Best 15000 Watt Generator Reviewed (2021) | Buyers Guide

In this comprehensive Review/Guide article, I’ve reviewed the top 10 best 15000-watt generator in 2021, constructed a comparison table, and provided a helpful Buyers Guide / FAQ section.

These carefully picked generators are each BEST for something such as convenience, reliability, silence, efficiency, durability, mobility, construction jobs, whole house, RVs and harsh weather conditions!

When you need some heavy-duty power on the construction site or in response to a power outage, you most probably need a powerful and reliable 15,000W generator.

Such powerful generators can easily power your whole home, heavy machinery, RVs, or several appliances and devices at the same time.


Let’s start with our Editor’s Picks then …

Best 15000-Watt Generator | Absolute Best All-Around Option


Generac GP15000E

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When it comes to power, nobody beats Generac.

With an amazing 22,500 starting watts and many great features to back it up, this heavy-duty, all-around generator can get any job nicely done.

I Strongly recommend this all-around excellent generator for any use, whether it be work, play, or emergencies.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Efficiency


A-iPower SUA15000EC

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If it’s efficiency you’re looking for, look no further than the A-iPower SUA15000EC.

With a high-performance pure sine wave alternator, this generator makes the most out of its fuel.

It is an ideal pick for tailgates, jobsites, power outages, or camping trips.

With an incredible engine, intuitive LCD display, and four-wheel frame, the A-iPower SUA15000EC is the best 15000-watt generator for efficiency.

Read the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Construction Jobs


CAT 15000W

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On the construction site, you need a powerful generator with many outlets.

With a grand total of 9 receptacles, a hard-working engine, and 2 huge wheels for transport, the CAT 15000W was made for construction jobs.

Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Convenience


Pulsar 15000W

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If you want a powerful generator that’s convenient to operate, the Pulsar 15000W is the best 15000-watt generator for you.

With an electric start button, low-oil shutdown, GFCI outlets, and several surge protection measures, it is easy as pie to operate.

See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Durability



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When it comes to toughness and durability, no generator tops the Kohler 15000W.

With a full steel roll cage equipped with anti-rip mounts on 4 wheels, this generator is built to survive all kinds of wear and tear.

Read the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Reliability


DuroMax XP15000EH

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If you need a powerful generator that you can trust to power your home in an emergency, or your tools on the jobsite, this is the best 15000-watt generator for you.

With a powerful V-Twin engine, low-oil shutdown, and dual fuel technology, this is a generator you can trust.

Refer to the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best 15000-Watt Generator for Harsh Weather Condition


Champion 15000W

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When the weather is rough, the Champion 15000W is an ideal pick.

With unique cold start technology and rain protected outlets, this generator is well equipped to brave the elements.

Read the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a heavy-duty generator that’s guaranteed to get the job done.

With a 15,000W generator, you could power just about any electronic you want.

From RVs and large appliances to heavy machinery and hand tools, these great generators have you fully covered.

You could even power your entire home easily with a 15,000W generator.

For power outages, these monstrous generators are excellent backup power sources that will keep the lights on for a very long time.

If you still don’t know which is the best 15000-watt generator for you, don’t worry.

We still have a lot of information to go over.

Read on to see the Comparison Table, in-depth Review section, and Buyers Guide / FAQ section.

What is the Best 15000-Watt Generator in 2021?

Quick Answer:

Comparison Table for the Best 15000-Watt Generator in 2021

If you’re having a difficult time remembering the stats of each generator I’ve carefully listed, this part is for you.

Here, we’ll compare the traits of my top picks.

With this comprehensive table, it should be easy for you to compare and even choose your best 15000-watt generator.

15000-Watt Generator View on Amazon Starting Watts (W) Runtime at 100% Capacity (Hours) Weight (Pounds) Tank Capacity (Gallons)
Generac GP15000E 22,500W 5 h 373 Lbs. 16 Gal.
A-iPower SUA15000EC 15,000W 4.5 h 392 Lbs. 8 Gal.
CAT 15000W 15,000W 5.6 h 347.6 Lbs. 13.2 Gal.
Pulsar 15000W 15000W 5.55 h 352.7 Lbs. 10.6 Gal.
KOHLER HD15000K 15,000W 4.5 h 325 Lbs. 11 Gal.
DuroMax XP15000EH 15,000W 5 h (Gas) / 3 h (Propane) 349 Lbs. 8.3 Gal.
Wanco XCR150EV None 15,500W 3.4 h 325 Lbs. 7.25 Gal.
Champion 15000W 15,000W 4.5 h 329.6 Lbs. 5.9 Gal.
Westinghouse WPRO12000 15,200W 5.5 h 322.5 Lbs. 10.5 Gal.
WINCO WL18000VE 18,000W 4.5 h 442 Lbs. 15 Gal.



As a note, the runtime I’m showing assumes that the generator is running at 100% capacity.

Think of this as a worst-case scenario for the runtime, as the metric I show simulates the generator giving everything it’s got at 100%.

To find the exact runtime of a given generator while powering your electronics, find the running wattage of the electronics, and divide it by the running wattage of the generator.

This number is the percentage of capacity the generator is using, so divide the 100% runtime by this number, and you’ll get a somewhat accurate estimation of the expected runtime.

Best 15000-Watt Generator in 2021

1. Generac GP15000E | Absolute Best All-Around 15000-Watt Generator for Heavy-Duty Power

best 15000 watt generator Generac GP15000E

The first generator on this list boasts some pretty incredible features.

The first among them is its amazing 22,500 starting watts, which is thanks to its amazing OHVI engine.

With 22,500 starting watts, you can start just about any vehicle, appliance, machine, or tool that you can think of. The possibilities are limitless with this amazing generator.

This generator comes standard with an excellent Overhead Valve Industrial (OHVI) engine.

This amazing engine is incredibly efficient and powerful.

With its unique X-Torq governor, this engine maximizes output while eliminating the risk of stalls.

The engine’s pressurized lubrication system sends oil to the most vital regions of the engine in the most efficient manner possible.

The lubrication system also employs a spin-on oil filter that ejects dirt and debris and mitigates engine damage.

Essentially, this generator’s engine stands out for its efficiency.

It can output massive amounts of power while minimizing the maintenance required to keep it running smoothly.

On top of that, this generator is equipped with low-oil shutdown and idle control.

Low-oil shutdown automatically turns the generator off when the engine is about to run out of oil. This feature keeps the engine safe from running without lubricant.

The idle control automatically regulates output to the proper levels. Without lifting a finger, you can let this generator power your devices efficiently.

It will detect how much output is needed and produces just enough power to keep your electronics running.

This feature both increases the fuel efficiency and minimizes sound output. Two great back-to-back features that allow you to sit back and relax while this powerful generator goes to work.

With a total of nine ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, you’ll never have to worry about electrical surges destroying your electronics.

It’s rare that a generator this powerful has such a robust power cluster.

Nine is a lot of outlets, and this generator is equipped with a diverse array of receptacles.

In addition to all of these great features, the Generac GP15000E has both an hour meter and low-tone muffler.

The hour meter informs you on how much runtime you have left. A very convenient feature that allow you to predict when to refuel.

The low-tone muffler coupled with the idle control make this generator relatively quiet. This is pretty remarkable for a generator this powerful.

With so many great features, it’s hard to say what this generator is the best for.

I highly recommend this all-around excellent generator for any use, whether it be work, play, or emergencies.

If you need a generator with incredibly powerful starting watts and many amazing features to back it up, the Generac GP15000E is the best 15000-watt generator for you.



Important Features

  • An amazing 22,500 starting watts
  • Easy to use electric start switch
  • Automotive style oil filter
  • 16-gallon fuel tank
  • Steel tube frame
  • Low-maintenance high-performance OHVI engine
  • GFCI outlets
  • Low-tone muffler for reduced sound
  • Built-in wheels and carry handle
  • Built-in hour meter
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Idle control
  • Four 120V AC outlets
  • One 12V DC outlet
  • Three 120V twist lock outlets
  • One 50A outlet



2. A-iPower SUA15000EC | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Efficiency

best 15000 watt generator A-iPower SUA15000EC

When it comes to efficiency, no generator on this list can top the A-iPower SUA15000EC.

Its top-of-the-line engine is packed to the brim with incredible features that make it one of the best in the industry.

As an overhead valve industrial engine, this generator runs very efficiently in its own right.

Its efficient design makes it capable of producing maximum output while minimizing fuel consumption.

The twin-cylinder engine adds extra stability to the engine.

With twin-cylinders, the engine is made more compact, thus reducing the amount of vibration the engine emits.

This increases the lifespan of the engine significantly.

Typically, the larger an engine is in size, the more it vibrates as it runs.

This presents a problem as vibration makes the engine incredibly loud, and more prone to damage as continual vibration loosens the engine’s components.

Twin-cylinder technology also reduces the amount of sound the engine produces.

Less vibration means that the engine operates more smoothly, less noisily, and for longer.

The engine is also air-cooled. This efficient design allows the engine to apply its output exclusively to your devices.

Air-cooling means that the engine pumps cool air from the environment and applies it to the interior of the engine.

This method is far more efficient than fans because fans use some of the engine’s output to keep itself cool. With air-cooling, this isn’t an issue.

This generator is also equipped with pure sine wave technology.

This reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD) which causes excessive heating of motors. This can be very dangerous as it can wear down the generator’s engine and destroy your electronics.

With pure sine wave technology, the A-iPower SUA15000EC can power smaller electronics safely because THD is reduced to less than 5% normal levels, which is very good.

Basically, this generator has an incredibly fuel-efficient engine, so you can expect to get the most power possible out of every drop of fuel.

This generator is also equipped with a built-in 3-way LCD display that reports voltage, hertz, or runtime hours.

It’s a great feature that makes monitoring the output of this generator pretty simple.

With its four-wheel frame, moving this generator is very easy. The wheels also have a locking mechanism that makes safely parking this generator a breeze.

For tailgates, jobsites, power outages, or camping trips, this generator is an ideal pick.

With an incredible engine, intuitive LCD display, and four-wheel frame, the A-iPower SUA15000EC is the best 15000-watt generator for efficiency.    



Important Feature

  • Twin-cylinder air-cooled OHVI engine
  • High performance alternator
  • Pure sine wave technology
  • 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Six GFCI 120V AC outlets
  • Two 120V/240V AC outlets
  • 12V DC adapter plug
  • 4-wheel mobility frame
  • Built-in fuel gage
  • Tough steel tubular frame



3. CAT 15000W | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Construction Jobs

best 15000 watt generator CAT 15000W

If you’re reading this because you need a generator for construction work, the CAT 15000W is the ideal pick for you.

With a hard-working engine, multitude of receptacles, and 2 huge wheels for transport, this generator will get the job done.

The first great feature this generator has is its amazing OHVI engine. This fuel-efficient engine maximizes output while minimizing fuel consumption and required maintenance.

With all-copper windings, the efficiency of this engine is further increased. Ideal for long construction jobs where you don’t have time to keep an eye on your generator.

With its convenient electric start dial, starting this generator is as easy as turning a key. This means you spend less time starting this generator and more time getting the job done.

Efficiency is further optimized with this engine’s idle control.

With idle control, the generator automatically regulates its output while running so that the exact amount of electricity needed is supplied to your electronics.

Idle control minimizes both fuel consumption and noise emitted from this engine, a great 2-in-1 feature.

Additionally, this generator’s engine has a low total harmonic distortion (THD).

This feature significantly reduces the vibration generated by this device. This is great because vibration is quite harmful and should be reduced.

THD most importantly allows you to power smaller devices without overloading and destroying them. It’s a great feature that expands the feasible uses for this generator.

With its durable steel frame, this generator can survive bumps, drops, and scuffles with ease. Perfect for construction sites. Additionally, the CAT 15000W is equipped with 2 heavy-duty wheels.

These durable all-steel wheels and tough tires will never go flat on you. This makes the generator the best option for moving around construction sites, where wimpy wheels won’t cut it.

The LED control panel adds some extra utility to this generator.

In low light conditions, operating this generator isn’t a problem as the power cluster and user interface is illuminated by bright LEDs.

Lastly, with four 120V AC outlets, three 120/240V twist lock outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and one 50A heavy-duty outlet, you can reliable power just about any device, tool, appliance, and machine you need.

With all of these great features, the CAT 15000W is without a doubt the best 15000-watt generator for construction jobs. If you’re looking for something powerful to help get the job done, this is the best option.



Important Features

  • 9 different receptacles
  • Efficient OHVI engine
  • Idle control
  • LED Light control panel
  • All-copper windings
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Easy electric start
  • Durable steel frame
  • 2 tough industrial wheels
  • 2-gallon fuel tank



4. Pulsar 15000W | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Convenience

best 15000 watt generator Pulsar 15000W

If you’re looking for a generator that you can just turn on and sit back while it powers your electronics, this is the best pick for you.

With several features that enhance the convenience of this generator, it’s a breeze to operate.

First is the easy electric start.

Like turning a key, this generator can be started as easily as a new car. Just turn the dial and you’re ready to go.

The generator’s powerful V-Twin engine maximizes output while minimizing the vibration produced by the engine.

The larger the engine is, the more it vibrates. A smaller and compact V-Twin engine eliminates the threat of harmful vibration.

The engine is also a powerful OHVI model, meaning that it’s the most efficient type of engine you can get. Noise and fuel consumption are minimized while output is maximized.

The 3 in 1 digital hour-, voltage-, and frequency-meter make it very easy to keep an eye on the generator’s status. If you aren’t keeping an eye on the 3-way meter, however, this generator has you covered.

With its low-oil shutdown feature, this generator will automatically turn off when low fuel and oil are detected.

This prevents the main cause of engine deterioration, allowing you sit back and relax while the generator runs.

The built-in circuit breaker makes it convenient to correct faults and prevent overloading.

The GFCI outlets also add a layer of security from surges and circuit faults. Without lifting a finger, your electronics are safe from harm.

Overall, this generator was made to be convenient. With low-oil shutdown, electric start, and several surge protection measures, this is the best 15000-watt generator for convenience.



Important Features

  • Dual fuel technology
  • Easy electric start
  • 3 in 1 digital meter
  • Powerful V-Twin engine
  • Powerful OHV engine
  • Built-in fuel gauge and hour meter
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Circuit breaker
  • GFCI outlets



5. KOHLER 15000W | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Durability

best 15000 watt generator KOHLER 15000W

When you need a generator that’s tough as nails and produces amazing power, look no further than the KOHLER HD15000K.

This generator was built to be as durable as possible while still feasible to transport.

With its four-wheel frame, this generator can be easily transported around the jobsite, house, campsite, or any location.

The wheels are fitted with tough tires that are guaranteed not to go flat.

The easy electric start adds a layer of convenience, as you won’t need to rev the engine manually. Just flip the switch and the engine is running.

Low-oil shutdown significantly reduces the likelihood of internal engine damage by automatically shutting it down when oil levels get low enough.

Variable Timing Digital CDI ignition gives the engine the ability to output excellent and consistent starting power.

This is ideal for starting vehicles and large machinery. It also keeps output consistent of long time periods.

What’s great about this generator is its amazing durability.

The tough steel roll cage completely encapsulates the engine, keeping it safe from wear and tear. I’ve never seen a generator built with such durability.

A tough layer of steel reinforced with a tubular frame are great, but it’s the unique solid base that makes this generator special.

The engine is above a sturdy steel base that prevents grass, dirt, and debris from traveling into the engine.

It’s safe to say that this generator’s engine is protected at all angles by it’s amazing steel protection frame.

If you need a generator that can withstand all manner of bumps and drops, this is the best 15000-watt generator for you.



Important Features

  • Durable steel roll cage
  • 4-wheel frame
  • Voltage and hour meters
  • Tough solid base
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Variable timing digital CDI ignition
  • Easy electric start
  • 9 receptacles
  • 11-gallon fuel tank



6. DuroMax XP15000EH | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Reliability

best 15000 watt generator DuroMax XP15000EH

If you need a generator that you can trust and depend on, the DuroMax XP15000EH is for you.

With patented power boost technology and more great features, this generator is guaranteed to perform any function you need.

Power boost technology is an incredible feature for recreational vehicles (RVs).

You could double the output you receive from this generator to power your RV effortlessly.

It’s also ideal for whole-house powering.

The surge arrestor is another great perk. This built-in mechanism completely prevents surges from damaging the engine and the devices you’re powering.

It’s a very effective feature that makes this generator even more reliable.

Dual fuel technology is another added benefit. With this, you can choose between gasoline and propane as a fuel source for this generator.

This feature will no doubt come in handy especially during emergencies where gasoline is scarce.

The V-Twin engine is another amazing feature that increases the dependability and longevity of the engine.

By making the engine more compact, harmful and noisy vibration is reduced significantly.

There’s also an easy key start. All you have to do is put the key in the slot and turn it.

This also adds an extra security measure as only you, the keyholder, can start this generator.

With four 120V AC, two 120V/240V twist lock, and one 50A GFCI outlets, you can power just about any electronic you need.

With all of these great features, the DuroMax XP15000EH is the most reliable generator on this list.



Important Features

  • Power Boost technology
  • Surge Arrestor
  • V-Twin engine
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Easy key start
  • 7 GFCI protected outlets
  • Dual Fuel technology
  • Built-in wheels and carry handle
  • 3-gallon fuel tank



7. Wanco XCR150EV | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Versatility

best 15000 watt generator Wanco XCR150EV

If you’re looking for a generator with exceptional flexibility measures, look no further than the Wanco XCR150EV.

As the most customizable engine on the list, you have the option of two unique engines to apply to this generator.

With this generator, you have the option between two great engines.

The first is a Vanguard 627cc. There’s also the option of a Honda 688cc engine, which is slightly more powerful.

With its 4-point lifting kit, this generator can be lifted easily with some help.

It’s unique X-shaped design adds a more durability to the generator.

Next, there’s the idle control. This feature increases fuel efficiency by automatically regulating output in response to what’s being powered.

One great feature you get with this generator is its automatic transfer switch.

This amazing feature makes this generator optimized for power outages. The automatic transfer switch will detect whether or not your home’s power is active.

If a power outage is detected, the generator turns on and your home automatically transfers to the generator for power.

So, if your power goes out, don’t worry. If you hooked the generator up to your home, it would automatically transfer.

The total ground fault protection is a great security measure that protects the generator and everything it powers from faults. A great feature that adds extra peace of mind when operation this generator.

The voltage meter and runtime meter make it easy to monitor the engine’s condition while running.

Lastly, there’s the 8 GFCI protected outlets. With four AC 120V, two 120V twist lock, and two 240V twist lock outlets, you can power a multitude of different devices with ease.

This is an overall excellent generator, and you have a unique option of choosing the engine you want.

If you’re looking for some flexibility in your engine, the Wanco XCR150EV is the best 15000-watt generator for you.



Important Features

  • The option of two different engines
  • 8 GFCI outlets
  • Idle control
  • Voltmeter and hour meter
  • 4-point lifting kit
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Electric start
  • Total ground fault protection
  • Steel frame



8. Champion 15000W | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Harsh Weather Conditions

best 15000 watt generator Champion 15000W

When the weather gets harsh, you need a generator that can withstand rain and cold. If this is the case, I recommend the Champion 15000W.

This great generator is well equipped to brave the elements and supply power to your electronics.

What’s great about this generator is its cold start engine.

With cold start, the engine will never studder or fail to start when temperatures drop below freezing. Everyone who lives in a cold climate knows that it’s hard to start engines in the cold.

With this generator, you’ll never have to worry about stuttering engines. You can keep your home warm in the winter reliably and consistently with this great generator.

The IntelliGAUGE meter is an intuitive LCD display.

It shows running hours remaining, voltage, and fuel levels. It’s a very easy way of monitoring the generator’s condition while it’s running.

With volt guard, your appliances are completely protected from electrical surges.

Volt guard is essentially a surge arrestor that automatically monitors for surges and breaks the circuit automatically.

The engine is also air-cooled.

This efficient design eliminates the use of fans in favor of a far more efficient cooling method. The engine takes in cool air from the environment and spreads it throughout the internal components.

This allows the generator to use all of its output on your electronics instead of maintaining fans.

All of the receptacles can be covered by water-tight plastic flaps.

This is ideal for use when it’s raining, as no damage can be done to the internal components through the outlets, which is the main point of entry for water damage.

With low-oil shutdown feature, you’ll never need to worry about the engine damaging itself due to a lack of lubrication. The engine will turn off automatically once oil runs low enough.

When it comes to bad weather, this generator is ready to brave the elements.

If you need a generator that you can rely on in the most frigid of winters, or the harshest hurricanes, the Champion 15000W is the best 15000-watt generator for you.



Important Features

  • Unique electric cold start feature
  • Covered outlets
  • Wheels and lift hook
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Volt guard
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Durable iron frame
  • IntelliGAUGE meter



9. Westinghouse WPro12000 | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Quiet Operation

best 15000 watt generator Westinghouse WPro12000

This generator is incredibly powerful, has a lot of amazing features, and operates very quietly.

It stands out from the others as an incredibly quiet.

The specially designed Pulse-Flo super quiet muffler operates at quiet 69 decibels, which is very impressive for a generator this powerful.

This feature makes this generator ideal for more uses. You could run it for your apartment without annoying your neighbors, or run it in the wilderness without disturbing wildlife, just to name a few.

The engine is pressure-lubricated, a very efficient lubrication methods that applies oil to the correct areas very quickly through a pressurized valve.

The GFCI protected outlets include four AC 120V, two 120V twist lock outlets, one 12V DC, and one 50A outlet. This versatile power cluster enables you to power several different electronics at the same time.

Low-oil shutdown is nothing new, but it’s great that this generator has this feature included.

An amazing feature for this generator is its two starting methods.

The first is a very convenient remote start key fob. This easy starting method is as simple as unlocking your car.

Just push the button from anywhere in your home, campsite, or construction site, and you’re good to go.

The next is a simple electric start switch. If the key fob is acting up, just flip the switch, and the engine is running.

These two starting methods are very convenient and complement each other nicely.

Lastly, the built-in VFT meter makes monitoring the generator easy.

This all-in-one display shows voltage, frequency, and runtime.

With all of these great features, this generator is surely a safe pick.



Important Features

  • Pulse-Flo super quiet muffler
  • Pressure-lubricated engine
  • GFCI outlets
  • Low total harmonic distortion
  • Overload protection
  • Remote starting with electric backup
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • 5-gallon fuel tank
  • Built-in VFT meter



10. Winco WL18000VE | Best 15000-Watt Generator for Mobility

best 15000 watt generator Winco WL18000VE

This generator is the easiest to transport out of all the others.

With a wheel kit accessory, you get four lubricated smooth wheels that make transporting this generator very easy.

With this mobility kit, it can be effortlessly carted around your home, your campsite, or the worksite.

I highly recommend buying the wheel kit along with this generator.

The high-quality Briggs & Stratton engine is guaranteed to run without a hitch for years.

The low harmonic distortion feature is another great feature.

With this, you can safely charge smaller devices with this very powerful generator. With no risk of overloading personal devices, you can charge your laptop or phone safely.

With auto voltage regulation, the risk of surges and damage to electronics is further reduced. The generator will automatically switch to the correct voltage depending on what device is being powered.

This generator is equipped with a built-in hour meter. A convenient measure that makes it easy for you to predict when to refill the generator.

Lastly, it’s good to know that this generator is 100% runtime tested.

Each generator is tested for runtime after being manufactured and before leaving the factory. This is a nice touch that ensures your satisfaction.



Important Features

  • Amazing mobility kit
  • High quality engine
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Premium circuit breaker
  • 100% load tested
  • Auto voltage regulation
  • 15-gallon fuel tank
  • Hour meter
  • Durable steel cage



Best 15000-Watt Generator — Buyers Guide

At this point, I’ve covered a whole lot of information about the best 15000-Watt generators out there on the market in 2020.

I’ve shared and reviewed my top 10 picks, defined common terms, and displayed a table for easier comparison.

Now, it’s time to turn to the buyers to answer some specific questions about these great powerful products.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that buyers in the generator market have.

What can a 15000-watt generator power?

A 15000-watt generator are as powerful as they come.

With 15,000 watts of power, you can power just about anything you may need.

You could power your entire home, RV, heavy machinery, tools, appliances, and personal devices.

The distinct metric to look at in this situation is the starting wattage, as all of the running watts are the same on this list.

If you’re looking for a generator with a very impressive starting wattage, I recommend the Generac GP15000E , which is a great all-around pick!

This amazing generator can power just about anything. This is thanks to its incredibly efficient engine, and it’s unprecedented 22,500 starting watts of output.

This amazing figure means that it can start almost any electronic you may need.

It’s also stacked with numerous amazing features. Without a doubt, it’s my favorite on the list.

What’s the best 15000-watt generator for my budget?

If you’re looking to make your budget stretch, go for the Champion 15000W.

This amazing generator comes at an incredible price of about $1,890. It’s rare to find a generator this powerful at a price so low.

It’s also equipped with some pretty great features such as low-oil shutdown, electric start, and a 3-way IntelliGUAGE that displays frequency, runtime, and voltage.

This is a really great price for the amount of power the generator produces and its several amazing features.

If you choose to look to other sources for generator recommendations, keep this in mind.

Don’t be fooled by a low price.

15,000W generators are typically expensive. Generators with such a high wattage are expensive to manufacture and need to be at least $1,500.

Typically, generator sellers set the price around 1/10th of the generator’s running wattage. Take that figure, and add about $50-100 per special feature, and you should arrive at a number pretty close to the price.

A $1,500 generator that can produce 15000 watts probably won’t have any special features.

Be especially wary of prices below $1,500. Consider this a major red flag, as no sane 15,000-watt generator seller would ever sell at a price this low.

A generator this cheap is likely poorly manufactured with low quality parts. In other words, it won’t work very well, and could be very dangerous.

Generators are complex machines that could potentially explode or catch fire if they aren’t made perfectly.

Always buy generators from trusted manufacturers and sellers. Remember that you’re paying for quality when it comes to these products.

Price isn’t an issue. What’s the best 15000-watt generator I can buy?

If you want the best of the best, again I recommend the all-around Generac GP15000E.

This is such a great generator. Not only it is the most powerful generator on the list, it’s stacked with so many amazing features.

With features such as a high performance OHVI engine, wheels and lifting handle, and surprisingly quiet sound levels during operation, this generator is a safe choice.

If you have the money to spend, I highly recommend this amazing generator.

As a note, you shouldn’t overpay for generators. I find that the Generac GP15000E is very fairly priced.

It has exceptional wattage and several amazing features, so I’m very surprised by its very reasonable price.

Generator prices are difficult to predict especially when the wattage gets as high as 15,000W.

Sellers clearly can’t charge $15,000 for a generator, so you should never expect to see a price this high. Special features tend to increase the price, so keep an eye out for those.

If a generator doesn’t appear to have earned its price through special features, it’s probably overpriced.

I want my 15000-watt generator to last for a long time. What do you recommend?

If you’re looking for a generator that will last you a lifetime, I recommend the A-iPower SUA15000EC.

This generator is equipped with several longevity measures that ensure that it will last you for years.

The first feature is its air-cooled OHVI engine. This high-quality engine is incredibly well-designed. The air-cooling eliminates the use of fans in favor of sucking cool air from the environment and applying it to the internal components.

This significantly increases the lifespan of the generator because it’s such an efficient method of keeping it cool.

Fans can fail, leaving the engine overheated and accelerating its depreciation. With air cooling, the engine will certainly never overheat.

It’s an especially important feature if you live in warmer climates.

Engines are very prone to overheating especially in the summer, so look into generators with air-cooling if you continue your search elsewhere.

Another feature this generator has is amazing efficiency through its pure sine wave technology. This feature makes the generator consume less fuel, produce more output, and produce very clean electricity.

How do I know which 15000-watt generator is right for me?

To answer this question, start by looking around your home.

How many vital appliances do you have?

How much power would you need to support these appliances?


Of course, for heavy-duty appliances or several medium to small-sized appliances, all of these generators are well-equipped to get the job done.

The best one by far for heavy-duty use is without a doubt the Generac GP15000E.

This monster of a generator can start any appliance, with a whopping starting wattage of 22,500.

This all-around generator, which is stacked with many more great features, is the best equipped to power appliances, tools, machines, or several devices with power.

(a) Will you use this generator for construction jobs?

If you’re in the construction game and looking for a reliable heavy-duty generator specifically designed for jobsites, I recommend the CAT 15000W.

With 9 different receptacles including a heavy-duty 50A outlet, this generator power all of your tools and machinery at the same time.

There are no limits to the applications this generator has on the jobsite.

So if you’re looking for a powerful generator that’s perfect for your construction site, the CAT 15000W is an ideal pick.

(b) Do you prioritize your personal devices in an emergency?

If this applies to you, look into buying the A-iPower SUA15000EC.

This generator is equipped with pure sine wave technology. This innovative feature allows the generator to safely supply power to smaller devices without overloading them and destroying them.

With this, you can safely power your laptop, charge your phone, keep your TV on, and power many other small personal devices. This generator is capable of charging more than that, however.

As with all 15,000-watt generators, this machine can power much larger electronics.

It could power your whole home, RV, or start any of your vehicles.

But if you only need to charge a personal device or two, the A-iPower SUA15000EC has you covered.

(c) Do you want to take your generator on the go?

If you need to mobilize your backup power supply, I recommend the WINCO WL18000VE.

This generator can be bought with an additional wheel kit. While it’s kind of a setback that the wheels aren’t included, these wheels are worth every penny.

They’re fully lubricated rubber wheels that make moving this generator very smooth and easy. While it’s a very bulky generator, the wheels make it feel weightless as you cart it around.

This is a pretty significant trait, as 15,000-watt generators typically weight a minimum of 300 pounds.

These generators are very hefty, so four-wheel frames are very helpful if you hope to transport these devices.

After reading this, hopefully your question is answered. If not, find out what exactly you’re looking for and go back to my list.

Each generator stands out as the “best for” one specific reason. Think about what you want and see if that matches any of the generators I’ve listed above.

Why would I need a 15000W generator?

A 15,000-watt generator is an incredibly powerful machine. This isn’t something to recharge your phone with.

They’re industrial grade generators that are designed exclusively for heavy-duty uses.

If you need to keep the lights on in a power outage, power your sump pump for days at a time, power your RV, or power your tools at a construction site, 15,000-watt generators are ideal for you.

These heavy-duty machines are perfect for these functions.

If you want something that fits in your car, or something to charge your laptop with when the power goes out, I recommend Portable Battery Generators instead. These are much smaller, compact, and are specifically designed to accommodate small devices.

Best 15000-Watt Generator — Conclusion

Well, if you’ve read this far, congratulations! You can consider yourself an informed consumer in the generator market.

You’ve combed through my top picks, comparison table, reviews, and Buyers Guide.

15,000-watt generators are the most powerful portable generators on the market.

If you’re reading this, you probably need one to power your whole home during a power outage, power your RV, or get to work at a construction site.

Hopefully, the best 15,000-watt generator for you is among those I’ve listed. If not, keep the following tips in mind on your search:

Always buy generators from trusted manufacturers and sellers. Don’t be fooled by low price tags.

Specifically, if a 15,000-watt generator is priced below the minimum of $1,500, it’s most definitely a low-quality generator and you should avoid it.

The generators I chose for this list were carefully selected and only come from the best manufacturers in the market.

These generators are the top-of-the-line when it comes to quality and higher performance.

I hope by reading this comprehensive article, you become a more informed buyer in the generator industry in 2020, and you find your own best 15000-watt generator.

Good luck!

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