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Best Generator for Sump Pump (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

In this comprehensive review/guide article, we’ll take in-depth look at some of the best generators for sump pump on the market.


I’ll recommend the best possible sump pump generators for the budget, convenience, quiet operation, portability, Eco-friendliness, runtime, reliability, durability, extreme weather conditions, and heavy-duty uses.


See our Editor’s picks if you’re in a hurry!


If you have a basement in an area that’s prone to flooding, you know that you need a sump pump to keep your basement dry.


Sump pumps run normally through your home’s power supply, but have you ever considered what would happen if the power goes out in such situations?


Yes, you do need a generator for such unpredictable situations, and you’ve come to the right place.


In this article, we’ll first take a look at Editor’s picks for the best sump pump generators. If you are in a hurry, this section would be for you!


Next, I’ll show a useful Comparison Table as a visual aid to make all the information easier to understand.


Then, we’ll look at some unbiased Reviews for each carefully selected sump pump generator.


Finally, we’ll provide a comprehensive Buyers Guide/FAQ section, so you can make a well-informed buying decision at the end!


Let’s start with the Editor’s picks then …

Best Generator on a Budget


DuroStar DS4000S

View on Amazon


This Amazon’s Choice is an all-around great pick for a great price.


When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, this is the best sump pump generator.


See the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Option for Reliability



View on Amazon


If you need a reliable generator for your sump pump, look no further than Amazon’s Choice, the WEN DF475T.


This dual fuel generateor is well-built and is guaranteed to get the job done nicely.


Read the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Generator for Heavy-Duty Use


DuroMax XP12000EH

View on Amazon


When it comes to heavy-duty use, nothing comes close to Amazon’s Best Seller, the DuroMax XP12000EH.


This beast of a generator produces more power than any other generator on this list.


Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details.

Most Convenient  Generator to Use


Westinghouse WGen7500

View on Amazon


If you’re looking to kick back, relax, and let your generator do all the work, the Westinghouse WGen7500 is your best pick!


Among other great features, starting its engine is as easy as it gets.


See the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Generator for Extreme Weather Conditions


Champion 3500W

View on Amazon


When the weather is harsh, you need a generator that can brave the elements. If this applies to you, look no further than the Champion 3500W.


With cold start and covered outlets, this generator will power your sump pump through the storm.


Read the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Generator for Quiet Operation


Generac iQ3500

View on Amazon


If you need to keep a low profile, the Generac iQ3500 has you covered.


Its uniquely quiet muffler is 40% quieter than typical 3500W generators.


Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details.

Most Durable Generator


JEGS 86065

View on Amazon


When you need a durable generator, the JEGS 86065 is the ideal pick for you.


With a tough all-steel enclosure, this generator is guaranteed to survive bumps and scuffles.


See the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Option for Runtime


Firman H05751

View on Amazon


For those who need a generator with an incredible runtime, the Firman H05751 is your best option.


With a remarkable 13 hours of runtime, this generator is guaranteed to power your sump pump through the storm.


Read the review section for in-depth tech details.

Most Eco-Friendly Option


Briggs & Stratton P3000

View on Amazon


If you want to reduce emissions and protect the environment, this generator is for you.


With an incredibly efficient inverter engine, this generator is the best for environmentally conscious buyers.


Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details.

Best Generator for Mobility


Dirty Hand Tools 104612

View on Amazon


If you need to take your generator on the go, the Dirty Hand Tools 104612 is the best generator for you.


With a reliable power output, runtime, and many other great features, this generator is great for sump pump users who need some mobility.


See the review section for in-depth tech details.

If you still don’t know which generator to pick by now, don’t worry, there’s still a lot of information to go over down the road.

Sump pumps are very important machines, which makes it paramount that you’re equipped with a backup power supply for it.

The reason you need a sump pump in the first place is most likely preventing basement damage during storms and floods.

The problem here is when the power goes out due to storm.

A generator is the perfect solution to ensuring that your sump pump keeps kicking during the most powerful storms.

To make your decision even easier, take a look at the    Comparison Table,    Reviews,    and    Buyers Guide/FAQ.

What is the Best Generator for Sump Pump in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best Generator for Sump Pump in 2021

If you are having a difficult time remembering the stats of each generator I’ve listed, this part is for you.


Here, we will compare the traits of my top 10 picks. With this comprehensive table, it should be easy for you to choose the best sump pump generator.

Generator View on Amazon Starting Watts (W) Running Watts (W) Runtime at 100% Capacity (Hours) Weight (Pounds) Tank Capacity (Gallons)
DuroStar DS4000S 4000W 3300W 4 h 94 lbs. 3.96 Gal.
WEN DF475T 4750W (Gas) / 4350W (Propane) 3800W (Gas) / 3500W (Propane) 5.5 h (Gas) / 3.5 h (Propane) 105.80 lbs. 4 Gal.
DuroMax XP12000EH 12000W 9500W 7.5 h 234 lbs. 8.3 Gal.
Westinghouse WGen7500 9500W 7500W 4 h 192 lbs. 6.6 Gal.
Champion 3500W 4375W 3500W 6 h 118.80 lbs. 4.7 Gal.
Generac iQ3500 3500W 3000W 4 h 109.10 lbs. 5 Gal.
JEGS 86065 5000W 4250W 4.5 h 130 lbs. 4 Gal.
Firman H05751 7125W 5700W 13 h 196 lbs. 8 Gal.
Briggs & Stratton P300 3000W 2600W 2.5 h 85 lbs. 1.5 Gal.
Dirty Hand Tools 104612 3200W 2800W 3 h 89 lbs. 1.85 Gal.



As a note, the runtime I’m showing assumes that the generator is running at 100% capacity.

Think of this as a worst-case scenario for the runtime, as the metric I show simulates the generator giving everything it’s got at 100%.

Your sump pump likely has a running wattage of 800 – 2,000W, and most generators on this list have a running wattage of more than or equal to 3,000W.

With this in mind, you can assume that the runtime is significantly longer than listed on the chart.

To find the exact runtime of a given generator while powering your sump pump, find the running wattage of your sump pump, and divide it by the running wattage of the generator.

This number is the percentage of capacity the generator is using, so divide the 100% runtime by this number, and you’ll get a somewhat accurate estimation of expected runtime.

Best Generator for Sump Pump in 2021

1. DuroStar DS4000S | Best Sump Pump Generator on a Budget

best generator for sump pump DuroStar DS4000S

Starting off our list, we have an Amazon’s Choice, the DuroStar DS4000S.


This great generator has a lot of great features, and it comes at a great price. You won’t find another generator this well-made at such a low price.


Its 4,000 starting watts and 3,300 running watts can easily power your sump pump for many hours.


The first great feature of this generator is its two startup methods.


The primary method is a very convenient electric start switch. This great feature allows you to start the engine at the flip of a switch.


Next, there’s the manual recoil handle. A bit less convenient, this startup method is similar to starting a lawnmower.


What’s great about this feature is that it gives you a backup starting method if one fails.


In an emergency, this will surely come in handy. If the electric start fails, you can rely on the recoil handle. If the handle breaks, use the electric start.


Next, there’s the built-in voltage meter. This feature allows you to monitor the voltage level to ensure your sump pump or any other devices stay safe from overload.


If, however, you can’t manage to monitor the voltage closely, this generator is equipped with a surge arrestor. This useful perk automatically prevents overloads.


The super quiet muffler is another plus. This feature enables the engine to run at a quiet 69 decibels.


Another great feature you get with this generator is its all copper windings. This allows the generator to produce greater power output more efficiently.


Next, there’s the low-oil shutdown feature. It is essential because it dramatically lengthens the lifespan of the engine.


Note that running the engine when the fuel tank runs low is the leading cause of engine wear and failure.


The low-oil shutdown will automatically turn the engine off when the fuel level gets low enough. So, you won’t need to worry about engine damage with this great feature.


The built-in wheels and carry handle make this relatively lightweight generateor easy to transport.


This generator has a power cluster equipped with two AC 120V outlets and one 120V twist-lock outlet.


It’s a pretty limited power cluster, however, it’ll get the job done when it comes to powering your sump pump.


With its many great features and incredibly low price, this generator is a safe pick.


If you need a generator for your sump pump, and you need to make your budget stretch, the DuroStar DS4000S is your best generator for sump pump.


Important Features

  • Remarkably low price
  • 4,000 starting watts
  • 3,300 running watts
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • Surge arrestor
  • All copper windings
  • Super quiet muffler
  • Two AC 120V outlets
  • One 120V twist-lock outlet
  • Built-in voltage meter
  • Low-Oil Shutdown
  • Built-in wheels and carry handle



User Experience:

Here we take a look at people’s opinions on this sump pump generator on Amazon.


1) The bar for the wheels was not long enough.

I had to do some DIY stuff to get it going.

But no complaints on the generator itself so far.


2) Build quality feels cheap and can’t recommend it.

Go get something that you don’t have to spend time modifying bad hand.


3) Good generator and parts, but like many others, had to modify it.


4) It was very easy to install.

Loved it.


5) It started up and works without any issues.



6) I purchased this generator right before hurricane Irma hit us.

Best choice I’ve ever made.

Expert Opinion: 

2. WEN DF475T | Most Reliable Sump Pump Generator

best sump pump generator WEN DF475T

When it comes to reliability, no generator can beat Amazon’s Choice, the WEN DF475T.


With some amazing features and high-quality components, this generator is sure to please.


First, it has dual fuel technology.

It allows the generator to be fueled by either gasoline or liquid propane. This feature will no doubt come in handy in the future.


With 4750W (gas) / 4350W (propane) starting watts, and 3800W (gas) / 3500W (propane) running watts, this Amazon’s Choice is perfectly capable of powering a sump pump.


In emergencies, gas prices tend to skyrocket when the supply runs low enough. Thus, propane can be an advantageous backup power source to obtain in an emergency.


Propane tends to be cheaper than gasoline and it’s available in several locations other than gas stations.


The next feature provided by this generator is its easy electric start. With the turn of a key, you can easily start this generator.


This feature doubles as a security measure. Only you, the keyholder, can start the engine.


The WEN DF475T also has a voltage selector built-in.


This nifty feature allows you to adjust the voltage from 120V to 240V with the flip of a switch. This is perfect for transfer switches or changing devices.


With its quiet muffler, the WEN DF475T operates at a quiet 69 decibels.


It has a decent power cluster as well, with two 120V AC outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and one 120V twist-lock outlet.


All of these great features come together to form the best sump pump generator for reliability. If you need a generator you can trust, the WEN DF475T is a great pick.


Important Features

  • Dual Fuel technology
  • Easy electric start
  • Quiet muffler
  • Voltage selector
  • 4750/4350 starting watts
  • 3800/3500 running watts
  • Two 120V AC outlets
  • One 12V DC outlet
  • One 120V twist-lock outlet
  • Built-in wheels and carry handle



User Experience:

Here are some of the Amazon user reviews for this generator.


1) Had serious issues with this machine.

It arrived in a really bad condition and wasn’t safe to use.



2) The Alternator cover was broken.

Thankfully they sent me a replacement in less than a week, free of charge.


3) fuel is leaking after a few weeks.

It’s very hard to start.


4) It came with no manuals or additional tools.

After starting it, some parts fell off!


5) Don’t forget to grab an oil funnel with a long neck before you start it.

Also, get the right oil.


6) It can power my small heater, phone, and tablet just fine.

Expert Opinion: 

3. DuroMax XP12000EH | Best Sump Pump Generator for Heavy-Duty Use

best generator for sump pump DuroMax XP12000EH

If you need a generator that can do some heavy-duty work, I highly recommend the DuroMax XP12000EH, which is Amazon’s Best Seller.


This titan of a generator is guaranteed to get the job done.


As the most powerful generator on this list, the DuroMax XP12000EH boasts an incredible 12,000 starting and 9,500 running watts, so running your sump pump will be a breeze.


On top of that, this generator comes standard with DuroMax MX2 technology, allowing you to receive maximum power from all of the outlets.


With all copper windings, this generator’s engine maximizes fuel efficiency.


Additionally, it has a very large fuel tank. At 8.3-gallons, you can fuel up and kick back while this generator powers your sump pump.


It is also incredibly durable. With a high-quality steel frame, its engine is well protected from external wear and tear.


With its voltage meter, you can monitor the voltage emitted from the engine. Keep an eye on this feature so your electronics don’t get destroyed by a power surge.


Next, the DuroMax XP12000EH is equipped with a low-oil indicator. This comes in the form of a bulb that lights up red when oil levels run low.


Be vigilant of this light, as running the engine on low oil will wear the internals of the engine down quickly.


Finally, this Amazon’s Best Seller has idle control. This regulator automatically controls output levels. It’s an incredibly useful feature that reduces noise and increases fuel efficiency.


This is an especially useful feature for sump pumps because you can just hook the generator up to your pump, and let it run.


The generator can regulate its output and power efficiently for a significant time period.


Overall, this generator is amazing. Not only does it have great power output, but it comes equipped with many amazing features that increase the utility and efficiency of this device.


If you need a heavy-duty generator, you can’t go wrong with this sump pump generator.


Important Features

  • Dual Fuel technology
  • An amazing 12,000 starting watts
  • 9,500 running watts
  • All copper windings
  • MX2 technology
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Voltage meter
  • Low-oil indicator
  • Idle control
  • 3-gallon fuel tank
  • Two 120V AC outlets
  • Two 120V twist lock outlets
  • One 50A outlet
  • Built-in wheels and handle



User Experience:

Let’s see Amazon users’ opinions on this sump pump generator.


1) Climate change is real and it has sent the planet on a dangerous ride.

With so many hurricanes and natural disasters, you better buy a generator.

I can recommend this one.


2) It has a 3-year warranty on parts.

That is AMAZING!


3) 5 hours of operation and it’s already dead.

Don’t bother.


4) This is a really really good generator for the emergency use case.


5) It can run both on gasoline and propane.

Gives you more control in the time of need.


6) It’s just perfect.

Expert Opinion: 

4. Westinghouse WGen7500 | Most Convenient Sump Pump Generator

best sump pump generator Westinghouse WGen7500r

With many great features, it’s no wonder why this is the most convenient generator to own on this list.

You won’t need to do much to keep this generator powering your sump pump or anything you want for years to come.

What’s amazing about this product right off the bat is its three distinct startup methods. It can be started by a wireless key fob, or an effortless push-to-start button, or a backup recoil handle.

The key fob is truly unique. Only a few generators can boast having such a unique and convenient feature. You can start your generator from up to 109 yards away.

Next, there’s a very convenient push-to-start button. This well-designed feature is unlike anything I’ve yet seen.

When pushed, a green light will turn on until the engine is turned off. Very easy to use, very well-designed.

Finally, there’s a backup manual recoil start. While it’s the least convenient starting option available to you, it’s still great to have. Like starting a lawnmower, you need to rev the engine on.

This is a good addition to have just in case the two electric start methods somehow fail in an emergency.

Realize that with this generator you have not one, not two, but three unique ways to start the engine.

This will no doubt be an incredible help at some point during an emergency.

If you lose the key fob, break the recoil handle, or somehow the button breaks, you always have another option to fall back on.

Not many generators can do this, not to mention the other great features you get.

First among them are the smart transfer switch. This is ideal for whole house powering, as the generator can automatically detect when to switch from 120V to 240V.

If you want to power your whole home instead of only your sump pump, this generator has you covered.

Next, there’s the voltage/hour meter. This feature allows you to keep an eye on either the voltage of the generator or the current runtime.

This important feature allows you to ensure the voltage is proper for the device you’re charging and predicting runtime.

If, however, you fail to keep a close eye on the runtime, don’t worry, this generator is also equipped with an amazing low-oil shutdown feature.

This nice feature eliminates the risk of internal engine wear by shutting the engine down when fuel levels reach a low enough point.

This is another example of how this is the best sump pump generator for convenience.

You can start it in three different ways, and after filling up the fuel tank, you can just sit back and let it get the job done. And when it runs out of fuel, it will automatically shut itself down.

The maintenance of the engine is further simplified by its air-cooling feature. This efficient method prevents engine overheating by pumping cool air from the environment into the engine.

This is far more efficient than fans because the use of fans requires more power from the generator.

Lastly, the built-in wheels and carry handle allow you to easily transport this amazing generator from point A to point B.

Just another feature that increases the convenience of using this generator.

With all of these amazing convenience features, with three unique starting methods among them, this generator is by far the easiest to use on this list.

If you’re looking for convenience, the Westinghouse WGen7500 is your best generator for sump pump, and more of course.



Important Features

  • Convenient key fob start
  • Easy push-button electric start
  • Backup recoil start
  • Transfer switch ready
  • Four GFCI 120V AC outlets
  • One 120V twist lock outlet
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Voltage/Hour meter
  • Easy maintenance
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Built-in wheels and carry handle



User Experience:

Now we take a look at user reviews for this generator on Amazon.


1) It arrived via drop shipping without any damages and also on time.

It’s a little loud and heavy, but there’s nothing wrong with the machine.


2) It’s the best all-around generator you can get.

It’s literally got everything.


3) Love this beauty.

They shipped this even earlier than it was supposed to arrive.


4) People say it’s a little loud but it’s not even as loud as the next-door neighbor!

It’s one beast of a generator!


5) I’ve used this to power our house, the exteriors, RVs, and all kinds of stuff.

It works flawlessly.


6) So pleased with my purchase.

Westinghouse is the best brand in this market.

Expert Opinion: 

5. Champion 3500W | Best Sump Pump Generator for Extreme Weather Conditions

best sump pump generator Champion 3500W

When the weather gets rough, you probably need your sump pump more than ever, which is why it’s important for your generator to be able to brave the elements.

The Champion 3500W is well equipped to do just that.

First, it is equipped with three key weather protection features that enable it to survive rain, cold, and external damages.

The cold start feature enables you to easily start the engine when temperatures drop near freezing.

This technology has been proven by Champion Power Equipment to both start and reliably run consistently in sub-zero temperatures.

Next, there’s the plastic flaps that cover the power outlets.

When it’s raining, the last thing you need is water entering your generator’s power outlets. With the Champion 3500W, the hard-plastic flaps will keep the water out of your generator.

Lastly, there’s the durable steel frame which ensures that debris kicked up by storms or any external source of damage is minimized.

Keeping the engine safe from physical damage is a huge plus for inclement weather.

This generator has two great starting options.

One is a key fob that can activate the engine from as far as 80 feet away.

This super convenient feature allows you to regulate your sump pump’s power supply from anywhere in the house.

Next, there’s a convenient electric start switch. Just flip the switch and you’re ready to go. No revving is required with this generator.

Next, there’s the IntelliGUAGE, a meter that triples as a voltage meter, hour meter, and frequency gauge.

The hour meter helps you monitor how long the engine has been running so that you can predict your timing for refueling.

The frequency gauge allows you to monitor the functionality of the motor pump by displaying the frequency in hertz.

And lastly, the voltage meter enables you to keep an eye on the output voltage that the generator is employing. A very useful feature that helps you protect your electronics from overload.

If, however, you aren’t paying attention to the voltage meter, there’s a built-in surge arrestor.

This great feature automatically monitors and protects your sump pump or other electronics from power surges that would otherwise destroy them.

With two 120V AC outlets, one 120V twist lock outlet, and one 30A outlet, you can power a lot more electronics than your sump pump.

You could power your appliances, start your car, or even supply power to your RV.

With many amazing features stacked on top of its incredible weather-proof design, there’s no doubt that when the weather gets bad, the Champion 3500W is the best generator for sump pump.



Important Features

  • Cold start technology
  • Plastic covered outlets
  • Surge arrestor
  • Remote key fob starting
  • Electric backup start
  • IntelliGUAGE
  • Two 120V AC outlets
  • One 120V twist lock outlet
  • One 30A RV outlet
  • Wheels and folding handle



User Experience:

These are some of the things Amazon users had to say about this product.


1) This was the second one of these I bought.

Both died in a few months.

Stay away!


2) This is a solid unit.

You can strap it to the back of the trailer and it’ll power all your stuff for the longest time.


3) I have a microwave and air conditioner in my RV and this works great for me.



4) Powers up my cargo trailer just fine.

You can take care of the sound by putting the generator very far away.


5) It outlived 3 other WEN generators of the same caliber.

Durability is top-notch.


6) No assembly and it works great out of the box.

Expert Opinion: 

6. Generac iQ3500 | Most Quiet Sump Pump Generator

best sump pump generator Generac iQ3500

This incredibly efficient portable generator is low-profile in every sense of the term.


Its extremely compact and lightweight design combined with its ultra-quiet and fuel-efficient inverter engine make this a truly unique generator.


The Generac iQ3500 is built with advanced inverter technology.


This efficient design controls the rotation speed of the motor by adjusting the speed and acceleration of the motor.


This increases the effectiveness of the motor, compared to those that only run at a constant speed.


This generator is the definition of efficiency.


With its incredibly efficient inverter generator and specially designed engine enclosure, this generator has been tested to operate at around 45-60 decibels, which is incredibly quiet for a generator this powerful.


It is very small, one of the only generators in its output class that’s so light and compact.


You could easily carry it with two hands and store it anywhere in your home or vehicle.


Don’t be fooled by its small size, because this generator can punch well above its weight.


It can produce a starting wattage of 3500W and run at a continuous 3000W maximum. That’s very impressive for a generator this compact.


With its innovative wattage and hour meter, you can monitor the performance of this generator easily. The wattage meter measure’s the generator’s current output with a digital LCD screen.


The hour meter is very unique, in that it calculates fuel level and current output to give you an estimate of the remaining runtime the generator has.


This amazing feature, therefore, makes predicting refuels very easy.


The generator is also stackable with other Generac iQ3500 generators, allowing you to increase power output even more.


Additionally, this amazing generator has two starting methods.


The first is a convenient dial that you need only turn to get this generator running. The secondary starting method is a recoil handle that’s enclosed in a compact slot on the side of the generator.


With two 120V AC outlets, two AC ports, and one 120V twist-lock outlet, you can charge a vast array of different electronics with this unique portable generator.


In a word, the Generac iQ3500 represents efficiency.


A very fuel efficient and quiet inverter generator stacked with many great features makes this the best generator for buyers who want to power their sump pump quietly.


Important Features

  • Super quiet inverter generator
  • Durable steel enclosure
  • Light and compact
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to store
  • Innovative wattage/hour meter
  • Easy electric start with recoil backup
  • Fuel efficient
  • Stackable
  • Two USB ports
  • Two AC 120V outlets
  • One 120V twist-lock outlet



User Experience:

Below you can see some of the user reviews people left for this generator on Amazon.


1) I wasn’t sure about buying a generator from this brand.

Suffice to say I’m not disappointed.


2) Moto backfired and I had lots of issues with this thing.

Does not work out of the box.


3) A tornado sent us into a 55-hour long outage.

This saved our lives!


4) It seemed too good to be true for its price.

Easy starting and low noise levels along with some decent power output?

I wasn’t wrong.

It just shuts down on its own and is hard to start.


5) I bought this because I wanted something smaller.

It fits perfectly in my RV.



6) It’s bigger than I expected but still small.

Not disappointed tho.

Expert Opinion: 

7. JEGS 86065 | Most Durable Sump Pump Generator

best sump pump generator JEGS 86065

When it comes to durability, this generator is number one. The JEGS 86065 is a powerful generator that’s equipped with many great durability features.


The first one is its durable tubular steel frame.


With this tough and sturdy enclosure, this generator’s engine is well protected and will survive any bumps and scuffles it may encounter.


The next safety feature is the covered outlets. Plastic flaps protect the outlets from environmental damages very effectively.


Finally, the last security measure is the enclosed wiring.


The wires that run from the engine to the power cluster are completely enclosed in a trusty plastic shell. This prevents wires from being cut or stripped by the environment.


This generator is also equipped with two starting methods.


The primary method is a convenient electric start switch. Turning the generator on with this switch is as easy as turning a light on in your home.


The secondary starting method is a reliable recoil handle. This classic way of starting the engine is much less convenient, but it’s a reliable backup starting method in case the electric start fails.


With two AC 120V outlets and two 120V twist-lock outlets, you can power a few more electronics alongside your sump pump.


If you’re looking for a generator that can survive some wear and tear, the JEGS 86065 is your best generator for sump pump.


Important Features

  • Durable steel frame
  • Enclosed wiring
  • Covered outlets
  • Two AC 120V outlets
  • Two 120V twist lock outlets
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • 5000 starting watts
  • 4250 running watts



User Experience:

Now we get to the user reviews for this generator on Amazon.


1) So far so good!

It has so many capabilities.


2) Came in broken.



3) Got mine today.

Got it out and plugged it in.

There’s no Prong RV hook-up.


4) We needed this for a small site in our company.

The unit was damaged during shipping, but that’s not an issue as JEGS agreed to replace it.


5) Came beat up and not running.

I had to do some work to get it going, but it works great now.


6) I have it for safety.

I like to rely on it for when the power goes out.

8. Firman H05751 | Best Sump Pump Generator for Runtime

best generator for sump pump Firman H05751

If you need your generator to run for a long time, the Firman H05751 is your best bet. With an amazing runtime on top of some other great features, this generator is sure to please.

What makes this generator stand out is its amazing runtime.

With a whopping 13 hours of continuous output of 5700W, this generator can easily power your sump pump through the nastiest of storms.

With dual fuel technology, you can use either gasoline or propane as a fuel source. This feature will certainly be useful in an emergency because gasoline might become harder to access than propane.

Propane tends to be cheaper than gasoline too, which is an added benefit.

Another great feature is the low-oil shutdown.

Many generators on the list have this feature, so it’s a great touch for this generator. You won’t need to worry about your engine getting damaged with this feature.

With its specially designed whisper series muffler, this generator operates at a reasonably quiet 74 decibels. Not the quietest generator on the list, but this feature is a nice touch.

With the spark arrestor, dangerous sparks will never be produced by this generator. This great feature dramatically increases the safety of this generator by completely curtailing its fire risk.

Another feature of this generator is its convenient electric start switch and manual recoil backup.

These two starting methods add a layer of utility to this generator. If one starting method fails, you have another one to rely on.

With two 120V AC outlets, one 120V twist lock outlet, and one 30A outlet, this generator is capable of powering several devices at the same time, such as your sump pump.

I find this to be one of the best generators for sump pumps. With an incredible runtime and several other great features, the Firman H05751 is a great pick.



Important Features

  • An amazing 13 hours of runtime
  • Dual fuel technology
  • Low-oil shutoff
  • Quiet operation
  • Spark arrestor
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • Two 120V AC outlets
  • One 120V twist lock outlet
  • One 30A outlet
  • Wheel kit and folding handle



User Experience:

Let’s see what Amazon users have to say about this sump pump generator.


1) We’ve used it for quiets some time.

The assembly was very minimal and it’s working very well.


2) It’s a little expensive and very loud.

But it’s dual fuel.


3) One propane tank and this bad boy runs for 1 full day.

It has a really high output power.


4) You have to be careful since it doesn’t have a lo THD.

That means you can’t use it with electronics.


5) I don’t like the panel display for the propane tank.

It’s not accurate.


6) I haven’t tested thoroughly yet.

But it seems to be running OK so far.

Expert Opinion: 

9. Briggs & Stratton P3000 | Most Eco-Friendly Sump Pump Generator

best generator for sump pump Briggs & Stratton P3000

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, this generator is an ideal pick for you.

The Briggs & Stratton P3000 is an incredibly efficient generator that reduces emissions and includes more amazing features.

The first noteworthy feature of this generator is its amazing fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The inverter generator is a very well-designed engine that’s fuel efficient and produces significantly less carbon monoxide when operating.

If you need to take this generator on the go, you’re in luck.

Weighing only 85 pounds and featuring built-in wheels and a convenient telescoping carry handle, it is very easy to lift and wheel around wherever you go.

Its compact design also makes it easy to store it in your home or stow it in your vehicle.

Complementing this compact design is the generator’s recoil handle. It’s tucked away in a pocket on the side of the generator.

Another great feature is its quiet operation. The efficient inverter engine operates at quiet 60-70 decibels.

With the LCD display, you can keep an eye on many different statistics for the generator. The screen can display when to refuel the engine, manage voltage, and view output in watts.

With a very dynamic power cluster, this generator can charge a multitude of different devices at the same time and should have no problem powering your sump pump.

When it comes to generators, not many can boast having such low emissions. Without a doubt, the Briggs & Stratton P3000 is the environmentalist’s best generator for sump pump.



Important Features

  • Low emissions
  • Light and compact
  • Very easy to transport
  • Efficient inverter engine
  • Quiet operation
  • Smart LCD display
  • 4 AC 120V outlets
  • One 120V twist lock outlet
  • One USB port
  • One 12V DC outlet
  • One Parallel port
  • Wheels and compact telescoping handle



User Experience:

Now we get to some of the user reviews for Briggs & Stratton P3000 on Amazon.


1) It’s been running solid over a long time for half a day.

The oil cost is less than 6 bucks a day!


2) I’m a hurricane victim and use this for emergencies.

This unit is o quiet and runs on 1.5 gallons of fuel for around 8 hours.


3) We had a lawnmower from this brand that worked just fine for over a decade.

We were expecting the same quality when we bought this.

It didn’t even manage to stay on for 20 mins.


4) I had to wait a while before leaving a review.

Amazon customer service was awesome and they helped me solve any issues I had with this.

I recommend it because of the size and power output.


5) It’s a little louder than I’d like, but nowhere near my old Yamaha.

The price is very affordable and there’s also free shipping.


6) I only recommend it for RVs.

It’s not powerful enough to power your whole house.

Expert Opinion: 

10. Dirty Hand Tools 104612 | Best Sump Pump Generator for Mobility

best generator for sump pump Dirty Hand Tools 104612

If for any reason you need to take your generator on the go, this is the generator for you.


With mobility being the focus of the generator, you can easily take this generator where it needs to go.


The first feature is the unique 4-wheel frame.


This makes transporting this generator around your home very easy. Perhaps you need to move it from storage to your sump pump, perhaps there you need to leave the house with it.


No matter the reason you need to move, it is highly portable and easy to store.


This generator is built with an efficient inverter engine. Its very efficient design increases the output and reduces fuel consumption by making the engine more dynamic when running.


The special economy switch regulates fuel consumption further, more finely tuning the engine to the situation at hand. With this feature, fuel efficiency increases as noise production and emissions decrease.


Another great feature is the two starting methods.


The first one is a key-operated electric start. Just turn the key and you’re good to go. This also adds a layer of security as only the keyholder can operate the generator.


The secondary starting method is a standard manual recoil handle. Not the most elegant of starting methods, but it gets the job done and it’s reliable.


This generator also has a pretty versatile power cluster. With two 120V AC outlets, one 120V twist-lock outlet, one USB port, and one 12V DC outlet, this generator can power many devices.


If you need to take your generator on the go, and your generator needs to be powerful enough to support your sump pump, the Dirty Hand Tools 104612 is the best generator for you.


Important Features

  • 4-wheel frame designed for mobility
  • Efficient inverter generator
  • Special economy control switch
  • Electric key start with recoil backup
  • Very light and compact
  • Quiet Operation
  • Two 120V AC outlets
  • One 12V DC outlet
  • One 120V twist-lock outlet
  • One USB port



User Experience:

And finally, here are some of the reviews for the last sump pump generator on our list on Amazon.


1) This is a very good generator and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

I can power anything in my RV from my coffee pot and microwave to the air conditioner.


2) I had low expectations when I went for this.

I was blown away by how good it was.


3) I love the generator.

It is exactly as advertised.

Very quiet, powerful, and also work remotely.


4) I’m a professional mechanic and have fixed all sorts of things.

Dealing with this machine has been a nightmare even for me.

If you’re not a technical person, stay away.


5) Ordered twice and both times it came covered in oil and runs horribly.

I’m not gonna bother with this again.


6) It was only when I first got it.

I cleaned it up with isopropyl alcohol and it looks great now.

Seems to be running without any issues.

Expert Opinion: 

Best Generator for Sump Pump — Buyers Guide

By now, I’ve covered a ton of information about the best possible generators for sump pump in 2021.

Now, it’s time to turn to you, and answer some of your most frequently asked questions I found on Google.

I believe combining the information you find in the reviews, comparison table and the FAQ section, you can easily pick your suitable sump pump generator.

Let’s take a look then.

What’s the best generator for sump pump in 2021 if I’m on a budget?

If you need to save some money in this buying process, there are a few options for you. First, I recommend the DuroStar DS4000S.

This is a cheap generator at only about $340, but it’s still a very high-quality device. It has an impressive wattage and runtime for the price at 3,500W running for a minimum of 4 hours. It’s a great pick for a great price.

The other low-price generator I would recommend is the JEGS 86065.

For only about $360, you can get a durable generator that’s pretty average in other respects. Its tough steel tubular design, concealed wiring and covered outlets make this generator pretty tough.

Generally, the cheaper the generator is, the less special features it has. Both of these generators are pretty average; however, I would give the DuroStar DS4000S the edge.

It’s less expensive, and in my opinion, has more stand-out features than the JEGS 86065.

If you choose to look elsewhere for generators, don’t get reeled in by too low of prices. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Buy generators from trusted sources and don’t get scammed.

Price isn’t an issue. What’s the best generator for sump pump in terms of power?

When it comes to power, no generator on my list of 10 beats the DuroMax XP12000EH.

This generator produces an astounding 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts. This is a well-above average power output, and it should be perfect for sump pumps.

On top of its amazing output, it is stacked with great features like dual fuel technology, all copper windings, low-oil indicator, spark arrestor, and idle control.

This generator is top notch and worth every penny, so I highly recommend it if you have the money to buy it.

So, if you need a good deal while searching for the best generator for sump pump, check this one out.

What’s the best sump pump generator that lasts for a long time?

If you need a long-lasting generator, again I recommend the DuroMax XP12000EH.

This generator just has too many great features included. It’s guaranteed to keep your sump pump running during storms and floods for years to come.

The longevity measures it has are more numerous than any other on the list. Spark arrestor, idle controls, all copper windings, and circuit breakers work together to make this generator last for a very long time.

Another option for a long-lasting generator is the Firman H05751.

It’s also a dual fuel generator, however it’s equipped with a low-oil shutoff feature that automatically turns the engine off when low fuel levels are detected.

It’s an especially good pick because of its unique Phoenix flat head block. This feature keeps the generator running cool and efficient.

So, if you need a generator that’s in it for the long haul, I recommend these two great generators.

How do I know if I’m overpaying for a generator?

Generator prices are fairly predictable if you know what you’re looking for.

Typically, you can take the running wattage of a given generator and divide it by ten.

I call this the 1/10th rule, because the price of a generator is usually somewhere in the ballpark of 1/10th of the running watts.

The price usually deviates from this rule when there are special features added. Depending on the significance and number of the special features, you can expect generator prices to rise.

Let’s take the DuroStar DS4000S as an example. With a running wattage of 3,300, and a price of about $340, this generator adheres pretty closely to the 1/10th rule.

An example of a pretty significant deviation of the 1/10th rule is the Westinghouse WGen7500.

The price is much higher than 1/10th of its running wattage, as it’s about $849 to 750W, respectively. The likely culprits of this price increase are its many special features.

Features such as its remote start key fob, low-oil shutdown, digital hour meter, and GFCI outlets most likely went into consideration when pricing the generator.

Keep this point of advice in mind when shopping for generators. Only special features should make a generator deviate from the 1/10th rule.

If a generator seems to be only average with no special features, and it costs significantly more than 1/10th of its running watts, it’s most likely overpriced.

Keep an eye out for these things down the road, and you shouldn’t ever overpay for a generator.

How do I know which generator is right for my sump pump?

To answer this, you need to ask yourself why you need a generator and a few more questions.

Obviously, you need a backup power supply for your sump pump.

First, you should do some research on your sump pump.

Most importantly, find the starting and running watts requirement for the pump.

From my research, this figure typically lies between a minimum of 800W to a maximum of 2500W.

Each generator on this list is capable of accommodating a sump pump, but in different capacities

Each of these generators support typical sump pumps for different amounts of time that I refer to as runtime.

Your questions could be the followings:

a) Is runtime the most important factor for you?

The generator with the best runtime is the Firman H05751.

With an impressive 13 hours of runtime, you can expect your sump pump to work for a long time in the event of a power outage.

b) Is convenience key for you?

If you want the most convenient generator to power your sump pump with, the Westinghouse WGen7500 is an ideal pick.

This generator has three starting methods, one of them being a wireless key fob that works from up to 109 yards away.

Hypothetically, you could be anywhere inside or near your house when the storm begins. Flooding occurs, then the power goes out. Without even going to the basement, you could activate your generator and power your sump pump at the push of a button.

Why do I need a generator for my sump pump?

The main reason you’ll need a generator other than recreational use is for emergency use. In emergencies, generators are your best friend when the power goes out.

Sump pumps come in handy during storms and flash floods. They keep our basements dry and allow us to prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage every year.

But, however, the very storms that make sump pumps useful can render them useless if your power goes out.

This is precisely why you need a reliable generator for your sump pump.

Having this backup plan is essential to be a responsible homeowner.

Best Generator for Sump Pump — Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, well done! At this point, you should be well-equipped with proper knowledge to find the best generator for your sump pump.

You’ve seen my    Top 10 picks,    comparison table,    Reviews    and    Buyers Guide.

We’ve discussed the tech details and pros and cons of these great generators and compared their stats.

Now, it’s up to you. Which generator on this list do you think will do the best job powering your sump pump in an emergency?

If you choose to look elsewhere for recommendations, keep these tips in mind.

The fair price of a generator is about 1/10th of the running watts, with consideration for the special features included.

Always shop for generators from trusted manufacturers, and don’t get fooled by prices that are too good to be true.

The generator market can be a confusing place, and I hope this review/guide article helped you make sense of it.

By reading this, you should be ready to find your best generator for sump pump.

Good luck then!

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