Best Generator for Pop Up Camper (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

For pop up campers, there is an important question that most likely needs to be answered:

What is the best generator for pop up camper in 2021?

If you’re in a hurry, jump directly to our Editor’s Picks section.



Many of you may already feel they know the answer.

However, for many of you who are diving into this world as a newcomer, there’s no clear answer to this question.

That’s exactly why we’re here!


For those wanting to get a pop up camper, or already have one, it’s important to have a generator to use in tandem with it.

After all, you’re going to need some power out on your camping trip, right?


So, what’s the best pop up camper generator in 2021?

Well, there isn’t one perfect answer that works for everyone.

But fret not, there will be a clear answer for you by the end of this article.

Of course, the answer won’t be the same for everyone.

It will depend on what you need out of a pop up camper generator.

If you have specific things going on when you go camping or specific use cases, these things will also play a factor in your decision.

You see, though everyone trying to find the best generator for pop up campers are all looking for the same general thing, the situation is different with each person.

Some campers are going out for longer periods.

Some campers are going out in larger groups, some smaller.

Some people may be camping where it is very hot and prefer to have the use of an air conditioner and/or a refrigerator.

Some individuals are camping in much colder climates so they have different things they want to power.

And of course, the budget can always play a part in your decision-making process.



So in this article, we will review several fantastic generators for pop up campers for all of these situations.

We’ll go over the areas in which they excel, we’ll talk about what details may be important to you specifically, and then we find you the right generator.

We want your camping trips to go off without a hitch.

So, if you want to know which is the best generator pop up campers, we’ll help you out.

Let’s jump right in!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Portable Small Generator


Honda EU1000i


This generator is small, light, easy to bring with you anywhere, and perfect for the solo camper that just needs smaller appliances!


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Budget Small Generator


WEN 56200i

This is the least expensive small generator that can still power plenty of appliances for you!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Powerful Small Generator


Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

This is a small generator that can output more power than other small generators and has a fairly large tank size!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Portable Mid-sized Generator


Briggs & Stratton P3000

This generator can provide you with a very good amount of power, despite its size.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Powerful Mid-sized Generator


Champion 3500-Watt

This generator is the most powerful of the mid-sized category, has the largest tank, and even offers dual-fuel capability!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Long-lasting Generator


Westinghouse iGen4500

This generator has the longest run time, is quite powerful, and for its large size, it’s fairly quiet!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper | Best Powerful Large Generator


Champion 3800-Watt

This is the most powerful generator on this list and will have no problems allowing you to power a multitude of appliances and it also runs on two different fuel types!

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Our list has several different generators that are all great choices to use with a pop up camper.


But again, you don’t just want any pop up camper generator.

You want the BEST pop up camper generator possible.

I mean, why wouldn’t you want the best?


So, you should make a list.

You can write it all down or just keep it in the back of your mind.

Do what you want.


But you HAVE to come up with some of the more important things you want from a pop up camper generator.

Prioritize your needs in order of their importance.


Ask yourself, what defines ‘best’ for you in this case?


Does money play a part in your decision-making process or you pretty much have an infinite budget?


Is noise level going to play as a factor?


What about weight, size, and how portable the generator is?


Do you have a preference for the fuel type?


Do you like the option of being able to use two different fuels depending on the situation?


Does the overall run time of the generator matter to you?


And how about power?

Ohh, who doesn’t want some sweet power from their generator?


Well, you need some power at least.

That’s why you’re buying a generator, right?


What appliances are you considering running on your generator?

This will determine how much power output you’ll need.


As you can see, there are plenty of questions you should go through and answer.

These questions will make your life much easier when making your final decision.


As we go along in the article you can answer those questions for yourself.

We will also provide you with as much information to make those answers much easier to come by.


We want to make the process of figuring out which is the best pop up camper generator as easy as possible for you.


Let’s not waste any more of your precious time so you can get this over with and hit the road!

What's the Best Generator for Pop Up Camper in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best Generator for Pop Up Camper (2021)

Generator View on Amazon Starting Wattage Running Wattage Weight Tank Size
Honda EU1000i 1,000 W 900 W 29 lbs 0.6 gallons
WEN 56200i 2,000 W 1,600 W 48 lbs 1 gallon
Westinghouse WH2200iXLT 2,200 W 1,800 W 43 lbs 1.3 gallons
Briggs & Stratton P3000 3,000 W 2,600 W 96 lbs 1.5 gallons
Champion 3500-Watt 3,500 W 3,200 W 105 lbs 3.8 gallons
Westinghouse iGen4500 4,500 W 3,700 W 93 lbs 3.4 gallons
Champion 3800-Watt 4,750 W 3,800 W 119 lbs 3.4 gallons

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper [2021]

1. Honda EU1000i | Best Portable Small Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Honda EU1000i

As we start reviewing our list of the best generators for pop up campers, we’ll work our way through the different types of options.


Our first option is the Honda EU1000i.

This is a generator that’s more useful for smaller jobs.


The cost of $900 does make it a bit pricey but at least it comes from a trusted brand and has a lot to offer.



This generator from Honda has a starting wattage of 1,000 W and a running wattage of 900 W.


So, as you can see, this is on the lower end for wattage on this list, but this is also perfect for some who don’t need tremendous amounts of power for their pop up campers.


It’s important to note, especially for those wanting to camp in hot climates, a common air conditioner with a BTU level of 13,500 would require a starting wattage of 2,800 – 3,000 W and a running wattage of 1,500 – 2,000 W.


That’s just for the air conditioner alone.

If you plan to run an air conditioner with your pop up camper, you’ll need to cover what it requires.


Say, you like to bring your pop up camper to colder climates and don’t need an air conditioner, then this generator can still help you to power a lot.


It’s good enough to power a refrigerator or a microwave or multiple lights.

And though it can’t operate an electric stove, if you’re a crockpot person, this generator is more than enough for that.


Here’s something you’ll love a lot, the 29 lbs weight keeps this inverter generator very light and extremely easy to bring with you on your camping adventures.


It’s in fact the lightest generator on this entire list!

It also features a 0.6-gallon tank size, which is small but good enough for a smaller generator.


And with a tri-fuel kit that can come with this Honda generator, you can operate the engine with gasoline, natural gas, or propane.

Oh, the options!


And it can run for over 8 hours depending on the load, so you can get some good, long usage out of this excellent generator for individual campers.


And if your idea of the best generator for pop up campers is one that gets the job done with the least noise possible, then this is your best choice!


This generator runs between 42 – 50 dBA making it the quietest generator on our list!



2. WEN 56200i | Best Budget Small Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper WEN 56200i

Staying in the smaller generator category, but moving up to some more capable small generators, we will now take a look at the WEN 56200i.


This generator will cost you around $420, which makes it one of the most inexpensive generators here.


If the technical capabilities are to your liking, then this will be one of the best deals you’ll ever make in your life!



With this generator from WEN, you’ll get a starting wattage of 2,000 W and a running wattage of 1,600 W.


We still haven’t quite reached the threshold needed for the common 13,500 BTU air conditioner, but again, not everyone uses an air conditioner with their pop up camper.

And even if they did, they probably aim to buy a small generator.


It still has more than enough power to run a refrigerator and a microwave at the same time.

No need to unplug one to use the other.


We’re still looking at a fairly light generator here.

At 48 lbs, it’s the third lightest on the list.


And the tank size is a bit better than the previous one, up to 1 gallon.

This inverter generator runs on gasoline and can run up to 9.5 hours if you’re running it at a quarter load.


Granted that gives you less power… but for appliances needing less power, you can run them for longer.


It runs generally between 51 – 55 dBA, which puts it on the quiet end of generators.


When running at its lowest dBA it is the second quietest generator on the list.



3. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT | Best Powerful Small Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

Still in the same smaller generator group, we move on to our next option.

This is a choice many people sure love; the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT.


This generator has a bit of a price hike from the last option.

Though at $475, it’s not a whole lot more expensive.


And for the great features it provides, it’s quite an excellent price.



The starting wattage is 2,200 W and the running wattage is 1,800 W, so you’ll notice that of our smaller generators, this one is offering the most power.


If the likes of the last two generators seem like they were falling just short of being able to power multiple appliances that you would want to run, then this Westinghouse may be a step in the right direction.


If you’re an early bird that needs your coffee maker in your pop up camper, this small generator can handle all coffee makers, even the big ones that pump out double-digit cups of coffee.


If you’re looking for more of a smaller coffee maker, it can power that along with other appliances, like a toaster or microwave.


Breakfast in the great outdoors is saved by the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT!


This is another light generator that’s easy to move around as it weighs just 43 lbs.

This is the second lightest generator on the list.


But you get a plus with the tank size as it is 1.3 gallons, a bit bigger than both of the last options.


This generator runs on gasoline and if you want it to last you a long time, running at 25% load, you should be able to get 13 hours of run time from it!


Excellent for almost-all-day operation at your campsite.

With a noise level of about 52 dBA, this is another quiet generator.


You can run it almost all day, quietly, and you’re granted more power than other small generators.


No wonder many people view this as the best pop up camper generator!



4. Briggs & Stratton P3000 | Best Portable Mid-sized Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Briggs & Stratton P3000

We’re now going to move up to some more mid-sized generators for pop up campers.


The first in this mid-sized range we will review is the Briggs & Stratton P3000.

This one will run you around $1,150, which is a higher price.


But it offers quite a lot of great features and comes from a trusted brand.



First off, you’ll get a starting wattage of 3,000 W and a running wattage of 2,600 W.

You’ll notice this as a sizeable step up from the last few generators.


We are now taking a look at the first generator on this list capable of running a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.

Great to know if you are wanting to camp somewhere where it can get hot.


The rest of the generators on this list will also be able to handle the 13,500 BTU air conditioner, but this generator is the lightest and most portable one of those choices.


Weighing 96 lbs, it weighs more than the first three generators but still places as the lightest mid-sized or large generator on this list.


You’ll get a larger tank size on this generator as it is 1.5 gallons.

Not the largest for mid-sized generators, but obviously larger than the small generators.


This generator will run on gasoline and it can run around 10 hours continuously while still powering multiple appliances.


The noise level is about 60 dBA which is a bit on the noisier side for this list but isn’t all that bad overall.


Overall, this Briggs & Stratton option can offer you a lot, and if you want the lightest and most portable generator that can operate an air conditioner then this is the best generator for pop up campers in 2021!



5. Champion 3500-Watt | Best Powerfull Mid-sized Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Champion 3500-Watt

The next mid-sized generator is a fan-favorite for many reasons.

We are looking at the Champion 3500-Watt dual fuel generator.


One standout detail is that the cost of around $420 makes this one of the cheaper generators on the whole list.


And it won’t stop wowing you there!



The starting wattage for this generator is 3,500 W and the running wattage is 3,200 W.


So, you do get some more starting and running wattage for more power with this mid-sized generator.


The increase is quite sizeable from the last mid-sized generator to this one, allowing you to run some larger appliances and also allowing you to run more small appliances at once.


You should be able to run some electric stoves with this generator if you’re a camper who loves to wear your chef hat too!


Weighing about 105 lbs, this is the heavier mid-sized generator and is one of the heaviest on this list.


Don’t worry, it’s still portable.

You’ll love this, the tank size is 3.8 gallons.


Not only is that the largest among the mid-sized generators and all the generators we’ve reviewed so far, but it’s also the largest tank size on the whole list!


And this dual fuel generator will allow you to use gas or propane, your choice.


It should be able to last you at least 10 hours on 50% load, maybe even closer to 12 hours.

That’s a decent run time.


Unfortunately, at 68 dBA, this is one of the two noisiest generators on the list.

Though that’s noisy for this list, in comparison to things we come across in everyday life, it isn’t that noisy.


For reference, an air conditioner can run at up to 75 dBA, a noisy restaurant can be measured at about 85 dBA, and a crying baby measures at about 110 dBA.


So this generator is quieter than all those things.



6. Westinghouse iGen4500 | Best Long-lasting Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Westinghouse iGen4500

Moving onto our larger generators, these are the big boys on the list.

First, we will take a look at the Westinghouse iGen4500.


This is the second generator we are reviewing from the great brand Westinghouse, though this one is much larger than the other one.


And running around $1,050 it also costs more, but for good reason.



One of the first things you’ll notice with this Westinghouse generator is the starting wattage of 4,500 W and the running wattage of 3,700 W is very high.


Both are the second-highest on our whole list.


You won’t have a problem running many air conditioners with this generator you can even run multiple other appliances at the same time.


Don’t worry if you want to run the coffee machine or toast some bread while keeping yourself cool with the AC, this generator will make that a reality for you.


Though it isn’t the most powerful large generator on this list, it is the lightest.


A weight of 93 lbs is quite light for a large and powerful generator like this one and that makes it very portable.

It has a tank size of 3.4 gallons which is really large.


It runs on gasoline and it’s engineered in such a way that it gets you maximum efficiency, the variable engine will produce only the power you need at any given time.


All this means it can last up to 18 hours!


That’s a fantastic selling point for anyone who wants the best pop up camper generator that lasts all day… that would be this one right here.


And with a noise level measured at 52 dBA, it is very quiet considering all the power it can put out.



7. Champion 3800-Watt | Best Powerfull Large Pop Up Camper Generator

best generator for pop up camper Champion 3800-Watt

Lastly, we come to one more large generator.

The Champion 3800-Watt is another dual fuel generator.


This one will impress you in many ways, one being that it costs around $500.


This price tag is a bit of a surprise considering how much you can get with this big generator.

Let’s take a look.



First off, the starting wattage of 4,750 W and the running wattage of 3,800 W is the highest of all generators on this list.


This large level of power is important for those seeking as much power as they can get from a pop up camper generator.


Most air conditioners, most electric stoves, most of any appliance you can think of that you might want to use, this generator can handle them.


Run multiple appliances at once, this generator puts out the power.


If your idea of the best generator for pop up campers is the one with the most power but still stays portable, then you’ll want this Champion 3800-Watt generator.


It is the heaviest generator on this list, weighing 119 lbs.

But this is still a portable generator that you can move around when needed.

And it also has a nice large 3.4-gallon tank size.


Speaking of the tank, this is another generator that will allow you to fill the tank up with either propane or gasoline.


This generator should be able to last around 9 hours on 50% load if you’re using gasoline and about 11 hours on 50% load if you’re using propane.


And this is the other generator that ties for noisiest on this list, measured at about 68 dBA.


Again, it’s all about what it’s being compared to.

In comparison to a lot of fairly quiet generators on this list, yes, it is noisier than them.


But like the Champion generator, we reviewed before, still quieter than a crying baby, a leaf blower, a noisy restaurant, heavy traffic, and most air conditioners.


Not a generator you would necessarily call “loud”.



Best Generator for Pop Up Camper — Buyers Guide

Each of these seven generators is in its own right, the best generator for pop up campers.


Each can offer you something a little different.

And it all depends on who you are and what you want, to make that decision on which is the very best pop up camper generator.


Are you, a family of four going on weekend camping trips?

Are you a solo camper?

Are you a camper in colder to moderate climates?

Are you camping when it’s hot out?


Do you prefer week-long camping retreats to get away from it all?

Are you planning on running an air conditioner or electric stove?

Or maybe just some smaller appliances like a crockpot, coffee maker, toaster, etc.?


There are a lot of things to consider.

So, let’s consider them.


Let’s look through some frequently asked questions that people have when trying to decide on the best generator for pop up campers and let’s answer those questions.


In doing so, it will give you a clearer picture of which generators are best for which scenarios.


Then, you’ll be able to figure out what your scenarios are and we will find you the answer to the best generator for pop up campers!

What’s the best generator for pop up camper considering silence?

The absolute quietest is the Honda EU1000i but it’s also the smallest generator with the least wattage.

So, we’d only recommend this one if a small generator works for you.


The quietest mid-sized generator is the Briggs & Stratton P3000.


And if you need power from a large generator then the quietest and best choice for you is the Westinghouse iGen4500.

What’s the best generator for pop up camper in terms of overall power?

The Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator has the highest starting wattage and running wattage, affording it the most power and allowing you to run a lot of appliances.

If I want the biggest tank size then what’s the best pop up camper generator?

Here, you’ll want to take the Champion 3500-Watt with its 3.8-gallon tank size.

If I want the generator that can run the longest then what’s the best generator for pop up camper?

Here, we’re going to say get that Westinghouse iGen4500 as it can run up to 18 hours!


That’s longer than most people are awake during one single day, so you can power all your daily activities.

What’s the best generator for pop up camper if the most important thing to power is an air conditioner?

You’ll first want to check the BTU output and starting and running wattage of the air conditioner.


Once you know that, you can make sure that certain generators can handle it.


But for instance, a 13,500 BTU air conditioner will work with a generator that has a starting wattage between 2,800 – 3,000 and a running wattage between 1,500 – 2,000.


If you’re looking at a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, then you’re looking at a starting wattage between 3300 – 3500 and a running wattage between 1500 – 2000.


For anyone wanting to be on the safe side, both the Westinghouse iGen4500 and the Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator are well over those amounts and will afford you the flexibility to run some other appliances without having to turn off the air conditioner.

What’s the best generator for pop up camper if I’m a solo camper?

There are a few choices here.

If you’re a fairly low-maintenance solo camper, you can get by with the Honda EU1000i.


It’s an excellent generator from an excellent brand, the wattage is lower, but if you only need some lights or a refrigerator or a microwave at any given time…


then this generator is the lightest and most portable and can get all of that done.


The best budget option for the solo camper is the WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator which offers a decent amount of power, though is a bit heavier than some other small options.


And if you want the most power and largest tank size in a small package perfect for the solo traveler, the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT can power multiple appliances at once.


You can do some crockpot cooking and still make coffee at the same time.

You can toast bread and keep another food cold in the refrigerator all at the same time.


This one can help you get a lot done all at once.

What’s the best generator for pop up camper if I want to run an air conditioner but still want a light and portable option?

Here, I would choose the Briggs & Stratton P3000 as it can handle a good-sized air conditioner.


Though several other generators on this list are more powerful and can also run similar air conditioners, this one is the lightest and most portable.

Best Generator for Pop Up Camper — Conclusion

So, as you can see, you have a lot of options.


The definition of the “best” generator for pop up campers is only made clear when you can define what it is that you’re looking for.


Still, this list will at least cut down the number of candidates for you to decide easier.


Just go through your checklist, prioritize your needs, and once that’s all settled, line those details up.


Picture yourself out there camping.

What are you doing?

What are you using?

Where are you and what’s your day going to be like?


Think of everything you’ll need out there with you, how long you’ll need it for each day, and think of how long you’ll be gone at any given time.


Once you have that image, you’ll know exactly what you need.

You’ll need an amazing pop up camper generator.


Luckily, that amazing generator is right here on this list waiting for you.

You just have to reach your hand and grab it!

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