the Valve Index will also lend to the realism.

Extra subpixels, eradicated screen door effect, sure you won’t have movie-like scenes, but the bright whites will illuminate the road as you race by the competition!


Something the Index does incredibly well… refresh rate.

You’ll get at least 120Hz and can use an experimental mode of 144Hz as well.

That’s extremely low latency so that your actions translate in near-real time, very important when you’re taking that hairpin turn!

Also, very important for those afraid of getting motion sickness.




Now, if you’re racing and passing cars left and right, you’d hear them outside your car… naturally. Not in headphones.

The Index thinks you should experience sound as naturally as possible.

The speakers in the headset don’t touch your ears, so that the sound won’t appear to be coming from inside your head, but rather, from all around you.

It’s top notch innovations like that, that will immerse you and perhaps have you leaning towards the Index as the best VR Headset for iRacing.


And the field of view of 130 degrees doesn’t hurt either.

You’ll have better peripheral and all-around views than with the previous four headsets.

And not to worry, in expanding the field of view, the Valve Index made sure there wouldn’t be distortion and that the optical sharpness wouldn’t be compromised.



6. Pimax 5K Plus | Absolute Best iRacing VR Headset (My Favorite)

best vr headset for iracing Pimax 5K Plus

Now, let’s take a look at one option from Pimax, the Pimax 5K plus.

This is a more expensive option at about $1,200. This is the second most expensive headset on this list.

This is a comfortable headset that’s been ergonomically designed with a mechanically adjustable headstrap, so you can get it to the setting you prefer.

And weighing in at just 470 grams, it’s tied for the lightest on this list!

Wear it for hours with no inconvenience, it will be like a second skin!




The long-awaited mention of this incredible Pimax resolution.

Yes, the Pimax 5K+ touts a resolution of 2560 x 1440!

When you’re still and looking at one point, the sharpness is impeccable.

Though, the resolution is vastly better than the rest, compared to some others like the Valve Index, there does tend to be more distortion and object shimmering, especially during movement.


But you can’t beat that 5K resolution and that UHD!

And the refresh rate gives you options. Set it for 90Hz, good… 120Hz, great… or 144Hz, fantastic and the best you can get along with the Index.

With the Pimax 5K plus, you’ll have latency down so low, you’ll have no worries of any motion sickness.


It has excellent motion tracking through the use of base stations.

Of course, they come included but beware in case you have an oddly shaped room or a large room, you may need extras.


And the display the Pimax 5K+ is something called CLPL (Customized Low Persistence Liquid) which they created, saying it has completely eliminated ghosting and improved brightness.

It appears to be something in between OLED and LCD.

Having higher pixel density than OLED, similar enough to LCD, but not quite as vivid of colors and deep of blacks.




The audio for the Pimax is quite good but doesn’t seem to have the same fanfare about it as other headsets.

It includes a 3.5mm audio jack and an integrated microphone.


But here’s another feature you’ve been waiting to hear about.

A field of view of 200 degrees is by far the best on this list (tied with the next Pimax, of course).

This gives you incredible peripheral vision. The likeness to reality is uncanny as there won’t be an area in which you cannot see your surroundings.

A fantastic feature for racing. Worried about the competition trying to pass you on the right? You’ll be able to see them coming with the Pimax 5K+!



There are also reviews for this headset here:

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7. Pimax 5K XR | Best iRacing VR Headset among OLED Options

best iracing vr headset Pimax 5K XR

And let’s take a look, lastly, at the Pimax 5K XR.

You’ll notice many similarities between this and the last Pimax. Just a few differences. One difference, it costs more, at about $1,400.

That also makes it the most expensive headset on this list.

Similar comfortable design and ergonomically constructed pieces, and the same wight of 470 grams, this is another headset you can wear for hours.

Even slide it on over glasses and it won’t be a problem.




Yes, you’ll still get that phenomenal 2560 x 1440 resolution.

And it’s still 5K and UHD.

This still means, especially when fairly still, these are the most crystal-clear and sharp images you’ll be seeing of any of the headsets.

However, yes there is a bit of a distortion and object shimmering especially when moving.

Compared to the Valve Index, which handles all of this a little better, both the Pimax’s pale a bit in comparison.

But if you’re able to get past those slight drawbacks, 2560 x 1440 is vastly ahead of the competition.


This is another headset with excellent motion tracking that also requires base stations.

You’ll get the necessary base stations in your package, but if you’re setting this up in a large or odd-shaped room, you could possible be required to purchase more base stations.


One difference is that you are cemented in just having about a 90Hz refresh rate.

This isn’t as good as what the Pimax 5K+ can achieve, but is still in line with a good refresh rate, keeping latency down enough for you.


But where the Pimax 5K XR excels, the reason you’ll likely spend more money on it, it has OLED.

The OLED gives you crisp, vivid, lifelike colors all around you. Blacks as deep as space. It will give you that realistic, cinema-like feel that the Pimax 5K+ cannot quite give you.


As you’re doing your victory lap, your ultimate-realistic surroundings will seem to plant you right into a racing movie.

You may forget you’re not Vin Diesel as you collect your winnings from your competitors.




Just like the Pimax 5K+, the audio experience is great, but again, not touted as highly as some other headsets.

With a 3.5mm audio jack and integrated microphone, you’ll have everything you need for your races.


And speaking of everything you need; you’ll have more than you need with the 200-degree field of view!

Along with the Pimax 5K+, this is 70 degrees better than the Valve Index and 90 degrees better than everything else on this list!

Think of it like this. Half a circle is 180 degrees, and you’re achieving 20 degrees more than that.

You’ll be able to see everything in front of you, to either side of you, and technically even a tad bit behind you.

You’ll be racing with the optical advantage of a chameleon!

Looking for the best peripheral advantage?

Both the headsets from Pimax may very well be the best VR Headsets for iRacing in that case.

Never again will someone sneak up behind you!



There is also a review for this headset here:

See alsoBest VR Headsets for Elite Dangerous 



Best VR Headset For iRacing — Buyers Guide

Alright, there are several great options for iRacing in the VR realm! As you can see, they each have a lot to offer, and they each have different aspects in which they deliver in very well.

Maybe you’re still wondering which is the best VR Headset for iRacing.

We’ll break down the facts and details that we covered in order to give you a more clear answer to that.

Don’t forget, if you don’t already have a lot of the other equipment needed for iRacing, there will be some other purchases you’ll need to make.

There are also purchases that aren’t totally necessary, but add to the overall experience, and you may want to get.

For instance, you’ll need a steering wheel and a set of pedals to emulate the real racing feel.

Now, you could sit on a couch or chair and set up a table in front of you and call it your racing car… or you could go further!

You can purchase a driving seat and some type of metal frame or ‘slim rig’ and have everything attached.

This mimics a real car very well, so you’re not left holding anything in your lap or readjusting on your couch cushions every few laps. These additives will immerse you into the race.

If you really want to trick your mind into believing it’s a real race… get a shifter and a handbrake.

If you have all of that and it’s all attached, VR Headset on, you won’t be thinking you’re iRacing… you’ll just be thinking, “I’m racing!”


Now, these extra purchases could possibly affect your decision-making process on the headset. Maybe you want all of these add-ons and the cost of them all may make you opt for a headset on the cheaper end.

Maybe you want a more expensive headset so you’ll just get the necessities for equipment and purchase the rest further down the line.

Either way, the headsets and their details still remain a main focal point.

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions that people have in order to shed more light on this topic for you, so that we can determine the best VR Headsets for iRacing.

What is the greatest yet budget VR headset for playing iRacing in VR?

The sharp answer is the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, which offers a lot indeed.

What’s the most comfortable VR headset for iRacing?

Many headsets tout ergonomic and comfortable designs. Among those, the HTC Vive Cosmos, The Pimax 5K+ and the Pimax 5K XR are also tied for the lightest headsets available.

So, if you want something comfortable and light, one of those three would be a good choice.

The HTC Vive Cosmos would be the one I lean towards as it seems to fit many face shapes and sizes very well, even those wearing glasses.

And if weight isn’t a concern to you, the HTC Vive Pro is a little heavier but also fits many face shapes and sizes and boasts some added ergonomic design and comfortability factors!

What’s the best VR headset for iRacing if I want the biggest field of view?

Both the Pimax options are tied with the largest field of view at 200 degrees.

The Pimax 5K+ uses their proprietary display type, CLPL and gives you the option of higher refresh rates.

The Pimax 5K XR has the incredible OLED.

So, you’ll likely need to narrow it down to one of those options.

What’s the best VR headset for playing iRacing in keeping latency down?

Keeping latency down is important so your actions translate in real-time, or near real-time in your headset.

It also keeps motion sickness at bay.

The best two headsets for this are the Valve Index and the Pimax 5K plus.

What’s the TOP value VR headset for iRacing?

The best value OLED option is the Samsung HMD Odyssey+.

It’s the cheapest OLED pick (and the cheapest overall) and still gives you incredible features and even has anti-screen-door technology that OLED’s can lack.

The best value LCD option is the Oculus Rift S.

It’s the cheapest LCD option and gives you plenty of great features, offers great motion tracking, and is comfortable to wear for hours.

What’s the best iRacing VR headset among the LCD options?

Among the LCD options, I would certainly choose the Valve Index with its great resolution and high refresh rate and overall impeccable design.

What’s the best VR headset for iRacing among the OLED options?

Among the OLED’s, I would choose the Pimax 5K XR with it’s incredible resolution and field of view.

What’s the overall best VR headset for iRacing?

If we’re talking the best overall, I would say either the Pimax 5K+ or the Valve Index.

The Pimax 5K+ has a superior resolution and field of view.

They both have the highest refresh rates.

Where the Valve Index has the edge is that it has less distortion and object shimmering while still maintaining a fairly wide field of view.

I think I give the edge to the Pimax 5K+ given the fact that we’re talking about racing and having an impeccable field of view of 200 degrees is going to give you an amazing advantage while racing!

Seeing competition in your peripherals in an even more lifelike fashion is a stellar feature on the track!

Best VR Headset For iRacing — Conclusion

There you have it! All the details and all the breakdowns of all the detail you could need for VR Headsets when it comes to iRacing.

As you can see, there’s no one clear answer to which is the best VR Headset for iRacing.

There are headsets that excel in different areas. You’ll just want to determine which areas matter most to you.


You have everything you could want in the list above.

There are the great headsets on a budget.

Headsets that are light and comfortable.

Headsets that offer wide field of view to give you realistic peripheral vision.

Headsets that will avoid motion sickness.

Headsets that provide crisp details.

And headsets that will provide such high-grade-movie-like quality, that you’ll be getting your headshots ready to autograph once you step out of your famed racecar!



In all honesty, the technology that is now present with VR Headsets, you really can’t go wrong with any option.

But the point isn’t to ‘not go wrong.’ It’s to ‘go as right as you possibly can.’

The point is, for your specific situation, choose the best VR Headset for iRacing.

And now that you have all the information that you need laid out before you, you can find that answer.

Slap on your driving gloves, choose that perfect iRacing VR Headset, and put the rubber to the road. You’re ready now!

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