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Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the 12 best electric scooters for climbing hills in 2021 and provide an actionable Buyers Guide / FAQ section to ease your search process.

With 12 great electric scooters listed, I aim to give you a thorough insight into the world of specifically hill-climbing electric scooters.

From rough terrain adventuring to cruising on pavement, I am certain that this comprehensive article will help you pick the climbing experience you desire at the price you want.

Let’s start with our Editors’ Picks.

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Absolute BEST 


Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

As the most expensive scooter on this list, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer is the ultimate scooter for adventuring, climbing and daily commuting.

Built to last, it is for anyone looking for a powerful reliable machine to get them where they need to go in style.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Value


Segway Ninebot Max Scooter

View on Amazon

Being able to cruise for 28 miles on one battery is an ability foreign to many scooters on the market.

Luckily, for anyone who needs to cover some distance, this is one of the few scooters that can cover the task.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Urban Commuting


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

With the ability to coast at up to 15.6 mph for over 18 miles, this lightweight Amazon’s Choice scooter is ideal for the urban landscape.

As you cruise to work on the Xiaomi, it will become clear why this model is popular with a variety of scooter-sharing services.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Short Distances


Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2

View on Amazon

As an upgrade to the ES1, the current ES2 model of the Segway-Ninebot offers an upgrade in power and mileage at an affordable price.

This scooter is built to give you a boost to the various locations, including the store, work, and school.  

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Long Trips


Macwheel Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

If you are looking to trade in your daily commute for an adventure, the Macwheel Scooter is for you.

This scooter can travel over 20 miles on a single charge and requires little to no maintenance, making it ideal for someone who is looking to start commuting to work in the near future.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Easy Portability


Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

Being able to easily fold this scooter into a free-standing dolly makes this scooter ideal for someone who needs to transport their scooter inside.

The Glion Dolly also affords its owner the ability to pack the scooter up for storage during the day.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Children


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

This is the perfect gift for kids, with a manageable kick-off feature that allows the user to get moving forward before the motor kicks in and boosts the deck forward.

In addition, the width of the scooter is bigger than usual so that any potential first-time users will feel comfortable.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best Features 


NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

This scooter is meant for the serious rider who is looking to drop some money on a big purchase.

With a plethora of features and technology to impress the user, the NANROBOT D4+ earns its more expensive price tag.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Most Comfortable Riding


Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel

View on Amazon

If you are looking to ride in style, this is the bike for you.

As one of the few scooters that allows its user to take a seat while riding, the Swagtron scooter combines the best parts of a bike and a scooter in a product that is both resourceful and comfortable.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Off Road Adventures


UberScoot 1600W Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

Looking for a scooter to take you off road?

The UberScoot 1600W has you covered with a battery that can last up to 12 miles and enough power to put you on top of most hills.

This scooter is for the adventurer in you.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best for Commuting & Off Terrain


XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter

View on Amazon

Coming in at one of the lowest prices on this list, the XPIRIT scooter offers unbeatable versatility at its price.

With the ability to go ~ 12mph for 11 miles, this scooter is great for someone who wants a reliable transport without breaking the bank.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills | Best on a Budget 


YDS Electric Scooter

View on Amazon

Listed as one of the top 10 folding electric scooters, the YDS Electric Scooter is great for anyone who must store their ride once they get to their destination.

The ability to fold this lightweight scooter into a compact size and carry it around makes it a must for anyone who wants to use a scooter without the hassle of locking it up.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Hills, a kick in the pants to your legs— and for that matter— your willpower, come in all shapes and sizes.


From the annoying slope in the parking lot that you trudge up after work to the behemoth mountain you run across when riding on trails, it’s no wonder why so many people look to the best electric scooters for climbing up hills to propel them past workmates and joggers alike.


The scooters listed here range from only a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars and each have their own intended audience.


For people looking for a way to commute to work, scooters with the foldable ability and decent power are essential.


For people who are looking to take their ride out and adventure on trails and off-terrain, features such as a long battery life and speed become more important.


But overall, the ability to climb hills is essential to all these scooters as a personal vehicle of transportation.


Whatever you plan on doing with your scooter, rest assured that this article will help you pinpoint a scooter to purchase.


The scooter is fast becoming a necessity in urban landscapes that experience heavy traffic and too many cars on the road, with people taking back hours of their life that would otherwise be spend waiting in traffic.


No matter who you are, I know you will enjoy the pure bliss of zipping past idle traffic and strollers alike on the best electric scooters for climbing hills.


BTW, if you are into Sports while enjoying your scooter ride, you may want to read our recent article on the Best Clip On Fitness Trackers to help you track your activities as well!

What are the Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021

Electric Scooter View on Amazon Range (mile) Speed (MPH) Weight (lbs)
Xiaomi Mi 18.6 15.5 27
Segway-Ninebot ES2 15.5 15.5 27.6
Macwheel 18.6 15.6 (only possible downhill) ~30
Glion Dolly 7.2 15 28
Razor E100 6.7 10 12
NANROBOT D4+ 45 40 60
Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel 11.4 9 29
UberScoot 1600W 12 16 27
XPRIT 10 12.4 23
YDS 9 14 30
Qiewa Q1 Hummer 65 37 55
Segway Ninebot Max 40 15.5 47

Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Urban Commuting

Coming in at a price that is pretty even with other medium ranged scooters, the Xiaomi Mi has an excellent value with all of it’s included features.

As the second installment from the Chinese company, this scooter builds upon previous success and further embellishes with new technology and specs to give you the ultimate ride.

It is certainly one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills!

At about $390, this scooter is certainly more of an investment than some of the other products on this list, however, you get what you pay for with this tuned piece of equipment.

Features such as a foldable instrument that takes just 3 seconds to engage and wheels that are water resistant and built for the road, this scooter is for anyone looking for the best electric scooter to climb hills and a new way to commute to work.



Tech Specs

The 250W motor on the Xiaomi electric scooter ensures that you will be able to travel at 15.5 miles per hour no matter how much weight you are carrying.

Perfect for travelling to work or school, this electric scooter has the engine to haul a heavy backpack or briefcase with ease.

Matching the impressive speed, this ride has the ability to coast for close to twenty miles before needing a re-charge.

And when you do need to re-charge the battery, rest assured it will be charged by the time you wake up.

In fact, this scooter can be fully charged in under five hours, making last minute charging an option should you forget to plug it in the night beforehand.

This scooter is optimal for the nine to five person or full-time student, who needs a reliable, manageable scooter to get them to climb the hills in and in-between the office/school without breaking the bank.



2. Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2 | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Commuting Short Distances

At roughly $580, Ninebot promises a scooter that will outperform all the competition while not putting you totally behind on next month’s rent.

One of the larger investments you can make on this list?

Sure, this scooter is more expensive than even the middle-of-the-line competition, however, with its grand improvements to the ES1, the ES2 easily exceeds its price tag.

As the upgraded version to the ES, the ES2 has a long list of features that include:  foldability, longevity, and high speeds.

This scooter will get you climbing most hills in style, moving at great speeds and only having to stop to charge at the end of the day.

For someone looking to get a lot of use from their scooter, this is the product for you.



Tech Specs

The KickScooter ES2 provides all the engine you could want in its upgraded 300W hub motor.

Allowing the user to access 600W of power, this scooter is ideal for someone who is looking to joyride around town for a little while and venture up climbing some big hills.

In terms of speed, this electric scooter can easily manage to maintain a speed of 15.5 miles per hour for just over fifteen miles thanks to its impressive tech specs.

Another important feature of this scooter is its safety features.

With a powerful headlight, backlights, and LED-lights on the floorboard, this scooter is sure to be visible come sun down.

The feature of these lights lends themselves to an audience of people who are looking to hit the road during the night.

Staying safe when using a scooter at night is always a concern, but with this scooter the rider is highly visual and more than safe to explore the city under the moon.

These specs make KickScooter ES2 one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



3. Macwheel Electric Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Long Trips

The ability to cruise close to twenty miles without needing to recharge is a feature attributed to few scooters.

The Macwheel electric scooter is one of the best scooters on the market today for anyone looking to go the distance while climbing hills with their new electric scooter.

Luckily, when you do have to stop and charge this battery, it is a simply and painless endeavor.

With a charge that can cruise for so long, one would think that the scooter’s battery must be massive, making charging it a hassle.

However, the Macwheel scooter blows this notion away, with the ability to reach full battery in only five hours.

The Macwheel is a stellar and affordable option for someone who Is looking to get a reliable ride to work.



Tech Specs

The maximum hill grade of 14° on this Macwheel electric scooter makes it very competitive when compared to most the other scooters on this list.

This hill grade is achievable thanks to the 350W hub motor that is built into the electric scooter’s mainframe.

Along with the impressive hill grade, the Macwheel’s motor is capable of propelling its user at over 15 miles an hour for up to 18 miles, making it another viable option for someone who is looking to start driving a scooter to work.

This scooter also comes with the much sought-after ability to fold into itself, allowing the user the ability to easily carry the body of the scooter into a work office or school.

At about $360, this scooter is certainly targeting the young people who are stuck of sitting in traffic and need a cost-effective alternative with the ability to climb hills.



Main Feature

The steeper than average hill grade on this scooter separates it from the rest of the pack.



4. Glion Dolly | Most Portable Electric Scooter for Hills

As the name implies, the key feature of this scooter is its ability to easily be folded up and carted off to wherever you may have to walk.

With a comfortable handle and the ability to free stand, this scooter is a dream come true for someone who has to take an elevator or walk their scooter any measurable distance.

The Glion Dolly is aimed at people who work in an office or school environment and need to be able to store their scooter safely during the day while they work.

What’s more impressive about this scooter is its ability to stay at a light weight, even with the dolly feature.

While most foldable scooters are awkward and heavy to carry, the Glion Dolly is very manageable and built to be transported.

If you find yourself lugging a heavy scooter around, switch now to the Glion Dolly and start experiencing the painless feeling of rolling your scooter while you walk.



Tech Specs

As the main selling point of this electric scooter, the ability to transport the Glion Dolly when you are not riding it makes this an optimal choice for someone who usually has to lug their scooter at the end of a trip.

Built for a first-time user, the Glion Dolly also has the unique feature of back breaks, which help decrease the chance of skidding and make sure that the user can come to a quick stop if need be.

This is optimal for a situation in which you have climbed a hill and now need to ride down it safely.

Likewise, this scooter also includes a big, bright headlight and large fenders to ensure that an injury is minimized when riding this scooter.

If you are looking for a product that is friendly to first-time users, this is the electric scooter for you!

These specs make Glion Dolly one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



Main Feature 

The free-standing dolly that is left after you fold-down the electric scooter is a centerpiece for this scooter.

No other scooter on this list can claim to break down this easily to be transported on two wheels.



5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Children

Billed as a kid’s scooter, the Razor E100 is anything but juvenile with its impressive speed and range at a very competitive price.

Please note, this scooter is aimed at people under one-hundred and twenty lbs, targeting very small frames and children.

Although traditionally a leisure item, the Razor E100 is nonetheless a viable option to get from point A to point B in a hurry.

For parents, features such as the “kick-off motion” make this scooter safer for their children, enabling the user to get going at a low speed before the engine turns on.

If you are looking to get your child a ride that will help them safely get up those big hills in the neighborhood, the Razor E100 is an option that should seriously be considered.



Tech Specs

Even though this scooter is touted as a product for children, the tech specs are nonetheless impressive for an electric scooter at this price.

The 100W chain driven battery offers more than enough easily get anybody under the 125 lb mark moving fast.

The average ride time on this scooter is listed as forty minutes, which means that at 10 miles per hour, this scooter can travel around six and two-thirds miles before needing to be taken back to charge.

This is a perfect distance for parents as kids can go have fun climbing hills without putting themselves in danger of flying away and getting lost.

Unfortunately, scooters at this price range usually struggle with their batteries and this remains true with the Razor E100.

It takes an initial twelve hours to charge with a subsequent eight-hour charging period to get this battery powered.

However, with some general maintenance this scooter can last a long while.



6. NANROBOT D4+ | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter with the Most Features

The NANROBOT D4+ is a scooter built for anything, with a powerful engine and the ability to cruise up climbing hills until your heart’s content.

As one of the most expensive items on this list, the NANROBOT D4+ is only viable for people looking to drop a huge investment on a scooter.

If you have the money, this scooter has the muscle.

With an impressive hauling power and the ability to traverse many types of terrain, this scooter will certainly give you a lifetime experience as you commute, adventure, and live on this bike.

For many commuters, this scooter has replaced all other forms of transportation as the zip to work at great speeds, only needing to charge every forty plus miles.

The NANROBOT D4+ may be hard to handle for first-time users, so I will advise that only people with previous scooter experience look at this product.



Tech Specs

With one of the fastest electric scooters to its name, the NANROBOT company has proven that it is capable of creating and releasing scooters worthy of their price tag.

The NANROBOT D4+ more than proves this assumption with its dual 1000W motors.

These motors allow the scooter to hit speeds up to 40 miles per hour and afford the user the ability to coast for almost 44 miles without needing to stop and charge.

What’s truly great about this engine power is that you can rely on it as a tool to commute as well as take this scooter off-road for an adventure weekend.

No matter where you go, the ability to climb hills will keep you exploring for a lot longer than many other products on this list.

This duality is furthered enhanced by features such as shock absorbers and powerful LED lights.

The shock absorbers are a must for any scooter wanting to go off-road and the LED lights help ensure that all traffic will see you at night.

Overall, the scooter is well made with a cool display and the option to put a mounted seat on the deck, making this scooter more than earning of its price tag.

These specs make NANROBOT D4+ one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



7. Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter with the Most Comfortable Riding

Comfort at an affordable price is the best tagline when talking about the SWAGCYCLE from Swagtron.

With many features that cushion the ride to wherever you’re going, this electric scooter is perfect for someone who has a longer commute.

At about $380, this electric scooter is probably one of the best valued items on this list, seeing as the only other product that allows for a mounted seat is priced at well over one-thousand dollars.

In addition to its features, the SWAGCYCLE is also extremely resilient and dependable.

With a great customer service and warranties to cover any type of malfunction, this scooter is wonderful for someone who likes to joyride on the weekends.

The maximum load of this bike is also 224 lbs., which allows a wide audience of people to enjoy it’s features and ensure you can go scooting around with friends.



Tech Specs

The Swagtron SWAGCYCLE affords its user the uncanny ability to seamlessly switch between taking a leisure ride and gunning it to work.

With a powerful lithium battery, this scooter will keep you rolling for ages as you climb hills and race to the destination.

Swagtron’s newest product is unique in that, at its current price of about $300, it offers the seated mount for anyone who wishes to recline while they ride the scooter.

Usually, features like this are only available on the highest priced scooters.

Nonetheless, the SWAGCYCLE allows its users this same this same tech spec.

Along with the mounted seat, the SWAGCYCLE boasts a competitive battery, with the ability to cruise at nine miles an hour for over fifteen miles.

To me, the SWAGCYCLE is impressive because of all the great features it has with such a low-price tag.

Swagtron’s product is truly for anyone looking to get the most out of their investment.

These specs make Swagtron 200W one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



Main Features 

This scooter’s main feature is its insanely low-price tag coupled with the great features that allow you to use it however you see fit.

Zuse Hanson from claims that the scooter was “Great for getting around [his] small town.”



8. UberScoot 1600W Electric Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Off-Road Adventures

The UberScoot electric scooter is the perfect product for someone looking to upgrade their current scooter experience.

At a reasonable price, this electric scooter is a Segway, no pun intended, into the more expensive scooter world.

Coming with features such as the 1600W engine, this machine is able to carry weight up to two-hundred-and-sixty pounds, ensuring that everyone enjoys all the features that come along in this package.

Of which, the battery is of notable importance with a great cruising range.

Only needing to be charged every twelve miles, the UberScoot ensures that you can go out for a few hours without having to stress about the mileage on your scooter.

Overall, I would say that the UberScoot is aimed at people looking to have both the power to reliably commute as well as the features to have fun on the weekend.

UberScoot 1600W is certainly one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



Tech Specs

As the name implies, the UberScoot 1600W electric scooter has one of the most impressive batteries on this list.

At a combined 1600W, each wheel is separately fueled with 800W, allowing the machine to transport up to 265 lbs over 12 miles without needing a charge.

Additionally, this scooter allows its user the ability to cruise at speeds up to 16 miles an hour which, when paired with the above mileage, allows the user to cover all the ground, including steep climbing hills, needed to explore an urban space or commute to work.

The batter on this scooter is also an upside as well.

With a charge time of only eight to twelve hours, the UberScoot is sure to be ready to roll after a night of charging.

This battery advantage, paired with the speed and range of the scooter, make this product an ideal choice for the commuter in an urban landscape that needs a boost to climb hills.



Main Feature

By far the best benefit on this scooter is its powerful battery.

The cruising range and speed on this scooter beat out many of the other competitors.



9. XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Commuting & Off Terrain

If you are looking for top of line entertainment to give your older kids, look no further than the XPRIT electric scooter.

In my eyes, this electric scooter is an upgraded version of the Razor E100, albeit at an upgraded price.

At almost double the cost of the Razor, this electric scooter sits comfortably at $229.

Now, with that initial investment you are going to get a lot more value with your purchase then the Razor E100.

However, as I mentioned before this scooter is tapered more towards older kids, not necessarily adults so don’t expect to purchase this scooter and get a ton of miles out of it while you drive to work.

For whoever does end up riding this scooter, they will find the tech specs offer more than enough power to get up climbing hills and speed past people walking.

XPRIT is certainly one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



Tech Specs

This scooter is geared toward older kids and young teenagers, with its more affordable price and lack of power.

The battery is standard lithium made and outputs enough juice to help the rider hit speeds around twelve miles an hour, given they’re on the lighter side.

The range follows in that the range is a bit variable depending on who is riding on the scooter.

A heavier person might bring the range down by a half mile or, at the very worst, a full mile while a lighter person will find that the scooter has a range pushing twelve miles.

The tech specs in this scooter are relatively standard.

Again, as this is most likely not going to be used as a vehicle for commuters, the goal is to allow older kids the ability to cruise for a day and have fun while they climb the steep hills in their neighborhood.



10. YDS Electric Scooter | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter on a Budget

Allowing the user to switch between three modes is just one of the many features that make the YDS electric scooter a serious consideration for anyone looking to use their electric scooter as a commuter.

Although on the heavier side, this electric scooter is very compact and can easily be transported on buses and trollies without having to worry about taking room away from other people.

The scooter was made for public transportation and comes with the ability to fold in case you need to carry the scooter in some circumstances.

Another great feature about this electric scooter is its price tag.

At about $250, this electric scooter will not need a large commitment or justification; it simply needs to get the job done well.

And to this, it certainly does with a good range and ability to cruise at higher speeds.



Tech Specs

One major highlight of any electric product, not just scooters, is the ability to prolong the lifespan of said appliance with general maintenance.

The YDS electric scooter is a staple of this, with an easy to work on body frame and straight forward technology.

To start, you can easily replace the battery should you need to, greatly expanding this scooter’s ability to go the distance.

If you are an avid scooter rider, this should make you ecstatic!

At about $250, the YDS electric scooter is not a big investment and allows its users the ability of “working” on the bike to change out parts.

The battery itself is durable and offers pretty standard rates with a max speed of 14 miles-an-hour and a range of up to 11 miles if you are economical.

This is a great choice for someone who needs a ride to work and also has prior knowledge of scooters or the tech inside them.

Similarly, if you have a long walk from the parking lot and need a ride to help you climb a hill, this is a great choice!

The YDS scooter is made rock solid and built to last, allowing the user to get the most out it without being weighed down by a heavy price tag.



11. Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter | Absolute BEST Hill Climbing Electric Scooter
(My Favorite)

As the most expensive electric scooter on this list, the Qiewa Q1 has a lot to live up to in order to justify its price tag.

At about $1400, this electric scooter has a plethora or tech specs and cool features to make even the most arduous commute fun.

With an unlimited cruising range and an ultra-powerful motor, this Qiewa Q1 electric scooter proves to be fun both on and off the clock.

As you ride to work, you will notice how well the vehicle handles and further, how little effort is needed for upkeep.

As you take this scooter out to play, the well-made wheels and shock-absorbing system will become apparent and reinforce the idea of a product that was made to last.

If you are a serious scooter looking to get some miles out of your ride this year, and subsequent years, look no further than the Qiewa Q1 electric scooter.



Tech Specs

Rivaling only the NANROBOT in price, the Qiewa Hummer electric scooter is a top competitor for the title of best electric scooters for climbing hills on the market.

To fill out its resume, this scooter has a plethora of cool features and additions, however, its mechanics are what separate it from the rest of the pack.

Things such as the battery, being well made and durable, give this scooter a solid foundation to support its insane cruising range of over 65 miles and the added ability to hit speeds close to 40 miles an hour.

These features are further built upon with added specifications such as multi-colored LED lights and user-friendly touch screen software.

The Qiewa is also excellent for climbing hills, with the ability to traverse terrain up to a 30° incline.

This feature allows the scooter to double as an adventure vehicle, with the ability to take it off-roading and explore the road less paved.

To me, this scooter is only ideal for someone who has a lot of experience riding scooters and is looking to drop a lot of money on something they will use every day.



Main Feature

The feature that separates this scooter from the others is the range.

Being able to go over 65 miles on a single charge is unprecedented for a scooter.



12. Segway Ninebot Max | Best Hill Climbing Electric Scooter for Value

The main competitor to the YDS electric scooter, the Segway Ninebot Max must go above and beyond in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Priced at about $790, this scooter is more expensive than many others on the list while still being almost $500 cheaper than the most expensive products, placing it at a crossroads between a high-end market and a consumer driven base.

Equipped with all the latest features, this scooter has an impressive motor that allows this electric scooter to go the distance while climbing hills and keep the speed.

In contrast, if you need to fold the scooter up and take it on public transport, this scooter can easily be folded and carried.

Segway has been making personal vehicles for many years now so they have the construction down.

The scooter is well-made and comfortable with enough tech specs to justify its price.

All-in-all, this scooter would be a serious consideration for just about anyone looking to get an electric upgrade.



Tech Specs

More than any other company on this list, Segway has the experience and knack to provide a well-made product while keeping the cost low.

The Ninebot Max electric scooter has an 800W electric battery that will keep you going for 28 miles for up to 20 miles an hour.

In addition, the battery is powerful enough to get a 265-pound mass up a 15° incline.

These specs are optimal for most urban landscapes, making this scooter ideal for the commuter or day tripper.

The relatively lightweight 30-pound scooter is also easily folded up and can be held with a strap to make public transport manageable if the conditions do not allow for riding of the scooter.

The Segway brand has a lot of experience with creating products that deliver on every level while keeping the mainframe simplistic in use.

When considering a scooter to get you to work or school, the Segway should be at the top of your list.

Segway Ninebot Max is certainly one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills in the market.



Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021 — Buyers Guide

Scooters are fast becoming a top pick for many people who are faced with commuting to work.

Unlike driving a car, scooters allow the user to drive all the way up to the front doors without having to deal with a long walk from the parking lot.

Scooters are also eco-friendlier as the utilize a battery powered system in the place of gasoline.

So, while scooters eliminate extra walking and are better for the environment, the question becomes how reliable is the machine.

Sure, it’s great not having to worry about parking but a scooter is also not as reliable as a car.


What happens when my scooter can’t take a big hill or doesn’t have the range capable of getting me to work?


Lucky for you, this buyers guide is only focusing on scooters that have the tech specs to be reliable sources of transportation, and entertainment for that matter!

When considering an electric scooter there are many things to weigh.


From the max amount of weight that a scooter can hold to the mileage per battery charge, in the next section, I will break down the major credentials I looked at when comparing the scooters.


First, the range of each scooter is very important to consider.

What does it matter how fast a scooter will go if it can only last for half a block?

As a transportation vehicle, what would be the point of going 50 miles-an-hour for only 800 feet?

People need a scooter that will get them to work and back home without the hassle of stopping to charge.


Additionally, the scooters power is going to have a lot of sway on the machine you end up choosing.

For people who weigh more than 250 pounds, it is paramount to pick a scooter with enough power to make sure the range is not compromised.

A powerful engine is also key in maintaining high speed on the streets.

For the speed demons, making sure your battery supplies each wheel will ensure that your scooter has an advantage over many of the other products on the market.


And what this whole article revolves around:

The ability to traverse steep hills on a scooter.

Put simply, the best electric scooters for climbing hills.

For anyone who is looking for scooters to go to work, this category may as well be a make it or break it.

Without the ability to climb hills, why even try driving your scooter to work or school?

The whole purpose of having a scooter is to eliminate extra walking, not increase carrying heavy foldables uphill.



In this list of 12 best scooters, I see three easy groups to be distinguished.


As relating to price range, I would group the most expensive products in group one with the least expensive in group two.

Options such as the Qiewa Q1 Hummer and NANROBOT D4+ belonging to the more expensive group, with an array of features and motors to power you for over forty miles while kissing speeds over thirty.

And items such as the two Segway scooters and Uberscoot electric scooter belonging to the middle-of-the-line products, incorporating one key feature with a motor that is above all else, reliable.



With the lower end models being the Razor scooter and YDS electric scooter usually being targeted toward a kid audience looking for entertainment over reliability.


So, let’s get into the top 10 questions regarding which scooter to pick!



What are the best hill-climbing electric scooters for commuting?

Depending on a price range, the top of the line scooter would probably qualify as “the best” for commuting to work.

Both the Qiewa and NANROBOT scooters would work great for anyone looking to commute to work.

However, if you are buying on a budget, I would strongly suggest the Segway products or Glion Dolly electric scooter.



What is the most reliable hill-climbing electric scooter at a reasonable price?

In terms of value, I would argue that not many products on the market could compete with the XPRIT electric scooter.

At about $250, this electric scooter offers a wide variety of features and is overall very reliable as a vehicle of transportation.



Which scooter is for the “Scooter enthusiasts”?

The Qiewa electric scooter fits the bill as one of the best scooters for the enthusiast crowd.

People look to the Qiewa as one of the best electric scooters for climbing hills, with a powerful engine to propel even heavy loads at over 40 miles an hour.

The scooter also comes with enough whistles to keep veteran scooters entertained.



How far an electric scooter should take me on average?

You can count on an average battery taking you around 10 miles.

However, the cheaper-made scooters actually loose mileage when a heavier person begins riding.

This causes some scooters to have a great fluctuation in range depending on who is riding.

For this reason, I would argue that any heavier person needs a scooter with enough power to make it a viable option for transportation.



How long should it take for an electric scooter's battery to fully charge?

Most scooters will fall somewhere between 6 and 12 hours of charging.

For most people, this feature is not a problem as the scooter goes on the charger as soon as it is back home.

The people who take their scooters out for adventuring should be more concerned with this time frame as a long charge time can really slow down a trip or even put the rider in danger. 



Which hill-climbing electric scooters have a mounted seat?

Most pricey scooters will come with the option to attach a mounted seat.

Regardless, the Uberscoot prides itself as a seated scooter, labeling itself as a “SWAGCYCLE”.

The company Uberscoot would be your best bet for buying a mounted seat on a budget as they have created a product that is reliable and delivers on its promise for a low cost.


Which hill-climbing scooters are foldable?

All scooters, save for the Razor E100, have the ability to fold.

Most scooter companies understand that their product is primarily for commuters and thus create scooters that make this process less painful and more convenient.

Whether it’s because of rain, snow, or fatigue, the scooter rider may at any time feel like hopping on a transit bus to get to work.

To ensure this option stays open, most scooters are made to fold and fit in the lap.



What is the Absolute BEST electric scooter for climbing hills?

The most powerful scooter is the Qiewa electric scooter.

This means that currently, this electric scooter is also the best one for climbing hills as a powerful battery contributes to more than just speed and range.

It is a cornerstone for increasing the degrees a scooter can traverse on a graded hill.



Does the best electric scooter for climbing hills have necessarily the most powerful battery?

Yes, as mentioned above, the most powerful electric scooter will more than likely also be the fastest and have the greatest cruising distance.

The battery of an electric scooter is the core of its abilities.

A weak battery means a scooter that cannot haul larger people or make it up steeper hills.

Similarly, a strong engine is a scooter that can haul more weight and also go faster for longer.



What are the best electric scooters for climbing hills for children?

For younger children, I would recommend the Razor E100.

For older children, the YDS electric scooter is an excellent option.

The Razor scooter is aimed at kids, with a feature that doesn’t allow the engine to start unless a maintainable speed over three miles-an-hour is achieved.

The YDS, on the other hand, is for older kids who want to go faster and stay out longer.



Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2021 — Conclusions

In the conclusion section of this article, I will go over my top picks for the various categories that fall under the title of “Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills”.

For the purposes of this section, I have arranged all the reviewed products into groupings based on price, with group one referring to the most expensive electric scooters and group three referring to the least expensive best electric scooters for climbing hills.

So, without further ado, here are my top picks.




Group 1 Electric Scooters

In the most expensive group, I believe the decision will come down to the Qiewa Q1 hummer and the NANROBOT D4+.

Both these scooters are first and foremost great vehicles of personal transportation.

While most electric scooters are not the best for climbing hills, these two scooters can easily speed past 40 miles per hour and rocket the user up hills that exceed 25 degrees in steepness.

When you are talking about top-of-the-line products, these scooters certainly have a resume to convince.

However, these two products are also very different.

The Qiewa Q1 is centered more around the duality of off-road experience and commuting while the NANROBOT is exclusively for pavement.

For commuters, it doesn’t matter how well your scooter can go off-road; the major thing to compare between these scooters is which is best for climbing hills when getting to school or work.

However, I believe that the Qiewa edges out the NANROBOT because of this ability to go off-road.

The versatility makes the product more expensive in my mind.




Group 2 Electric Scooters

Moving down to the middle group, I believe the best scooters for comparison are the Segway products, the Glion Dolly, and the Uberscoot.

To me, these tweener priced scooters are really solid at providing a reliable ride to and from the house with maybe one or more bonus feature.

In all honesty, this is what I would be looking for when I search for the best electric scooters for climbing hills.

These scooters all have durable parts and will last long while getting you to and from work.

The Segway products are the best products from this group, however they are also the most expensive.

If you are looking for a product that is priced more toward the lower-end spectrum, I would strongly suggest the Glion Dolly.

The Glion Dolly is a great scooter for getting to work and climbing hills, with a powerful battery and the internal mechanisms to boost you past most competition.

As an added bonus, the Glion can easily be folded and rolled to ensure that taking public transportation if need be, is always an option.




Group 3 Electric Scooters

Rounding out the list, I would say that the least expensive scooters are most likely geared more toward kids, with the Razor E100 providing entertainment to a youth crowd while the YDS electric scooter is built more for older kids.

While these scooters are not the best for climbing hills, they certainly will provide your kid with endless fun and allow them to zip around the neighborhood.

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